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Thread: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    Okay, see all that natter we just had? Unacceptable.
    If you have a comment to direct at someone like "blood is too high", take it to a PM.
    If you have a joke fantroll to post, put some actual effort into it.
    If you have a post to post in this thread that isn't a fantroll profile, look over it and go "is there any possible way I can do something *other* than posting in the index thread? If the answer is yes, follow the alternate option.

    This thread should only be posted in if there is something the fantroller needs to be publically called on. Being a ripoff, for instance. Other than that? No posts, please.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    This Post is a Semi-Placeholder while I construct this Troll.
    Because he/she`s gonna` be SO AWESOME, It`s gonna take a few days ; and I`d rather have it here.
    So they can be listed though, I`ve got a few basic facts.

    Name ;
    Trolltag ; voidInteger [VI]
    Blood Color -> Yellow-Green
    Personality -> `Trippy/hippy`. Relates to balance and universal co-operation. Listening to may cause major Brain Damage. Lowblood. Prone to moments of Insanity and Rage if Tempered with.
    -> Strife = GYROSCOPE ( hahaha, How will this work anyway? )

    MAYBE Pic.
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    made this on a sabbatical.

    Be the subjective lowblood.

    Your name is SERLENE MANKISK.

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    ==> Be the insufferable asshole

    Success. Your name is KARKA--

    ==|---------- n0t him, dumbfuck

    Oh, the other one.

    ==|---------- y3s, him.

    Success. You become THAT PARTICULAR ASSHOLE.

    Your name is POLPHO ANSZAL, and you are 6.921 ALTERNIAN SOLAR SWEEPS, or 15 in EARTH HUMAN YEARS, if you want to be a dumbass who can't calculate real time. You're the typical TROLL, except an even bigger ASSHOLE than the typical TROLL. You live in a SHITTY OLD HIVE, that really isn't that bad compared to some other hives. However, for you, it's a piece of shit dome of worthlessness except with the added effect of having a giantass, BIPOLAR, TWO-HEADED SNAKE in the main room that seems to have some sort of INSATIABLE DESIRE to eat random shit.

    To prevent your ASSHOLE OF A LUSUS from eating you, you must constantly find it any form of sustinance. Though you won't admit it, your LUSUS has taught you a lot about surviving despite being an unimaginable lazy PIECE OF SHIT. It taught you how to take advantage of people (though you never bother to, as no one you come in contact with is worth two shits), and it also taught you how to survive by any means neccessary.

    Despite being fairly low as far as BLOOD CASTES go, being a TOTAL ASSHOLE, and completely arrogant, you're fairly powerful with your STRIFE DECK. You use BLADEKIND, and motherfucking love it. Your sword is dipped in the venom of your LUSUS, which is highly lethal and the perfect shade of green to show your BLOOD CASTE.

    Your INTERESTS are of the most badass of classes, and they include: KICKING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING IN YOUR PATH, which usually involves KILLING TROLLS WHO PISS YOU OFF. Though, you're not above the occasional FLARP session, when you dress like an even bigger asshole than you really are.

    Your TrollTag is darkenedApocolypse and you type ==|---------- in 4 d3m4nding 4s fuck v0ic3 th4t r3g4rds th3 0th3r shith34ds in th3 ch4t 4s w34klings

    Here's some sprites.
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the electrically inclined actor.
    …LIIke II care.

    You are now TESELA BUZKIT, and despite your name, you are CLEARLY a MALE. You are 8 solar sweeps old. As previously stated, you are very enamored with things that are ELECTRICALLY INCLINED. You are adept at creating mechanical things, but have absolutely no idea when it comes to ROBOTS. Artificial intelligence is out of your league. So is PROGRAMMING. Seriously, you can’t understand that crap.

    You are a middleclass YELLOWBLOOD, and possess no psychic powers. To cover for this, you are very INVENTIVE. So far, your most accomplished invention is your SHOCKER GLOVE, a glove that discharges high voltages of electricity to people it touches while turned on. This weapon is your sole strife specubi, GLOVEKIND. The only other major thing you've invented is your HOVERBOARD, which you use a quick method of transportation anywhere. You chaptchalouge it when you're not using it, so you'll almost always be able to ABSCOND in a particularly ugly situation, even though you really don't like absconding.

    Your hobbies include the previously mentioned INVENTING, along with reading, and just searching the internet for random SILLY THINGS and the occasional GAME. You tend to do all of this BY YOURSELF, as you don't seek SOCIAL CONTACT. This doesn't mean you are ANTISOCIAL however, you just figure people will come to you. You are getting better at actually STARTING a conversation though. You wish you had a MOIRAIL of some sort though. Perhaps even a Matespirit, however that much is wistful thinking. Outwardly, you think most, if not all Troll movies are silly, especially the ones involving FLUSHED romance. This is not because you have an aversion to that kind of romance. It just simply makes you JEALOUS.

    You also participate in EXTREME ROLE PLAYING, via FLARP. As of yet, you have not sustained an ACCIDENT. This could be because you spend all of your time doing POINTLESS SIDEQUESTS by yourself. The reason you spend so much time by yourself is because admittedly, you're somewhat of a NARCISSIST. Really. You think you're HOT SHIT. This could be because your body count is slightly high for those of your blood. You don’t go seeking out kills though, you let them come to you. You are not quite at the top of your echladder quite yet, and there are rumors in the FLARPing community of several CRAZY TROLLS wandering around that are really quite scary. Because of these rumors, you’ve laid low with your FLARPing for the past while. You really don't feel like getting fed to a lusus. The real reason you think your hot shit is so that you come off as confident to others when you first meet them. In reality, you're kind of modest.

    As a note, you like to think you’re REALLY FREAKING AGILE. Which you are. You’re not overly strong or anything, but your Shocker Glove provides all the extra punch you would need in combat. Because of your fairly low blood class and lack of psychic power, you’ve been pretty prime for culling. You’ve prevented this by KILLING the ones who came after you with the intention of killing, and briefly paralyzing those who were HUNTING YOU FOR SPORT. You didn’t kill them simply because you DIDN’T FEEL THE NEED. If they come again though, you will show no MERCY.

    Not only are you really freaking agile, but you're also pretty damn good at CLOSE COMBAT. This means, that combined with your shocker glove, if somebody fights with something like FISTKIND, or even BLADEKIND, or any close range weapon, It will be VERY hard to beat you. But if they use any sort of ranged weapon, GUNKIND, BOWKIND etc, you're pretty much a pig waiting for slaughter. Your only choice then is to abscond, and you know this VERY well. You see no sense in engaging in fights that you know you CANNOT WIN.

    DESPITE your reclusive tendencies, this does not mean you are an ASSHOLE or anything of the sort. In fact, your typical manner when dealing with others is APATHETIC and slightly SARCASTIC. Though the apathetic thing is really just a FAÇADE. In reality, you are quite EXCITABLE and ENERGETIC, you’ve just gotten really good at ACTING apathetic. As of yet, the only one that has seen your more cheerful side is your lusus, a large SPARKFLY. She’s a very nice and protective lusus, and the two of you used to FLARP together when you were YOUNGER. She got too injured once on a FLARPing excursion and refused to participate anymore.

    Your hive is located in a SCRAPYARD. You did this purposefully, as it means that your parts are mostly easy acess, although finding specific parts for machines like your SHOCKER GLOVE is very difficult, which is why you've only built one. The other 2 totally did NOT explode on you.

    Your fetch modus is “Gear” which, surprisingly is actually very convenient. On your belt under your shirt is a small rotating gear, with 10 prongs, each labeled 1 TO 10. You just tap the correct prong and out comes your item. It’s kind of a pain when you’re under pressure though.

    Your trolltag is lightningRecluse, and you tend to type in a way that EmphazIIzez your love for electrIIcIIty. You tend to add an emote at the end if you’re comfortable being open with somebody, but at the moment, that list belongs to nobody.

    If you were to be in a SGRUB game, your title would be the HEIR OF FLASH and your world would be the LAND OF GIZMOS AND LIGHT
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    The spoiler of wonders awaits youuuuuu. OOC pesterchum handle: dystopicMagi Feel free to pester me whenever. :'D

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    > Be the water bender

    (~The what?~)

    > Just be this mustard-blooded guy!

    Your name is WELLAN CAUDAT

    You are 7 sweeps old. Your blood is MUSTARD YELLOW (Hue 45, code cc9900) colored, putting you near the low end of the hemospectrum.

    Your HIVE is located in a lawnring that is near a SWAMP. You spend a lot of time there with your SALAMANDER lusus. You like wildlife, which you sometimes try to catch with your NETKIND and HARPOONKIND Strife Specibi. You generally try to clean up after coming back from there, but you can't seem to completely remove the swamp smell from your clothes. There is also a LAKE nearby, in the opposite direction from the SWAMP, where you can swim or fish. There aren't any seadwellers living in it, so it makes the perfect place to be alone.

    The lake is the ideal place to practice using your Psionic Power, which you may have guessed by now as HYDROKINESIS. You can control water. You can make waves, make the water float in the air, or change its temperature if it's near you. Unfortunately, your power is very WEAK. The max amount of water you seem to be able to manipulate is a gallon at once, and that takes a lot of concentration. This is with pure water. The murkier the water is, the harder it is to gain control of. This power, while neat, is not strong enough to do anything useful. This may have to do with the fact that you're not super low on the hemospectrum, or maybe that you only discovered your power a sweep ago. You could control considerably less water back then, so at least you're getting stronger through practice.

    As for the glasses? You need them to see of course! They also help hide the faint glow your eyes make when using your HYDROKINESIS.

    Your FETCH MODUS is set to CATCH. The cards fly around above your head when you want to retrieve something and you get the item of the card that you catch in your net.

    As far as your personality goes, you're generally easygoing. You aren't fond of the hemospectrum, but you don't rant or fight about it. You generally try to act nice to everyone, but you'll want nothing to do with a troll if he/she acts like a snob or a jerk. You will still put up a fight if provoked. You can also be a tiny bit mischievous. Your power can get other trolls wet for a few good pranks.

    Your trolltag is boggedSalamander and (~You tend to enclose sentences within their own bubbles.~) (~Like this.~)

    If you ever play SGRUB, you will be the Knight of Hope, a Derse dreamer, in the Land of Boulders and Steam. Your consorts would not be Salamanders, since that's too familiar. They would be Crocodiles.


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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    > Be the shy one.


    Your name is KAUTRI ZVEZDY.

    You are 9 sweeps old and you are a SHY LONER who does not have many friends to speak of. You suppress your THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS on everything because you are unable to put them into words. You enjoy SOCIALIZING WITH OTHERS through the use of your HUSKTOP because this form of communication gives you time to ponder your responses.

    You are a bit SCATTERBRAINED and have trouble focusing in on ONE TASK at a time. You're overly enthusiastic about DRAWING AND PAINTING though you are good at neither. You spend most of your time drawing SPACE SCENERY and STUDYING STARS. These are most certainly not your only interests: You also have a strong affinity towards LIZARDS AND REPTILES.

    Your CRIPPLING LACK OF SOCIAL ABILITY can be blamed on your LIZARD Lusus; whom has never taught you the joys of maintaining a social life. The beast is RARELY SEEN and only shows itself when feeding time is near. It expects upon it's arrival, for you to provide enough food to sustain the massive creature until the next feeding. You must plan for weeks in advance so you do not forget. Again, you are a bit SCATTERBRAINED. Though your lusus avoids most of the important moments in your life, you can't help but love the creature.

    You are extremely attached to your sharp strife specibus, PENKIND. Though it probably couldn't defend you very efficiently you always have this on hand and are prepared. Who knows what lurks outside the comfort of your HUSKTOP. Your FETCH MODUS is set to PALETTE in which similar colors must be matched in order to captchalogue an item.

    Your trolltag is davenportLizard and y*u tend t* replace certain r*und letters with a character a little m*re related t* stars.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    My third fantroll, not 100% complete yet

    >be the submissive infantry troll.
    Affirmative, Sir!

    Your name is LISETI ITERAT, and you are a member of the ALTERNIAN ALPINE TROOPS. Actually, you are not, since you are only 5.71 SWEEPS old, but you aspire to be one someday. You always act with excellent DISCIPLINE, and obey your superiors' ORDERS without question, perhaps this way the ALTERNIAN ARMY will discover your potential and RECRUIT you.

    Your HIVE is located in the MOUNTAINS, where you live with your LUSUS which is a COLORCHANGEBEAST, or at least you think it is because you can never find it. You wake up every day at DUSK in order to perform your interests which include standing still in FORMATION for about three hours to show how DISCIPLINED you are. It is not so hard really, since you drink so much COFFEE you hardly get any sleep at all.
    You love WEAPONS, you have weapons all over your hive, all kinds of weapons.

    Your obsession with weapons has lead you to collect STRIFE SPECIBI, you aspire to have all the strife specibi, all of them. But you only have about 8 or something so far. Your favorite specibi are the ones that contain unusual weapons, items that nobody would even consider using as a weapon under normal circumstances.

    Your favorite activity is SKIING, and reflecting that activity you wield the 2xSKIPOLEKIND SPECIBUS in battle. It's not exactly the wisest choice seeing as you have MUCH deadlier weapons in your arsenal, but you chose it anyways because of a special emotional attachment you have towards skiing equipment.

    Your trolltag is orderEnforcer and you o7< Dire«t yourself respe«tfully towards those of a higher rank, Sir!
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    Revamped profile. It doesn't suit her anymore.

    >Be the sleepy fire girl


    Your name is SILVESTRA ARTEMIS. You are 5.08 alternian sweeps, equivelant to 11 years. You are very HYPER in they daytime, and your symbol is a VESTA ⚶.

    You are known to be very good with COMPUTERS and PROGRAMMING. You have an ability to CONTROL AND SUMMON FIRE, a skill shared by your LUSUS. She is an ass, with kind eyes of a woman and very protective of you. All animals are your friends. Though you can't understand them, they seem to understand you. You enjoy engaging in ONLINE ROLEPLAYING, but aren't really interested in EXTREME ROLEPLAYING.

    You have a fascination with ROBOTS AND ELECTRONICS OF ALL KINDS. You try sometimes to build them, but never really finish what you start.

    You get along quite well with ASSHOLES because you're really nice and that kind of thing doesn't bother you.

    You usually sleep at NIGHTTIME but your love for meeting new people causes you to hang out at night a lot. Due to this you fall ASLEEP outside of a REECUPERACOON a lot, often in the facetable position.

    You get really COLD at night because you're used to the SUN, so you carry candles around all the time to light with your POWERS.

    You really love DRAWING and are REALLY GOOD AT IT, as well as FIGURING OUT WEBSITES.

    You play various ONLINE GAMES and are an ACTIVE MEMBER ON SOME FORUMS. You are also REALLY GOOD AT MATH AND SPELLING, due to your high IQ.

    Your trolltag is vesterianFlame and you speak with absolutely perphect grammar except with your odd habit oph replacing.. Um.. You can't remember. Best leave it be, kind phriend.


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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    Your trolltag is sugaryJoker and you pr0n0unce y0ur "o"s 0ddly and y0ur "h"s |-|eard as if t|-|ey were supp0sed t0 be pr0minent. Y0u als0 tend t0 refer t0 0t|-|er pe0ple as "br0ski" 0r "sista," depending 0n gender.



    A cafe' troll that I might be putting into an RP. I wanted to have it here just in case she got rejected, so i can use it for another RP.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    OK I don't mean to be rude or anything, but don't expect countless amounts of praise for this fantroll. :/
    I don't wanna jam up the thread, but you may very well want to take her here for a spell.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunge View Post
    I'm not expecting any praise. At all. Im happy with her how she is, and i think thats fine that you think she needs work, but honestly, not to be rude, *i dont care*. I aim to have fun with my fantrolls, even if they are a bit sketchy. At any rate, worst comes to worst, i can just give her shoes that let her walk on walls/ceilings.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the quiet creep.

    Your name is Cariad Anwynn, and are six solar sweeps old.

    Your trolltag is neuroticEmpathy and type casualy, stresing the most important number of them all!!!! 4 it is the greatest number, a you won’t let anyone 4get it….

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    ======> Insert name.

    But you try to act like you don't.

    When no one is looking, you like to stack your hive full of things you find quite valuable and, more often than not, they are. Your hive--built halfway into the ocean, and halfway on land--is kind of obvious, and due to your lavish dreams as a wiggler (you really liked to pretend you were a princess, probably from all those movies that are still pretty awesome) your castle-like hive is kind of hard to protect. As such, you tend to get robbed quite often. Your lusus, Turtlemom, is generally appalled by the amount of things you hoard, but what do you care? More often than not, your respiteblock is cluttered and too small from all the things you have just tossed in there. Other places of your hive have sections dedicated to holding certain types of items. You would toss some things out, but almost every little item has some sort of menial sentimental value to you, so you can't.

    Your lusus is a sea turtle, and she likes to float around in the parts of your hive that you never go in. She also likes to invite all of her little lusus friends over quite often, which kind of creeps you out. (Too many Alternian sea creatures are just freaky-looking.) She's quite social and tries to get you to be social as well, but you would much rather just sit in your respiteblock and "waste your life away" on your grubtop. For the most part, you just ignore Turtlemom.

    You tend to be rather bipolar as well, shifting between being overly-saracastic and funny, and heartless and cold. Your pent-up HIGH BLOOD RAGE sure does like to show itself often, but for the sake of troll population, you generally try not to cull EVERY thing that pisses you off. Most of that rage is displayed towards lowbloods, seeing as how you're a hemoloyalist. Around other highbloods, you're usually just sarcastic and nice and stuff, but around lowbloods you become a heartless bitch. This has to do with the fact that you tried to be nice to a lowblood once, and all they did was poison your food. You tend to forget about personal space a lot, and you do get embarrassed/insecure kind of easily.

    Aside from hoarding, you also enjoy teaching yourself how to sew, and... learning. Among the other various items in your hive, there are lots of history, folklore, and how-to books covering a wide range of topics. Of course, most of these are stacked onto bookcases that are hidden behind some pile, but there are also quite a lot of books that are just floating around.

    Folklore is one of your favorite things to read up on, but you also like to read all the how-to books because you're always trying to learn something new. This is one reason why your hive is so cluttered. You keep picking up a project to try and learn it, but then you give up, and everything you collected for the project just ends up in another pile of unaccomplished dreams. You try to keep all those things in one part of your hive, since it makes you kind of sad just looking at them.

    If you were ever to play a DUMB GAME you would be the Sylph of Breath in the Land of Junk and Treasure.
    Your strife specibus is vacuumKind.
    You're 8.5 sweeps old.
    You use the hoard modus. (Put everything in one pile and try to find it.)
    Your Troll tag is obsessiveHoarder and you speak with a __normal tone that BECOMES VERY EXCITED!!--
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    Your name is MAYANO YAXCHE, and- oh. Um. Hello.

    Yes, you do seem to have an impressive collection of robotic limbs, don't you? You can explain, you swear. They're simply… souvenirs, from your many, many FLARP outings. Of which there have been many. In fact, you even run your own elite FLARP squadron! Sure, you might have lost more than a few body parts to monsters and/or other trolls, but your stats have never been better. You have all the levels! All of them!!

    …Okay, maybe not all of them. You don't have any vision 8fold to manipulate enemies off cliffs for easy wins, so you guess you're stuck brawling it out with your pistolKind and fistKind. Sometimes you get badly hurt, but if you wind up sans a limb, you just get a robotic replacement! It's not like flesh is worth anything. Or, well, much at all is worth anything. Except life. You've seen far too many trolls you liked or admired fall in combat to underestimate the value of life. Whereas other FLARP captains might not give much of a damn if a couple of their team members snuff it, you have an unhealthy preoccupation with keeping those you love alive, right down to the most useless members of your FLARP group. In truth, this is where your injuries come from: before you adopted this attitude, you barely had a scratch on you.

    You don't really want to talk about it, but you used to be pretty ruthless. Then, you fell for someone!… then he died. Quite horribly. In combat. It was mostly your fault. Since then you've been nothing but remorseful, hellbent on stopping anyone else from dying, afraid that you'll lose anyone else. Your guilt complex is so large that you're willing to sacrifice your own life to save someone else, although your team keeps dragging you from the jaws of death. It's gotten to the point that your FLARP class has changed from "Space Captain" to "Dumbfuck Deathseeker".

    But hey, nobody wants to hear about your personal woes! You've got to think positive! Act positive. That's why you smear on a cheery face and chirpy tone at all times, even if you might be feeling pretty wretched that day. If you break a bone, well, just gotta suck it up and grin on anyway. The only thing that would make you really sad is if your horn broke, but that's because you're proud of it- it grows in a continuous loop behind your head, and you think it's the coolest. Sooo coool. Wait, hold on, interests! You have to talk about those. That should distract people from your weird pseudomasochism. Okay, let's see.

    You like watching sports, particularly FLARP tourneys, and your favorite genre of movie is ones about space pilots. You think they're the coolest!! You're going to be one some day, you just know it. You often try making your own FLARP costumes, but you're not very good at it, so they just fall to rags. Sometimes your neighbour takes pity on you and makes you some, but she always makes them so... girly. Not that you have a problem with that, but frills and shit tend to get in the way! Half the time your carnivorous rabbit lusus just ends up dragging your clothes off to it's bed anyway. Sigh. You'd go retrieve them, but your lusus scares you shitless. No, really. Thing's the size of a truck.

    Well, that's more or less all you want to talk about. Your trollTag is positiveThinking and you e(nclos)e y(ou)r w(ord)s in y(ou)r h(orn)s!

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the businesswoman.

    That’s what that you’d like your clientèle to believe.

    >Be the loan-shark troll.

    Great, you’ve told everyone now. Let's see if we can broker a deal.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the troll who’s obviously inspired by a fictional character.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald is probably turning in his grave at the moment.

    Your name is VILTAU GASBET, but you prefer to be called by your LAST NAME. You have outlived the expectations of your PISSBLOOD CASTE and become somewhat of a NOBLETROLL. Of course, your status as NEW MONEY has earned you the SCORN of many HIGHBLOODS, seeing as no one likes to see a lowblood act like they’re much more IMPORTANT.

    That doesn’t mean that you aren’t HEMOLOYAL, of course you are! You still give your UPMOST RESPECT to all highbloods, even doing our your way to invite them to your EXTRAVAGANT PARTIES. You don’t actually ATTEND these parties, you just do all the CATERING and INVITATIONS and all that. Your skills at catering as become your current BUSINESS, but you spend most of your time planning your own parties. Many trolls turn up to these parties only knowing of your NAME and VARIOUS RUMOURS surrounding you.

    Oh yes, the RUMOURS. Some say you have CULLED HUNDREDS OF TROLLS, others say you are a SPY FOR SOME OTHER PLANET’S ARMY. Your MYSTERIOUS WAY OF COLLECTING SO MUCH WEALTH is also a hot topic, but you REFUSE to CONFIRM OR DENY any of these myths. You like to KEEP YOUR SECRETS TO YOURSELF, otherwise they may get you CULLED.

    Of course, the TRUTH is much more BELIEVABLE and rather PATHETIC than fiction. Your wealth was mostly obtained via SKETCHY MEANS; a little BOOTLEGGING here, running a few ‘DRUG STORES’ there, maybe even a bit of dabbling into other ORGANISED CRIME ACTIVITIES. You REGRET it now, but you did it for one thing.


    You were completely OBSESSED with a HIGHBLOOD back in the day. The two of you even tried a MATESPRITSHIP, but she couldn’t bear to be with someone as lower class as you. You then turned to finding ANY MEANS POSSIBLE to RECEIVE HER AFFECTIONS. You brought a MANSION across the bay from her, you hosted many PARTIES and would try to INVITE HER, you even worked RIDICULOUSLY HARD to become as wealthy as the other NOBLE HIGHBLOODS. However, once you got to where you are now, she had already left with ANOTHER HIGHBLOOD, effectively BREAKING YOUR HEART in the process. Sometimes, you like to stare at the GREEN LIGHT that lies of her side of the bay, it’s quite RELAXING.

    Along with your CATERING hobby, you also enjoy SOCIALISING WITH OTHER TROLLS, COLLECTING SHIRTS, and BAKING. You are the KING when it comes to making those cute little CAKES and MUFFINS and such. In fact, you make all the DESSERTS that are served at your parties. As for your shirt-collecting hobby, you can’t really explain that, you just FUCKING LOVE THEM. You have a shirt for every day of the SWEEP. You also have a secret love for the COLOUR PINK, but no one must know that.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to SABREKIND. You think that sabres are a very NOBEL weapon, and befitting of THE CASTE YOU WANT TO BE. You practice with it EVERY NIGHT by SPARRING with your LUSUS, though you are still HOPELESS AT IT.

    Speaking of LUSII, yours is a DEER. Well, a STAG to be exact. You and STAGDAD are BEST BROS, and frequently SPAR and EAT CAKE together. It probably isn't wise to feed a deer cake, but you REALLY DON’T CARE. He also PROTECTS you from other trolls, and helps BREAK UP any NASTY FIGHTS that may occur at your parties. No one wants to be at the receiving end of his STUPIDLY LARGE HORNS.

    Your hive is a MANSION, as said earlier. Your parties are hosted in its GRAND GARDENS, which you occasionally HIRE GARDENERS to tend to them, otherwise you DO IT YOURSELF. The inside of your hive is quite LARGE, filled with many GUESTROOMS for VISITORS. However, you rarely get visitors other than DRUNK PARTYGOERS, so you tend to get VERY LONELY. Oh well, you hope that one day you’ll find other trolls to fill your quadrants. You are a VERY HOPEFUL troll, even if your dreams are NIGH IMPOSSIBLE.

    But such is life. We all move on. Sometimes.

    Your trolltag is honestlyDignified and your wordS are a little old-FFaShioned, old Sport.


    I feel like a terrible person for creating this.
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    I felt like fleshing this out out a little and then posting it here.
    HERE GOES. (Good horns are just so mainstream)

    > Be the hipster.
    That word is just so mainstream.
    > Fine. Be the troll that likes music you've probably never heard of, because it's so obscure you can only find it on record, even though you don't have a record play-

    Saying your name is just so mainstream, but if you insist, it's Romana Harper.
    Your quirk is so obscure that not even you can figure it out.

    As for your interests, you like to TALK ABOUT YOUR MUSIC and how it's SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE SHIT EVERYONE ELSE LISTENS TO. You think you're a MUSICIAN, but all you have is GARAGE BAND on a TROLL MACBOOK. One day you wish to MAKE AND WEAR FIFTY SCARVES, and move to a SMALL COMMUNAL HIVESTEM, far from your MANSION OF A HIVE.

    You secretly think your LUSUS, a FELINEBEAST WITH CLOTHES, hates you. But you liked him BACK WHEN HE WAS UNDERGROUND anyways. Because of this, you tell yourself that THE TRIALS WERE THE BEST PART OF YOUR LIFE.

    All of your music is VINYL, even though you DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO PLAY IT WITH. Similarly, ALL YOUR FOOD IS ORGANIC even though you DON'T REALLY CARE about THE HEALTH OF THE PLANET. As for your clothes, you never leave your HIVE without your IRONIC GLASSES and EXTRAORDINARILY TIGHT PANTS. (If you can still feel your legs, they aren't tight enough) Of course there's nothing wrong with your vision, you just think they look cool.

    Your FRIENDS always MAKE FUN OF YOU for BEING AN ANNOYING HIPSTER, but that's okay. You know it's really because they're jealous of your lifestyle and your PBR and your mix tapes and your coffee shops hidden on the corner that you stay in all day. You only go into Trollbucks ironically, because otherwise you're JUST SO MAINSTREAM. Or, at least, that's what you tell yourself. You're really QUITE INSECURE ABOUT ALL THIS.

    Fortunately, you get ALL THE HATE from your BITCHY HIPSTER PERSONALITY. ALL OF IT. Unfortunately, this also leads to you having few real friends, few red relationships, and a whole lot of ashen one-night stands. Getting a dedicated kismesis sure is hard! At least, that's what you tell yourself.

    Were you to play SGrub, (Don't worry if you've never heard of it, it's very obscure) you would be the the Artist of Soul, in the Land of Paint and Mixtapes, while dreaming on Prospit.
    Your trolltag is conventionalRequisite, and you have a quirk, but it's too obscure for everyone else. (You replace spaces with Alt+255, if you MUST be told.)

    Fetch modi? You use Record. It's use is too deep for you.
    Your strife specibus is mixtapekind. You throw/shoot mixtapes at things. Ordinarily, they would be RAZOR SHARP, but at the moment they're just LUMPS OF THIN METAL you throw at people.
    A 'mixtape' refers to 'bladed disk that mixes organs', right?

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!!

    Here's an update to a troll I made several months ago. Critiques are welcome, though Ziziil has already been torn apart and reimagined in the Critique thread.

    >Be the pale nerd.

    [COLOR=rgb(0, 220, 255)]...E*cuse me?[/COLOR]

    >Be the solitary intellectual.

    [COLOR="rgb(0, 220, 255)"]Much better, thank you.[/COLOR]

    Your name is Ziziil Dyrast.

    Your BLUE BLOOD is a source of great pride, though you tend to be subtle about your OBVIOUS SUPERIORITY and would much rather QUIETLY SNEER at those below you on the spectrum than FLAUNT YOURSELF UNNECESSARILY.

    Since your wriggling day 6 solar sweeps ago you have been fascinated by the COSMOS. At a young age you fashioned a PRIMITIVE TELESCOPE out of pipes and mirrors and since then have OBSERVED THE STARS whenever conditions permitted, making DETAILED RECORDINGS in your TRUSTY NOTEBOOK. This led to a lifelong desire to CATALOGUE AND CLASSIFY everything, which in turn led to your PROFOUND HATRED of anything out of place. LOGIC is your greatest ally and you are EASILY INFURIATED when others behave irrationally. You are an ALBINO, which condition is the cause of your UNNATURALLY PALLID SKIN AND HAIR and also the reason for your HIGHLY PROTECTIVE EYEGLASSES, as ALMOST ANY INTENSITY OF LIGHT above pitch blackness causes your naked eyes unbearable pain. You have narrowly avoided culling by PAINTING YOUR SKIN and DYING YOUR HAIR whenever a Culling Drone makes an appearance.

    You take great pride in your OFFICIAL LAB COAT, which you think is conducive to your LIFE GOAL of becoming a RESPECTED ALTERNIAN SCIENTIST. Your hive is a LARGE HEMISPHERE which contains a variety of OBSERVATION DEVICES. Your preferred kind abstratus is LASERKIND, your weapon of choice the CONFLAGRANT IRISEARER. Although you tend to keep to yourself and enjoy studying more than fighting, you can occasionally OPEN UP A CAN OF WHOOPASS on SOME POOR HORNSES ASS if provoked. You use the CONSTELLATION fetch modus, which arranges all of your items into PATTERNS VAGUELY RECOGNIZABLE AS FIGURES FROM ALTERNIAN MYTH. Whenever you retrieve an item, you are required to create new patterns with what remains in your inventory.

    Your lusus is an AMBULANT OCULUS named Coil—in other words, a MASSIVE FOUR-ARMED WALKING EYE. He often assists you with your ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS, as his single eye is nearly as powerful as any of your telescopes.

    Your trolltag is [COLOR="rgb(0, 220, 255)"]astroLogician[/COLOR]. [COLOR="rgb(0, 220, 255)"]You speak with *tling precision and perfect synta*.[/COLOR]

    Were Ziziil ever to make his way into the Medium, he would take his place as the Ward of Truth in the Land of Script and Knowledge.
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    Your name is Stemfa Hesper, and you are 8 Sweeps Old.

    First of all, let's begin with your past. You're quite proud of all the bullshit you've avoided, ever since you were 5 Sweeps you had a knack for having bad luck and trouble. Okay maybe not a knack. It just happened to you. You've always loved FLARP. You have been obsessed with it ever since you knew what it was, are currently obsessed and will be obsessed for probably the rest of your eternity. But it being a love of yours has caused you to loose certain and vital spots of your body. Mostly because you truly suck at FLARP. All those combats, all of those manuals read over and over and STILL! For some reason, your strategy never seems to work against your Enemies, for which you resort to who-hits-first kind of duels. On this experience you've lost quite a number of limbs, but on those occasions you were careful enough to pick them up and save them later.

    But you can't say you YOURSELF picked them up, you probably were too busy whining and crying over your lost belongings. Your deceased Matesprit did it for you instead. You honestly hate metal, but there was no other way of stitching them up again. Because of this scars, you practically cover up your entire self with tights and sweaters, and people usually ask you if you have cold blood or something. It makes no sense from your perspective, how wearing Sweaters and tights make you look like you have "Cold blood"? Jeez.

    Frankly, you find your FLARP stats to be quite low if you consider all the time you spend doing this, but you keep on fighting nevertheless.
    Of course, this is not your only interest. Ever since tiny you've adored catching up bugs and killing them when they got ugly. Specially butterflies. You find this to be quite common considering bugs are part of your culture AND population, but those tiny and colorful, sometimes poisonous little things are so attractive you JUST CAN'T HELP IT. You've heard of legendary trolls who have grown actual Butterfly wings, which sounds like the most freaking-AMAZING thing you've ever heard.
    You don't get how your old Matesprit didn't like FLARP. Or maybe she did and she just was a Stubborn-ass vague bitch who didn't like living life as it is? Maybe.
    Too bad she's dead now. You don't regret it much, though, it was probably her fault.

    That leads you to the part where you nearly died because of some drones. Which is why she was killed to begin with. Or so you think, you never actually saw her corpse. But you had to scape either way, so you ran away with your Lusus to one of the coldest places in Alternia, Eclarquia. Ok maybe it's not the coldest place in Alternia, but it is pretty damn cold. You had no choice, since your clothes wouldn't allow you to live else where. After that event, you met Trollian.
    You've always been really social. You think life's there to live it, fuck the others. Reading and other stuff you do on the inside is really boring, in your opinion. So you attempt to be brave and go out in the sun and then run inside immediately because you can't stand it. You're a bit of an idiot in that sense.

    There's not much people around where you live, so you've been thinking of moving to another place, but you have your Grubtop, food and your Lusus, so you really don't give a shit. Your trolltag is abstractRoletaker, and You tend to speak pretty quick and correct in your opinion but you dont really know about that sort of shit lmao????

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the fidgety Troll with the scythe.
    Um... Ok, I gue§§... I§ that really what you think of me¿

    Now with slightly fewer canon parts!

    Your Trolltag is strifedTechnician, and you §peak ƒunny¡

    Name: Fexxos Vyront
    Age: 8 sweeps
    Blood color: Honey-yellow
    Strife Specibi: scytheKind
    Fetch Modus: Array
    Planet: Land of Spheres and Leaves
    Matesprit: Eskies Aurora
    Moirail: Ithesa Phisha
    Auspistice: None
    Kismesis: Kaktuh... somethingorother
    Trolltag: strifedTechnician
    Quirk: § for sS, ƒ for fF, ¿ for ?, ¡ for !, around text, sometimes uses , , or instead depending on mood.
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the lunatic helicopter pilot
    *ROGER* Ok man! -CRACKLE- But I wouldn't say lunatic, ah ha ha! *OUT*

    ((Sprite accessories + fluffy jacket + AB by prussianMoose))

    You are PORTEC HEGIRA and you are an AVIATOR TROLL, YEAH!!!!!!!!

    But hold your position in the air for a bit, we got some things to go over. As mentioned before, your name is PORTEC, and you are 7.5 SWEEPS OLD. You are a TEAL BLOOD (#019283) who flies freaking TROLLCOPTERS! Wait, I mean HELICOPTERS. You are an AMATEUR PILOT and are learning how to FLY with relative ease. You've just always had a thing for flying, you know? The skies called to you and such.

    You are VERY PROUD of your flying ability! You can do....well actually it's amazing your HELICOPTER can even get off the ground. You may be relatively high on the spectrum, but it's not like you're EXCEEDINGLY RICH. Your helicopter is a flying PIECE OF JUNK that you slapped together a few sweeps ago to keep an eye on your LUSUS. It tends to be a bit SHAKY to pilot. You've gotten USED to it, however. Although other trolls might get a bit SICK inside of it. It's only a two-seater anyway. You've also gotten pretty good at REPAIRS and EMERGENCY PROCEDURES thanks to multiple IN-FLIGHT mechanical failures. You've even MEMORIZED some basic RADIO PROCEDURE! We'll get to why later.

    Did I mention your LUSUS earlier? Oops, well he is an OSPREY. He likes to take off for the seas for FOOD. Unfortunately, this leaves him in danger of getting killed by SEA-DWELLERS. You built the helicopter so you could FOLLOW HIM on his weekly visits to the ocean. This way you can just keep an EYE on him. Crazy fella. He took good care of you when you were younger, and may have inspired you to FLY like you do now. You and "Ospaps" get along pretty well, even if you're both pretty RECKLESS!

    Speaking of RECKLESSNESS, you're pretty reckless yourself, going around in that death trap of a helicopter. You also like to try and perform stunts in it if anyone wants to watch. Although stunts in a helicopter are pretty hard. You deal with it anyway. RISKS? Ha, you don't know risks! Surviving as many MAYDAYS as you have eventually leads to thinking you may or may not be immune to death. Obviously you are NOT but that doesn't stop you thinking it. You're willing to take a lot of DARES! Although you still have at least SOME dignity, so embarrassing stuff is just out the window most of the time.

    If there's one thing you DON'T LIKE, it's people who call your helicopter JUNK. Sure, you know it IS a piece of junk, but it's your pride and joy! Trolls who want to avoid the military service also make you a tad annoyed. How could they NOT want to pilot these war machines or be awesome troopers? We'll cover more about military later....But for now, you also don't like people mocking your RADIO PROCEDURE. You're working hard on getting it completely right damn it! Some trolls can just be so antagonistic.

    Besides flying around like a maniac in your helicopter, you also like to do a little MAPPING in your spare time! Getting the 'bird's-eye-view' is pretty good for getting maps done, as long as the auto-pilot doesn't break. SCAVENGING for spare parts is also a good pastime for you, considering your PIECE OF JUNK helicopter is in need of constant repairs. You also like to spend lots of TIME trying to UPGRADE your helicopter, although its pretty hard to upgrade with SCRAP materials. You collect models of helicopters as well, and secretly PLAY PRETEND with them. You can't always be a reckless grown up troll, sometimes you just have to let your inner wiggler out. In fact, you LOVE to let your INNER WIGGLER out when you can. It's fun to pretend.

    If we're going to talk about things you collect, might as well mention your hive eh? It's located within flying distance of the ocean (obviously) and is actually high up on a mountain. Pretty terrible location for takeoffs and landings, but you built the hive to include a landing pad. You always kinda wanted to fly, so thank god you planned ahead for this. Otherwise you'd be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. As it is, visitors may have a tough time even getting to your hive. It's certainly possible on foot, but very long and irritating. You prefer to just use your helicopter to make trips up and down.

    Ah, going back to memorizing basic RADIO PROCEDURE, you also cannot WAIT to join the military! You're going to fly military grade vehicles! You will totally be the 'Ace'. The 'Top Gun' as it were. You only wish you could find some guns to add onto your current helicopter, to get some shooting practice in now. Little do you realize that plane pilots are more of the 'top gun' variety. But you just like helicopters better. You MAKE DO for now by learning how to speak like a real pilot over the radio! Admittedly, you're not very good at it, but you're learning!

    This might be a good time to inspect your feelings on the hemospectrum. You are COMPLETELY LOYAL to higher bloods! Guess that comes from being a military lover. You're always willing to follow orders, as long as they don't involve something stupid like 'give up your helicopter' or other such silliness. That doesn't mean you LIKE higher bloods. You form opinions based on COMMANDING ABILITY. Mostly that involves them not giving stupid orders. And maybe getting more trolls out alive than dead. As for lower bloods, you generally don't care. They don't bother you, you don't bother them.

    Hey, what's that stuff you're wearing? Why it's your trusty AVIATION JACKET, AVIATOR'S GLASSES, and HEADSET! You're almost NEVER without these vital parts of your costume. Even if the glasses make it near impossible to see. Seriously, it's like you have a death wish. You'd like to say these belonged to an ancestor or something, but they don't. They're just some cool things you picked up on your own. As for your symbol, it's pretty cool looking. It almost looks like a rank in the military! But it's not, it just stands for HIGH TURBULENCE. Which is an absolute pain in the ass to fly through by the way.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to WELDERkind. Your AVIATION SHADES are hardly ideal for actual welding, but they're good for short burst attacks. Which hurt like hell, to be honest.

    Your fetch modus is set to AIR ESCAPE. You need to play a small game involving controlling a helicopter on its escape from some kind of base or something. You never really paid it much attention. Just beat the game as fast as possible. The more valuable the item, the more difficult the game.

    If you were to play a game involving lands and titles, your title would be the SAGE of LIFE in the land of METAL and GRAVITY. Incidentally, your JUNK HELICOPTER would NOT SURVIVE the trip into the game.

    Your trolltag is flyingAce and you tend to *ROGER* Speak in proper radio communication. -CRACKLE- Most of the time, anyway. *OUT*

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the magically obsessed troll

    *~That*s not very nice.~*

    >Fine. Be the witch.

    *~Much better!~*

    Your name is RESSEL NEVELA and to make it clear, you are not a witch. You are just OBSESSED WITH MAGIC. And being your 7 sweep old and blueblooded self, you have poured a lot of your money into collecting ANCIENT GRIMORIES. They dont actually do anything of course, but man if they did it'd be SO COOOOOOL. You don't just collect grimories though, you collect BOOKS. So many books about half of your castle hive is filled with them. In neat shelves by alphabetical order and subject of course. You fancy yourself a LIBRARYTROLL, as quite a few trolls pass by your hive, which is actually where you've set up BUSINESS. You make a fair amount of money doing it, but you feel this has to do with you being a BLUEBLOOD.

    Speaking of blood, you find the caste system a little SILLY, though it'd be stupid to question it, since you are near the top. You dont treat all trolls equal though, oh no. You judge trolls off of how SMART they are. You dont care what kind of smart either. Just smart. You will gladly be polite to anyone as long as they are an INTELLIGENT TROLL. If you find them to be stupid however, you are not above being RUDE AND NASTY to get them to leave you alone. Stupid trolls simply aren't worth your time.

    To talk about your hobbies, you'd have to start with anything SUPERNATURAL OR MAGICAL. This includes ALL OF THE FANTASY. ALL OF IT. You can't get enough of that type of thing, and sometimes its hard to get your head out of the clouds. Of course, fantasy things cant be your only interest, and they're not! In order to replicate some of the more magical effects from your favorite books and shows, you've turned to SCIENCE. Yes, science, the wizards and witches worst enemy, but its all you have to work with. You're not very good at it, but you are getting better. You also enjoy READING, but that one is kind of obvious. You also take great interest in SAPPY ROMANTIC STORIES of the flushed kind. Really any kind of romance is good, but the ones of the flushed kind are the best! You really like to ROLE PLAY too, but not FLARP, ohhhhh no. Thats far too dangerous for your unathletic body. Recently, by some stroke of unforseen luck, you aquired a KISMESIS AND A MATESPIRIT. On the same day. What are the odds of that? You're very fond of your matespirit, and you love to hate your kismesis, but your relation with her is a little strange. You can't stand to see her depressed unless you're the one causing it! This makes you a bit of an overprotective one. She's your punching bag and yours only.

    Personality wise, you're kind of a tough cookie to crack. On most occassions, you are POLITE, but not overly so, no matter the blood of who you're speaking to. You also have a biting SARCASTIC streak that rears its head whenever you're irritated. Speaking of irritated, you're a bit more LEVEL-HEADED than the average troll, which isn't saying much. Though in moments of extreme anger you tend to break out your WANDKIND strife specibus to bust some heads. ... Wait. Did you just say wandkind. But magic doesnt exist. Okay, so your wand is really an energy weapon that fires blue bolts of energy , or blue lasers if charged, but it DOES look like magic. You CHERISH this weapon more than anything else you own, simply because it gives you yhe ability to be somewhat of a witch. You're not of course, but its always fun to pretend.

    Your lusus is a CRYOGENIC REBIRHING BIRD, or in more familar terms, a CRYOPHONEIX. She makes your hive EVEN COLDER than it already is, since you live in the northern part of Alterania. You two tend to get in fights a lot. Mainly because CRYOMOM does not approve of your unhealthy obsession with fantasy, and you don't like her very presence messing up the pages of your beautiful books. But other than that, you two are fine with each other.

    As another random yet important tidbit of information about you, let us mention your greatest FEAR. Your greatest fear is actually SUBJUGGULATORS. You cant stand them, and in most situations, upon seeing one, you immediately want to abscond. They're just so... Creepy looking, and the rumors that surround them are none too fantastic. Perhaps this is because as a WIGGLER, you had the crap scared out of you by a CLOWN. This later transfered over and multiplied.

    Your fetch modus is alphatabetization, meaning that you can hold one item per slot of the alphabet, and any item just takes the slot of the first letter of what it is. This causes you to have to be creative on occasion, but otherwise, its very convient.

    Your trolltag is mysticalMoonshine and you type in a way that *~Adds a bit of magic to your words.~*

    If you were ever to play a FANTASY GAME your title would be the Witch of Crash and your land would be the LAND OF HELLFIRE AND FIREWORKS.
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    >Be the annoying blueblooded ex-matesprit.
    ^w, don't be like th^t!

    Your name is Nelias Harbek. You've also been called "cheating grubfucking whore", "jackass", "lying scoundrel", and countless other things by your 5 EX-MATESPRITS. Despite your infidelity, you've managed to survive 8 SWEEPS.

    You think you're hot stuff, but really, you're just a player who managed to CHARM NICE PEOPLE into putting up with you. You try to make people do for you things that you'd rather not do yourself, including DEAL WITH YOUR ATTITUDE.

    You use the bladeKind Specibi. Sadly, you own no blades, rendering it useless. It's ok. You never fight anyway. You have people do it for you. Your Sylladex is set to the MANIPULATION MODUS. To retrieve an item, you need to convince it out of the sylladex. Depending on how important the item is, the Sylladex makes the item more skeptical of you. This in turn, makes the item harder to get out.

    Your interests include PLAYING WITH PEOPLES EMOTIONS, which you're rather good at, TRYING TO SCRIPT IN ~ATH, which you're terrible at, and SHIPPING. Namely, other trolls with yourself. You have a sick imagination.

    It should also be said you're STALKING a certain honeyblooded troll. He was one of the ex-matesprits. You want him back. And if he won't be your matesprit, he'll be your kismesis. You'll have him one way or another. As it turns out though, he's already got a kismesis. So now you're half blind.

    You would never even think to play A CERTAIN NON EXISTANT GAME. Thusly, you have no SGrub title, land or consorts.

    Your trolltag is blatantCharm and you ^ccentuate your ^'s.
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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!! (assets for making sprites are in 3rd post)

    I submitted this guy earlier in the thread, but I've expanded and improved and he's better now.

    ====-> Be the Backstabbing Douchebag
    Fuck off, asshole!
    ====-> Be the Rebellious Seadweller

    That's better, although you haven't actually lived in the sea for like two sweeps.
    Your name is VALCAN ITAKAR and you ABSOLUTELY HATE SEADWELLERS! They're all a bunch of STUCK-UP PRICKS who think they're BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE because of their blood. As if that even matters! You strongly believe that the HEMOSPECTRUM is all just a bunch of nonsense. A troll shouldn't be judged by how they were born! They should be judged by their ACTIONS!
    Of course, none of this means you don't think that you personally were DESTINED TO RULE. You have held that belief your whole life, especially since you began dreaming in that wonderful purple city. Its QUEEN practically raised you, after your LUSUS was murdered by a Seadweller you had once thought your closest friend. You trusted her with your plan to get out of the aristocracy, and she betrayed you. But she still seems to think you should love her. Stupid Seadwellers.
    Ever since that fateful day, you've been living on land, in a rather shoddy hive one of your landdweller friends made for you. You've also taken to using red as your colour, in order to prove some kind of point that everyone else has a hard time understanding.
    You get along pretty well with most landdwellers (as long as they aren't stupid bluebloods shoving the hemospectrum in everyone's face). Of course you do; an emperor must be on good terms with his subjects or else he is likely to be overthrown.
    You also have an interest in FLARP. You and your teammate are known as Team Flare, and you're pretty much the best FLARP team ever. The two of you met about three sweeps ago, when you both were just starting, and you swiftly became friends. But when others in the aristocracy found out that you were such close friends with a redblood, they made it very clear that they didn't approve. You didn't understand why. He wasn't a bad person! He was really great and a better friend than most of them were! That was when your plan to leave the aristocracy began. Of course, that didn't go too well...
    Your trollTag is burningOceans and you 'alk wi' a bi' of a s'range accen'

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