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Thread: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

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    Re: MSPA Personal Bibliographies

    Not The Author

    About the... um,

    I'm a college sophmore majoring in Game Design. I have a knack for 3D modelling, and hope to get a job in that field when I graduate.

    Art and I have had an on-and-off relationship over the years. I'd like to draw well (and according to several, I draw well enough), but I can't seem to muster the motivation to draw regularly. Hence most of my activity on this forum is textual.

    I always liked writing fiction, but I only really started in earnest when I joined this forum. Most of my early days were spent theorizing about and perusing fanart of Homestuck. I don't recall what originally drew me to this corner of the fora, but I'm very glad I came.

    Most of you that know me probably know me for my suggestions rather than my works, but I have done some writing and even a bit of art here and there.



    The Gearworks Wars - Complete
    The original forum invasion; ran into several scheduling problems, fell into inactivity, and ended when the players stopped posting. Fun while it lasted.
    I played Graives, an undead terramancer, and used art as narrative for the first and (so far) last time. I'm sure I thought that name was clever at the time.

    Fenruis Academy - Dead
    A high fantasy RP taking place at a school for magicians. My first real RP experience; I fell in love with the idea, but the execution thereof (short posts with little content) as well as the absence of several key players caused me to lose interest towards the end of Fenruis' lifespan.
    I was Elizabeth Argall, the undead venomancer. She could throw slime around, and had a psychic mushroom-jellyfish familiar whom I immediately regretted.

    The Battle Majestic - Slow
    My First Grand Battle(tm). More storylike than traditional roleplays, the Grand Battle system solved my aforementioned beef with RPing by being all about the writing and not so much about individual antics.
    I write Jacob Helix, the quintessential bearded swordsman. He messes with physics and is an asshole.
    My competition consists and consisted of Drakenforge, Baphomet, Schazer, Weldar, Kaikostrike, redskap, and Korbz.

    The Savage Brawl - Slow
    I liked the first one so much I joined a second one.
    I write Gormand, a giant meatball bent on world domination. He turns everything around him into meat and is trying to kill the battle's host.
    The others are (or were) Knask, slipsicle, SleepingOrange, Ixcalibur, Lankie, Dragon Fogel, and MyifanW.

    The Phenomenal Fracas - Active
    Sensing a pattern here? If you haven't read Grand Battles, I'd highly recommend it. Participating in them isn't for everyone, though, so know what you're getting into before you try one.
    In this one I wrote Miq, a magitech chest mimic. She likes shiny things and is a bit of an airhead.
    The other writers are MrGuy, Anomaly, SleepingOrange, MalkyTop, Wojjan, granolaman, and Ixcalibur.

    The Grand Clusterfuck - Spite tempting me to update
    An spin-off battle, which I only joined to spite the other contestants.
    I write The Charlatan, a powerful multiversal entity of the kind that typically run Grand Battles. He's an illusionist, and has vowed to escape this battle even if it means killing everyone else. Not that he cares about any of them, just that killing people takes effort.
    There are more people in this one than I can be arsed to list or you to read. Well, okay, there's only like twenty, but still.

    Petty Squabble - Active
    And then The Charlatan ended up running a Grand Battle. Who. Woulda. Guessed.
    If you're going to read any Grand Battle, make it this one. Not only because I'm running it, but also because the writers (Pinary, MalkyTop, TimeothyHour, Lord Paradise, Dragon Fogel, Een, Godbot, and Agent1022) are especially good this time around. /notbiased

    The Glorious Championship - Active
    And then I joined another one.
    I write "Lucky" VII, a starship the size of a large sun carrying the last remnants of civilization in the universe. If the crew wasn't so high-and-mighty about everything, they might be better liked.
    Also participating are veerserif, engineclock, Adenreagen, Jakester390, Pick Yer Poison, Lord Paradise, TimeothyHour, and Anomaly.


    Power-Ups! - Intermittently Active
    Lankie's beloved action-RPG. I am very lucky to have a slot in this, if everyone-in-the-fora-wanting-to-join is any indication.
    I play Jack, the Guy With A Scythe. I'm planning to build an evasive high-damage melee brawler styled as a steampunky grim reaper.
    Also somehow somehow managing to not die are SleepingOrange, Odinod (sort of vanished but maybe not?), FelixSparks, Draykon (who also left), Schazer, and Silence.
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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies


    SleepingOrange keeps bees. Apparently most people do not know this about him.

    Blobby Adventures
    Status: Active, updates between twice a day to twice a week
    Blobby Adventures is the ninth adventure on the forum and one of the oldest adventures that still updates sometimes. It starts as an open-ended "You are this guy, what do you do?" adventure (for a rather loose definition of 'guy'), and evolved into a gag-driven RPG spoof tied together with a developing plot. Follow the adventures of the xenophobic, pyromaniacal, and slightly-unbalanced Flandle Clan as they travel the land, doing sidequests and occasionally advancing their own bizarre goals. A very user-driven adventure with little set direction and no notable railroading; frequent interludes of silliness and very little seriousness overall. Numerous minigames interspersed with the adventure proper give it a very gamelike feel.

    Slimy Questtimes
    Status: Complete
    Slimy Questtimes is an intermission adventure to Blobby Adventures that follows a day in the life of an average INTERLOPER SLIME as he wanders the uncolored waste and slays hordes of undead to win the favor of whores. Fairly short and more visually detailed than Blobby Adventures, it's a quick, fun read.

    Granny's Adventure
    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    Granny's adventure was originally just a side-project to give me a quick, messy creative outlet in comparison to the exacting, pixellated visuals of Blobby Adventures. It did that and it was fun while it lasted, but I got tired of it and it was never very good to begin with.

    Project Amazing
    Status: Active, updates infrequently
    Project Amazing was originally a collaborative adventure between me and sfou, now sadly a solo activity. More story-driven than my previous adventures, it still takes a darkly humorous tone and could largely be considered comedic. For now, at least. Set in the Paranoia universe, it follows Mort-R-MPA on his first Troubleshooting mission as he's tracked by mysterious figures, recruited by secret societies, and attempts to hide his treasonous mutation from the rest of the citizens of Alpha Complex. Readers choose paths from several options at key points in the story as well as deciding how Mort tackles problems presented to him, but are not in control of the overarching plot or setting. An interesting and funny read regardless of the reader's familiarity with Paranoia, and an excellent choice for readers who prefer story-driven adventures over random silliness.

    Welcome to the Universe
    Status: Hiatus, revival imminent
    Welcome to the Universe is a serious science-fiction story set in the distant future of the Puk galaxy. At the outset, readers chose their character's species (and eventually career path), settling on a small, squiddy alien known as a Jeija and sending her into psion training; after the initial character creation updates, the adventure follows her through her adventures within the Psionic Academy, allowing the readers control over most of her actions. A story-driven adventure in a consistent universe, Welcome to the Universe is a good choice for anyone who likes sci-fi or serious adventures. It also contains a lot of optional information about the setting and background for those who enjoy that sort of thing, and is much more artistically-advanced than any of my other adventures.

    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    A collab between me and Red Herring, this adventure was a spoof of the authorventures that had been cropping up so much. Follow Katelyn Milonakis as she tries to save her kidnapped son from a mysterious Maltese Ruby thief with the help of her voodoo-enthusiast friend, Ben. Except don't because it updated like five times and never got anywhere.

    Gloomy Sunday
    Status: Dead, revival unlikely
    Gloomy Sunday was intended to be a fast-updating short-form adventure following the post-suicide 'life' of the lovestruck protagonist, but circumstances and my own inability to keep up with anything conspired to end it before its time. It would have been about the protagonist's attempts to reunite with her lost love and how that conflicted with the bargain with otherworldly spirits she was forced into.

    Radish of the Damned
    Status: Hiatus, revival possible
    My entry into the Up for Grabs contest, Radish of the Damned was a puzzley adventure about the titular root vegetable and its quest to gather the shattered words of power and become the avatar of magic. It makes a lot more sense than it sounds like, I promise. Readers were given various words to interact with their environment and were tasked with collecting more; it forced creative use of limited commands and lateral thinking.

    Sta9(&goto 10) insuff. mem
    6jGPnxjGuhDG5SzhYJU741MkLV9PotSjDpZQM9n8Ave49Fnd FN84UaMijj3w QiMBra

    Traveller: The Teilsor Sector
    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    Teilsor was a game of Random Traveller played by Alice, bobthepen, sfou, thriggle, and Red Herring; it started on the planet of Baioloa and was a very open-ended game, as Random Traveller tends to be. While most of the group worked towards getting their shuttle off the ground and investigating the delays, several characters elected to wander off and explore the city. It petered out when several players stopped posting.

    GURPS: The Wailing 20s
    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    The Wailing 20s was a GURPS mystery/horror game set in Prohibition-era Baltimore. The players (Red Herring, Godbot, Schazer, Lisawags, Whoosh!, and Lord Paradise) were all guests, for one reason or another, at a fancy party; they would have been witness to a dark ritual that threatened to plunge the world into darkness, and would have been forced (or, rather, highly encouraged for their own good) to work together to stop Things Man Was Not Meant to Know and Be Eaten By from breaking through onto Earth. It never even got to the exciting part before players stopped posting.

    GURPS: Technomantic Escape
    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    Hoping to make a longer-lasting campaign than my previous ones, I took on fewer players and got the story moving faster. Whoosh!, ProfessorLizzard, PurpleMasks, and Tezrial were all dropped in a world of high sorcery merged with modern technology, their characters participants in the latest immersive video game (which was, of course, to go Horribly Wrong!™). It barely made it to two pages. Maybe it's me?

    Forum Paranoia: Life and Death in Sector RHT
    Status: Active
    A game of straight-style Paranoia, RHT pits a team of new troubleshooters (consisting of thriggle, engineclock, fakeimpostor, Schazer, Dragon Fogel, and Godbot) against the forces of Communists, mutants, and traitors that fill the treacherous corridors of Alpha Complex. They've already made it to briefing, and are preparing to fight of an incoming Death Leopard attack. And nobody's even died yet!

    The Grand Battle II
    Status: Active
    Not a collab of mine, but one of the most notable ones I'm in. My character, Gestalt the schrotgolem, is a slightly-too-sane poltergeist who was thrown into an interdimensional battle to the death against its will. GB2 is in its final round, down to me and Schazer; it's anyone's game, or so they tell me.

    Pitched Combat
    Status: Complete
    This one is the Grand Battle that I run (or, rather, ran). My eccentric Grandmaster, The Organizer, has been described as "one of the most powerful entities in the multiverse", "Cthulhu in a lilac suit", and "pretty weird" (as well as "eldritch adorable", if you listen to Schazer). His battle was fairly typical, insofar as any Grand Battle can be, and was eventually won by MalkyTop's character(s), Eemp, Right, and Rong (or perhaps Eemp, Jiāng, and Adelinde).

    Intense Struggle
    Status: Active
    Intense Struggle, run by the august Dragon Fogel, is the fifth Grand Battle and currently in its fifth round. My character is Sister Clara Jungfrau, an amicable nun of an equally-amicable death-god; she's got some minor magical powers, is technically undead, and is said to have an important destiny. She's currently pitted against the authorial might of Cyber95, Aryogaton, and MalkyTop, who is sadly standing in for Ixcalibur.

    The Savage Brawl
    Status: Strugglingly active
    Savage Brawl is the eighth Grand Battle, run by MalkyTop, and is the origin of the "villains battle" tradition. I play Ekelhaft, a ravenous and amorphous demigod of entropy, who nurses an unhealthy little crush on the rather-insane Grandmaster who pitted it against such challenging foes. SB is currently on its fourth round, with a respectable cast of slipsicle, Dragon Fogel, NotTheAuthor, a rather absent Ixcalibur, and of course me.

    Inexorable Altercation
    Status: Active
    The second battle in the second season, Inexorable Altercation was originally run by Draykon, but has since been taken over by bobthepen. I write for Annaliese Nibbs, the world's (or worlds') most useless witch, and am competing against Pinary, Plumfinder, Kaitostrike, Hijack, and Nehh. In case it isn't obvious from the number of surviving participants, it is on its third round.

    The Phenomenal Fracas
    Status: Contentiously active
    The Phenomenal Fracas is the sixth battle in the second season, and is run by the lovely Ms. Whoosh!. My character this time around is a divine weapon of a nameless tribal god and its near-mindless servant, High Priest Muriegro. This battle is currently on its third round, where I write against Wojjan, MalkyTop, MrGuy, Anomaly, and Granolaman.

    The Fatal Conflict
    Status: Active
    One of the first "gimmick" battles, Lankie decreed that all characters in The Fatal Conflict must have died prior to its beginning. My character is Kargrek Strongarm, a happily-deceased barbarian hero who was less than pleased about being stolen from his hedonistic afterlife to fight a bunch of other corpses. In its second round, it contains me, Eversist, Kaitostrike, MalkyTop, Pinary, and theoretically Sruixan and Ixcalibur.

    The Grand Belligerency
    Status: Active
    The second season's eighth battle and the second villains battle, The Great Belligerency is run by Aryogaton. I'm writing for Ur, the shell of an ancient goddess of creation who tried to destroy herself and her universe, and in the process sealed all of the souls of her followers into the vestiges of her power. It's currently wrapping up its second round, and will be eliminating one of slipsicle, Captain Lhurgoyf, MalkyTop, Dragon Fogel, Pick Yer Poison, Wojjan, or me.

    The Grand Battle Season Three Grand One
    Status: Active
    Dragon Fogel is running this, the first battle of season three. My character is actually a pair of characters: TinTen Naamxe, the brilliant and highly-religious Meipi weapons scientist, and his human friend Huebert Henderson, the musclebound warrior. The first round is drawing to a close, but for now, there's Valter, Solaris, Lord Paradise, Pinary, Lankie, Schazer, Anomaly, and of course yours truly.

    The Spectacular Exhibition
    Status: Active
    Cyber95's season three battle, and the second battle in that season. This one's gimmick involves requiring all characters to have some sort of mental problems, but let's face it, who doesn't? I created Crepitans Bloodbark, a malicious, twisted treefolk shaman for the purpose, and poured a few personality disorders on for good measure. He's up against Wheeeeeeatthins, Mirdini, Schazer, Pick Yer Poison, Whoosh!, Akumu, and pandaExtremist.

    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    Spellcrafters was a turn-based strategy game of my own design, where the players were given a stock of points and could use them to design their own wizard armies. It used an elemental system and was set on a square-grid battleground, and pitted players against one another. It wasn't extremely well-balanced, and was abandoned largely due to the relative ease with which the game could be broken.

    battle fortress!
    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    A very early DUEL, battle fortress was a good-natured art-battle between me and Dexexe1234; each of us controlled a magical hero and their respective fortresses, as well as the legions of minions we summoned and the spells we cast. It was fun while it lasted, but was abandoned largely due to my slow updates. I tried to revive it once, but it never got back off the ground.

    Fyte Placan: This Time with Updates!
    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    Another try to get a Fyte Placan running and completed, FP:TTWU was actually quite successful for a time. Twelve players grouped into four teams of three were to compete in a tournament-bracket-style series of battles, and the first pair of bouts actually got well underway. Regrettably, my own schedule forced a slowdown of updates, and by the time I was ready to get back into the swing of things, a number of players had disappeared or lost interest.

    Reticulated Tactics
    Status: Dead, revival unlikely; reboot possible
    Another turn-based strategy, this one with teams of players fighting against hordes of monsters rather than each other. It drew some elements from Final Fantasy Tactics, most notably the inspiration for the job trees and methods of leveling up. Unfortunately, updating it became a colossal chore using the software I had, and I gave it up.

    Space Risk!
    Status: Dead, revival extremely unlikely
    Space Risk was just the game of Risk with maps generated by thriggle's Space Madness sector-map generator. Slow player responses and my own dwindling interest doomed this one.

    Sweet Fyte and Hella Placan
    Status: Complete
    SFaHP was designed to test various aspects of the Fyte Placan system, and it did that admirably. Unfortunately, the game it was designed to test them for didn't get far, but it still served its purpose. I may run some more low-effort games of Sweet Fyte at some point, since they're pretty fun and don't take all the time and energy more high-concept Fytes do.

    Supernatural Mafia
    Status: Artificially completed
    Supernatural Mafia was an attempt at a mafia game with an interesting flavor and a fun power role for everyone; the problem arose from my relative inexperience at designing mafia setups. It was progressing for some time, but due to the slowness of the game and the overlarge playerlist, it got bogged down; several players lost interest, and several more lost internet. When the pool of replacements ran out, I eventually took it behind the shed and did role-reveals, as well as talked about the problems it had.

    Mafia: The Wailing 20s
    Status: Active, nearing completion
    I was quite disappointed in how The Wailing 20s turned out, and I felt like running a mafia game, so I synthesized the two into this shambling abomination. A more balanced and thought-out setup, although still not one without its problems, Wailing 20s was essentially my attempt at a spiritual successor to Murder on the Schmaltz Estate. I can't say much more about it, since it's in the final stages of the game.

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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    I was born on December 25th, 1993, in New Jersey.
    Currently, I go to a high school in Miami, Florida, as of now Junior year, but that's almost over.
    I started reading MSPA at the suggestion of a real life friend who is really cool and junk, and then I joined almost two years ago.
    Wow, it has been a long time hasn't it.
    Well in this almost year I did some crap, most of it is nice and then quickly abandoned into the abyss, although I'd like to think that I will eventually do something for a significant time :v
    In the meantime I am just going to muck around here looking and lurking and hoping and being apparently nice and a bit self deprecating on the IRC channels, #mspafia, #MSPAFA, #pesterlite, #grandbattle, #gnurb, #generalchat, and #eagletime (which is super awesome when there are people there) all on

    Short and somewhat neglected :<

    Where I stretch the meaning of collabs a bit!

    Why I am on here a lot, and how I grew entangled in your affairs.

    There are probably a few more things that probably deserve mention, like my epic play in Nightside mafia or post #844 of the second Dersehunt, but I think this covers most of everything.
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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    Sweet. I will do this again.. sometime?

    For now I have pasted autoglass's relinks (thanks!)

    I would like to suggest that people might want to try using spoilers? Just maybe.

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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyd View Post
    Sweet. I will do this again.. sometime?

    For now I have pasted autoglass's relinks (thanks!)

    I would like to suggest that people might want to try using spoilers? Just maybe.

    The only reason that I don't require spoilers is because this topic isn't meant for reading through like a normal topic. It should primarily be used for finding users via the Index located in the first post!

    Also, EVERYONE, please remember that you must PM me in order for me to add you to the Index! I've seen lots of new entries popping up but very little PMing to myself. Please send something; it takes hardly anytime at all and is a huge help to me. Thanks a bundle!

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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    A choose-your-own-adventure write large -- or is it an unusually interactive novel?
    In it you play a man who goes abruptly insane, and is concerned about this.

    Scrambled Eggs
    What the hell was this?
    Whatever it was, you can download all sixty episodes of it into your iPod.
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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies


    my blog

    My current goal is to complete two forum adventures and mod two mafia games.


    Electrical Room #156 in progress!

    You cannot use the letter E incomplete, inactive

    Five other quickly abandoned adventures, not worth mentioning


    Apples to Apples failed due to player and GM inactivity

    Sexy Dracula Mafia game in progress!

    Other cool stuff:

    My personal art forum thread dormant

    Webcam sketchbook thread inactive

    Secret Sweethearts Gift Exchange in progress

    The Fartchives I am working on making these fanart galleries!
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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    This specimen of authoress is extremely self-deprecatory. When she's hungry, she may gnaw on you a little before going off to have a cry because waaaah why doesn't she have any friends waaaah why can't she just take care of herself instead of having to go outside and gnaw on peoples heads waaaaaaah.

    She makes adventures though she doesn't know why because all of them suck and she pretty much never follows through on them before losing interest and doing something else. She writes a lot. She does other things maybe. The life of a Malkicus Topis is a very enigmatic one indeed. Compliments seem to wound her and make her ultra-defensive, however, which initiates her battle cry of "SHUT UP."

    In the case of awards, she was nominated a bit and even won a few of them.

    She has taken this well.

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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    technoAnomaly's Profile

    Okay, so a bit about me first, I tend to do quite a bit of writing, but don't post it. I also do sprite work for me and my friend inexplicableSigns. One of the major reasons that I run an adventure is so I can better develop a storyline, even if people tend to not push it in the direction I would like it to sometimes, probably actually a bad idea on my behalf, but oh well, it sill ends up interesting.

    Adventurecraft: A minecraft(tm) adventure!
    This is my first fanventure, it's kinda on standstill until people decide to give me suggestions. I check it everyday.
    Click the image to see the thread for it.
    Status: Active
    (> Y0u g0t s0mething y0u want t0 say? <)
    Pester me if you want. I'm technoAnomaly!

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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    I'm just some dude from Spain who spends most of his time on the computer drawing, writing and updating. The amount of updates one of my adventures receives per day is unreal. Preposterous. I'm an automated update machine.


    Status: Active with multiple updates per day on weekdays

    The stories of multiple explores who travel across legendary Labyrinths, mazes filled with traps, treasure, gold and monsters. Originally an unofficial spin-off of Dungeons of Sunnydale, it has found its own identity and diverts in many ways from the adventure it was based on. Doesn't currently have much plot except for a few hints of what's going on behind the scenes, is filled with silliness and fun, has a ton of shout outs and references and is reminiscent of roguelikes such as The Binding of Isaac.

    Status: Active with updates on weekends

    Avoiding spoilers as much as possible, the story of how a human girl and her three friends play a glitched game of Sburb that goes wrong in every possible way.


    Status: Ongoing, demo not yet released

    A hackrom of Pokémon Fire Red I am the project leader of. We have got a ton of projects and plan to release the demo soon enough.

    Status: Paused

    A texture pack for Minecraft with multiple flavors based on the kids and trolls' lands.

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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    Hello! I am a professional loser who doesn't do much more then draw and play video games all day. I plan on forever telling the story of how my representative on the internet turned into a pink haired anime boy.
    I may or may not add more to this at any given point in time.


    On hiatus
    Camphor Effect is the tale of two fairly average kids embarking on an above average game of SBURB. It has appropriate amounts of pompadours, androids, and sharks.

    Regularly updates
    Twenty strangers are kidnapped and forced to participate in a strange man's game.

    I Am Player One
    Regularly updates
    Collaboratory sburb adventure. Twelve kids, no trolls, lots of hair

    Tyranny Is Honor
    Regularly updates
    An adventure passed down to me by a friend. No sburb. Alt title: Grub quest- the never ending brooding caverns

    MSPA Family Shenanigans - I have somehow become the twenty year old single parent of a fish that speaks using colors.


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    Re: UPDATED: MSPA Autobiographies

    Hey, it's this guy!

    His name is USAGI SHINOBI. He is an artist. When not procrastinating working super hard on art, he writes, games, and eats in his free time. One of his goals in life is to write a novel and finish a webcomic. He also has a gun fetish really likes drawing weapons. Usagi also likes animals.

    Things Usagi has Done:

    BUNNY (ongoing):
    Updated sporadically every week or two. A remake of an older MSPA of mine that I had screwed up tremendously behind the scenes. This is a remake.
    An MSPA that takes place on a futuristic planet, where the world is on the brink of a civil war. Only four rabbits, bred for war, can end it. Features an ungodly amount of acronyms and weapons.

    (On hiatus):
    An MSPA taking place in the Warhammer 40k universe. A young Tau Shas'la has crash-landed on a desert planet and must survive. Of course.

    Other Links:

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