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Thread: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    A couple of posts highlighting an issue is fine. However, when it becomes a back-and-forth conversation, please take it to PMs.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    Okay guys, just for the record, you are going to hate hate HATE this character at first. Hate is the correct response. Just keep going and hopefully you'll hate him less.

    ==>Be the tortured, delicate soul

    You are now the tortured, delicate soul.

    Your name is DRAKKO SEPHIRE, and you are the last survivor from an offshoot of the troll race on a different planet.

    On this planet, the HEMOSPECTRUM meant nothing. Your mutant BLACK (and also color-changing) blood didn't diminish your standing in the community. You were a high-ranking member of their WIGGLENFORCERS before quitting to become a VETERANARIAN. However, tragedy struck three days after you retired. A mysterious force decended upon your planet. The WIGGLENFORCERS were unable to stop them, and they were the most elite child military ever concieved. You were nowhere to be found when the BOMBS began dropping. You had hidden in a CAVE off to the west of the main town. You saw thousands being SLAUGHTERED, even your own LUSII were murdered before your eyes, because on this planet trolls have two LUSII. And one of them was another troll. You swore to find those who killed your CIVILIZATION, and so you headed to Alternia to find the perpetrators.

    Ever since that day, you've hardly been able to love anything. FOOD has no taste, MUSIC doesn't intrest you, MOVIES are all bland-seeming. Nothing can get you out of your ETERNAL GLOOM. Sometimes, though, you write POETRY AND PROSE about your former planet's beauty. In a way, you blame yourself for this, and why wouldn't you? It was your fault the WIGGLENFORCERS were overrun. People have tried to tell you there's nothing you could have done, but their words are empty.

    Your eyes are RED due to your mutated BLACK BLOOD, as previously mentioned. This gives you the PSYCHIC ABILITY of seeing into people's souls. It's hard to explain, but it's sort of like READING THEIR FEELINGS, an ability that lets you see everyone's TRUE HATRED TOWARDS YOU.

    Your trolltag is angstriddenWarrior and }you don't speak with much emotion. your text is surrounded by thorns, much like a rose on your homeworld's surface{

    ==>Well alright then.


    ==>...Excuse me?


    ==>I'm sorry, am I missing something here?


    ==>Mind elaborating, freind?

    Yeah sure thing, dumbass.

    Your name is really ZAPHOD LEBAUL and you're a teal blood! See, look, teal. No one has black blood you dumb shit. You're not from another planet. Wigglenforcers? Two lusii? How goddamn STUPID do you have to be to- OH WAIT! EVERYONE HAS FALLEN FOR IT! This guy is just an amalgam of horrible Flarp characters you came up with when you were three sweeps old! Seriously, what kind stupid name is Drakko? Really, he's more of a test persona, trying to see how much stupid bullshit you can get away with.

    As you can tell, you're a MASTER OF DISGUISE. You're into SCAMMING PEOPLE and GIVING THEM THE RUNAROUND. You have quite the large repetoir of scams that either you came up with or you've heard of other people doing. You like spending your "hard-earned" caegars at the local pool hall, and even there you'll occasionally HUSSLE people a little. You also enjoy the ancient bloodsport of THEATER. Some day if you beat your criminal rap and get better at fighting you'd like to BE AN ACTOR, maybe.

    You have a small psychic ability. Well, less an ability and more just some blocking. See, with all the psychics and stuff on Alternia it'd be easy to drill into your psyche and see if you were telling the truth. That's why you've had some PSYCHIC TRAINING from a SHADY UNDERGROUND ORGANIZATION to get some mental blocks. At the moment it's less TOTAL BLOCKING and just a FUCKTON OF HURDLES to get over to see what you're really thinking, but you're working at it.

    Of course, it does get a little lonely since you can't tell anyone your real name or else you'll have the THRESHECUTIONERS on your ass. Everyone you know is friends with DRAKKO or MARLIX or HASSEN, no one knows ZAPHOD that well. And sure, you put a little bit of yourself into your characters, but it's just sorta sad no one can know the real you now. Then again, there are some folks you let in on your secrets, but either it's because you really, and I mean REALLY like them, or if it's tactically advantageous for them to know who you are.

    But it's usually worth it to outsmart shmucks and get paid for it. Fun times. Anyway, your trolltag is infallibleSheister and Ya gotta keep yer text nice an plain in case ya need ta spruce it up ta disguise it in a flash.


    There ya have it. Criticism appreciated because I have had to work on him a whole fuckin lot and I can sure as shit tell I'm not done.
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    (*Silly* joke Troll inbound in this post, you have been warned. If you can guess the correct reference I'm doing, candies wait for you, even though there's no candy.

    Quick! Someone do an AB sprite set for her! [/joke])

    > Be the witch.

    Wait, what? I can't do magic, but oh well... BOW DOWN TO ME, LOWBLOODS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    You are DOMINA AUREUS, but some Trolls refer to you as BEATRICE instead for whatever reason there is. You are about 8 SWEEPS OLD and you are a BLUE-BLOODED TROLL with blood color of CICHLID (#003EFF).

    You may look like a WITCH, but since highbloods usually never get psychic powers, you possess no PSYCHIC power at all. However, you are STUDYING some TROLL ALCHEMY and are DOING GOOD AT IT. Still, you are quite MISCHIEVOUS of a Troll because you often trouble others with your rad alchemy pranks. This is why many TROLLS dislike you. This also explains the silliness called fashion that you adore strange dresses. Where on ALTERNIA did you get that rose from anyway?

    You have a few interests too as well as some personality. You find PRANKING OTHERS one of your main interests. If you're not in the mood of disturbing anyone, you enjoy READING HORROR AND MYSTERY LITERATURE. You are sometimes NICE, but that's because you're experiencing PERSONALITY CONFUSION which annoys you very much. You are mostly ANNOYING. Yes, very ANNOYING, SNOBBISH and maybe a little bit of EVIL.

    Your LUSUS was an EAGLEBEAST. You don't quite like him for REASONS unknown. Once he died, you have to fend for yourself. Yes, you are one of the very, very few female Trolls with male Lusii. You live in MANSION-STYLED HIVE somewhere in an ISLAND.

    You don't play SGRUB, but if you will ever do, you are the WITCH OF BLISS, your MEDIUM will be LAND OF STORMS AND ISLANDS. You own staffKind as your STRIFE SPECIBUS and your FETCH MODUS is the HAMMERSPACE. You will have to rip open some empty black space to retrieve items, but not all items you desire will be correctly picked up.

    Your trolltag is alchemyManipulator and you type in unstable ways possible. *cackle* *cackle* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    I get it, hahah.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    > Be the boring guitar player.
    Hey, I'm not that boring, am I? ♪♪
    > Just be the guitar player.
    Fine. ♪♪

    Your name is OCTAVO PINOPH. You are SEVEN SWEEPS OLD. You are a green-blooded troll(hue: 103, rgb 53,198,0, #35C600). You and your NIGHTINGALE LUSUS live in a hive at the edge of a FOREST. You enjoy PLAYING GUITAR in your hive. You wish you could say that you composed the music you played, but you can't. You SUCK AT COMPOSING MUSIC. Your MOIRAIL usually buys sheet music for you.

    You act CALM AND POLITE towards most trolls. Although, you wouldn't hesitate to cull a troll if you absolutely had to. This rule doesn't apply to HIGHBLOODS. You have a crippling FEAR of HIGHBLOODS and the OCEAN due to a certain DROWNING INCIDENT three and a half sweeps ago. You'd rather not talk about it. You can't even get near a shoreline or a group of highbloods without having a heart attack. Your moirail tries to help you overcome your fear, but is gaining little success. It would probably help if he wasn't a BLUEBLOOD. Seriously, you met him three sweeps ago, and it took you two sweeps afterward to finally accept him as your moirail. He still scares you. He tries to calm you down by KISSING YOU. You hate to admit it, but it KIND OF WORKS.

    Your FETCH MODUS is ACAPPELLA. You have to sing the right notes in order to retrieve items. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is bowkind.

    Your trolltag is pineTuning. You ten♪ to speak in a melo♪ious tone. ♪♪


    Some crit would be appreciated.
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    Beatroll is best troll.

    Lazer: I'm kind of in love. I want to say that the top of the hair on Drakko is too low but I'm pretty sure Zaphod's is the same height and his looks fine and I think they're both the same height as Sollux's so derp, ignore me. Well done.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    Alright, two Trolls at once. Here we go.


    >Be the pathetic loner.

    Fuck you...To...

    You are now MOKU TENSOUH, and you are not PATHETIC. Not really a LONER either, you just give that image at FIRST GLANCE. You live in a rather small HIVE close to a city with a CERTAIN CAFE, earning your CAEGARS by multiple PART-TIME JOBS. Yea, life haven't really been nice to you, but that's how the life of a REDBLOOD works. You know about your BLOOD, but made the CAPE anyway, as you like to IMAGINE that you're a HIGHBLOOD even tough that you're CLEARLY NOT. Yea. You live in DENIAL.

    You have a variety of INTERESTS, most of them centering around being a DOUCHE. Yea, while you have gotten used to your LOW BLOOD, you don't really like ANYONE HIGHER ON THE SPECTRUM. Which is almost EVERYONE. You can work along with them, but you're most likely going to send of an INSULT or two. Let's see, what other INTERESTS can we mention? Oh yea, you've been into SYLLADEX SYSTEMS for a good while, and even started on MAKING YOUR OWN. Out of pride, you use this CUSTOM MODUS. Which sucks. It's BUGGY AS HELL, but we'll get to that later.

    Alright, RELATIONSHIPS... You currently have no AUSTIPICE, but you have UNACCEPTED BLACK FEELINGS for SOMEONE YOU WON'T MENTION, and you have thoughts about a MATESPRITE. You also have a MOIRAIL, but he's not important right now.

    Your STRIFE PORTFOLIO is located to two STRIFE CARDS. REVOLVERKIND, containing one gun that you often DRAW but almost never FIRED. You're kind of a sissy that way.

    The second card is...Err...CHAIRKIND. Yea. Kind of a blunder on your part. After all that work to get enough CAEGARS to buy a second STRIFE CARD, you started swining a BARSTOOL around and accidentally set it to CHAIRKIND. You have a STOOL in it. Useless piece of shit.

    Your SYLLADEX is set to the CUSTOM MODUS, mentioned earlier. It's CRAPPY as hell. Sometimes it will CAPTCHALOUGE an item, and it will disappear, but only a GHOST IMAGE will appear on the card. Sometimes it might EJECT an item you're not ASKING FOR, sometimes it might refuse to either CAPTCHALOUGE an item or EJECT ONE. It's ass.

    Your Trolltag is uncaringHaxxor and you just keep...Making pauses...While...Talking...

    If you where to play THE GAME, you would LOOSE.

    But really now, you would be the MAGE OF RAGE and reside on the LAND OF RUST AND TECHNOLOGY.


    >I think we had enough Moku for a lifetime. Someone else please?


    Oh what the fuck, why not?

    You are now REZACE CARNAG, and if it wasn't obvious, you're a SUBJUGGULATOR. Well, you don't really take part of anything the GIANT ALLIED CULT does, but you hang around with your SMALL CULT OF SUBJUG PALS.

    You are the MAIN EXECUTIONER of your MINI-CULT, meaning that you have to do ALL THE DIRTY WORK, which should be obvious considering your CLOTHING and WEAPON.

    You are quite the ASSHOLE really, considering your status as a SUBJUGGULATOR good enough of an argument to let you GET AWAY WITH BEING AN ASSHOLE TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE. If someone DISAGREES, they get a quick MAKEOUT with your HALBERD.

    You have a rather small amount of INTERESTS, but the ones you have is mostly keeping up with your RELIGIOUS DUTIES, EXECUTING THE UNWORTHY and following the orders given to you by your CULT LEADER. Otherwise, you just ROAM AROUND being a major ASSHOLE to anyone you encounter.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is naturally set to HALBERDKIND. You have all kinds of HALBERDS in there, for different types of BATTLES. The one you usually carry around outside of your STRIFE CARD is your favorite tough.

    Your SYLLADEX is set to the RAINBOW MODUS, which means that all items are CAPTCHALOUGED in DIFFERENTLY COLORED CARDS, and you have to SACRIFICE some BLOOD in the same color as the CARD to get out the item.

    Your CULT got a SYMBOL OF UNITY by using the same Trolltag, so your Trolltag is technically mirthfulPriest, and you like to use triple punctation,,, whenever you get the chance...

    If you played that ONE GAME, your title would be the KNIGHT OF PUNISHMENT, and you would reside in the LAND OF MIST AND SHADE.
    PC is nocturnalStoryteller. Feel free to pester me!

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    > Be the lamb troll.

    You are now the lamb troll.

    Your name is AGNINA OVECKA, but most of your friends call you CHOPS. You are 7 SWEEPS OLD and spend most of your time ROMPING AROUND in the MEADOWS which surround your HIVE, PICKING FLOWERS and EATING GRASS with your WOLF LUSUS.

    You are a very MEEK TROLL, friendly but timid when it comes to strangers. You tend to PANIC easily, and are very CLAUSTROPHOBIC. You are always cold, which explains your WOOL COAT and BOOTS.

    You have several SECRET HOBBIES, one of which is YODELING. You love to yodel, but are rather SHY about it, and will only do it in PRIVACY (unless NECESSARY). Other hobbies of yours include KNITTING, CARVING FIGURINES and FROLICKING ABOUT.

    You are very sensitive about your BUCK TEETH-- they prevent you from being able to eat MEAT. However, you can and do eat almost EVERYTHING ELSE including GRASS, PAPER PRODUCTS, PENCILS, and CLOTHING. If it exists you have attempted it eat it.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is SHEARKIND-- your enemies often end up HAIRLESS in your wake (though you are by all accounts NONCONFRONTATIONAL). You use the KRIMANCHULI FETCH MODUS, in which you must yodel a given tune to retrieve whichever object you desire.

    Your trolltag is modestMutton and you speaahk in aah bleaahting maahnner.

    > TL;DR

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    >Be the troll who's a tad 'older'.

    This won't do. Your prized possession is not here. It's pointless to introduce you without it.

    That's better.

    Your name is CHAICE DISPHO, and you are in love with all which is gold. Particularly, you love STATUES of gold, but anything which GLITTERS in a color which is even similar to being golden fills you with joy. Not that you express emotions very well, as your face is almost always the same wide-eyed, creepily distant gaze. You don't talk much either, but if you become tangled into a discussion about ART, STATUES or GOLDEN THINGS, you become rather talkative.

    Your MOLE LUSUS thinks you have somewhat of a hoarding problem, but continues to bring you TREASURE it finds underground, as you at least keep your collection tidy. There is one piece of treasure that you ALWAYS have with you - this being The Golden Wriggler, as you have lovingly dubbed it. Your lusus found it in a COLLAPSED UNDERGROUND TUNNEL which was filled with all sorts of marvelous golden things, but none nearly as marvelous as this - this statue is a true work of art! Clearly, it represents the struggle of troll youth to survive the darkness of wrigglerhood within the deep caves of Alternia, gilded to express the marvelous triumph each wriggler seeks to attain, and carved with an expression of rage and fear to depict the emotions present during such a painful stage of life.

    At least, you're pretty sure that's what it's all about. The artist of said piece is unknown and you're almost a hundred percent certain that they perished in whatever caused the tunnel the statue was in to collapse, so the truth will never really be known. That's ok, though, because you plan to NEVER. LET. ANYONE. TOUCH. IT. This proves pretty easy, as most trolls seem uninterested in art.

    Your trolltag is gildedCrucible and you don't. Talk much.
    Your strife specibus is pickKind and your blood is turquoise. Your symbol is that of the constellation Crater (the cup).

    (Your name comes from the words CHALICE and DISPOSOPHOBIA. Also, you are female, which isn't all that obvious.)

    (Concrit is always welcome.)
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    >Be the light loving freak

    <Hey n(O)w. That's a bit rude. D(O) you want me to turn (O)ff the lighthive?>

    >Be the lighthouse keeper

    <Y(O)ur terms c(O)uld d(O) with a severe upgrade in terms (O)f respect.>

    Your name is GATIOR VERDAN, and you are EIGHT SWEEPS old. You are currently acting as a LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER, even though nobody asked you to, and this job really should go to a lower blood. You don't care, you just like the LIGHT.

    That's right. You like the LIGHT from the LIGHTHOUSE. You aren't into SUNLIGHT, that would be STUPID. But you really, really fear DARKER places. You can handle the regular darkness of Alternian night fairly well, though anything darker starts to freak you out. You actually have to carry your lantern out as you walk through the night because you're so scared. The lower depths of the oceans are so dark you REFUSE to go down there. You prefer to stay near the top of the oceans for the most part really, where the light can reach it easily. You're really a bit of an oddball for a SEA-DWELLER (#960E85), even if you maintain the LIGHTHOUSE to make sure other SEA-DWELLERS can find their way. You try to HIDE your fear of the dark from other trolls, as it could be seen as a WEAKNESS. And you're eight sweeps old, you really are too old to be scared of such a thing.

    This may stem from the fact that when you were YOUNG you got CHASED AROUND in the DEEP DEPTHS of the ocean by LARGE AQUATIC DWELLING POINTED TEETH BLOOD FEEDERS. Your lusus was off feeding and you got out of the hive. The darkness was everywhere and you were pretty much terrified out of your think pan. EVENTUALLY your lusus found you and chased off the creatures trying to eat you. You then insisted your hive be moved to the surface and always be filled with lights. Eventually you turned it into a LIGHTHIVE/HOUSE and now here you are.

    Your opinion on the hemospectrum is that it should RIGIDLY ENFORCED at all costs. You always heavily encourage proper respect for fellow sea-dwellers, and usually have a tough time talking to any land dwellers as a result. ANON BLOODS absolutely piss you off, as do trolls who think the caste system is OUTDATED and should be CHANGED. You are actually a FIRM BELIEVER in TRADITION and the HEMOSPECTRUM and want it all to stay the SAME. As for the LAND DWELLER and SEA DWELLER rivalry? You take it way too damn far. Seriously. You're supposed to keep it with blue bloods, but you extend the rivalry to ALL land-dwellers! You tend to be seen as a huge JERK by most everyone. You don't care, as long as you're shown respect.

    Your hive is THE LIGHTHOUSE itself. You set it up IN THE OCEAN, just OFF THE COAST. It is positioned just so that it can ILLUMINATE the rocky coast line and prevent ships from running aground. You'd like to think the trolls whose lives are saved by this are grateful, but you know they really aren't. That's fine with you though, you'll just TURN OFF the light if they don't thank you, letting their ships run aground. A bit ruthless, but you aren't a sea-dweller for nothing. Although the light is ALWAYS ON for fellow sea-dweller ships, of course. Oh, and generally it really ticks trolls off when you tell them what you do. You tend to get threatened a lot by land dwellers because of it. You threaten them right back, then go hide and try to find a mercenary to do your fighting for you. You're a teeny bit of a wuss.

    Your hobbies include KEEPING CARE OF THE LIGHTHOUSE, BOARD GAMES, and SWIMMING in the sea when you have the time. You also enjoy LIGHTING up dark areas with lanterns, torches, anything that can provide light really. Sometimes you CHAT with STRANGERS over TROLLIAN, but that can get kinda boring after a while. But it does pass the time when you're keeping an eye on your lighthouse. You collect TREASURE from the SUNKEN SHIPS you loot. Said ships come from aforementioned RUTHLESSNESS. In hindsight it's mostly just you being a jerk. But you refuse to acknowledge this, instead insisting you are ENFORCING RESPECT. Oh, and your symbol indicates a LIGHTHIVE...LIGHT on a map. Pretty basic, but it suitable fits your rather spiky personality. And hair.

    Your LUSUS is an ANGLER FISH. This is a bit annoying because he LOVES THE DARK and uses LIGHT as BAIT. It's safe to say you two aren't on the BEST OF TERMS really. He just stays far below in the ocean depths most of the time. He's also QUITE LARGE, so in the rare event that you need a quick ride to the coast, he can be coaxed to let you ride him over. Quite useful really. Other than that, Anglerdad is kind of a jerk, and tries to take bites out of unsuspecting visitors to your hive. This is why you don't get many visitors. And also because you're paranoid visitors might break something in your precious lighthouse.

    Your FETCH MODUS is ILLUMINATE. The cards are all darkened and you must light one up to see if it is the one you actually want, if it is you can take it out. This can be a real pain if you're carrying lots of things around. Oh well.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to LANTERNkind. You bash your enemies over the head with a lantern. Pretty simple really. Although depending on the type of lantern you might accidentally start some (literal) fires if the glass breaks.

    If you ever played a certain game, you would be the GUIDE of LIGHT in the land of MYTHICS and DARKNESS. Sounds just awesome. And totally not at all terrifying.

    Your trolltag is illuminatedDepths and you <Light the way with y(O)ur w(O)rds.>

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    Hey, just wondering, where's the Fanhuman index? Can you just post them in the fantrolldex?

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    go here, there's another index for that.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)




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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    Trollsona 8: Cirrin Runfar returns.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    settle down, kids. remember the part where i said if it's not necessary, don't post it? that is still a thing that applies. i want to keep non-profile posts and non-critique posts to an absolute minimum. it just makes things so much easier for everyone, and prettier.
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    I ended up on wolfhead!
    Hahahaha oh god why.

    Here, have an updated profile.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    Beh this'll do for now.

    >Be that one anonblood dude_

    Your name is SUEREN VIOLEN, and your time is much too valuable to waste on an introduction. You'll humor the audience for now, but don't expect any handouts like this in the future.

    As mentioned previously, yes, you are an ANONBLOOD. Wanna make something of it? TOO BAD. You're MUCH too valuable to risk injury in some PETTY SQUABBLE. Those particularly violent trolls can SUCK A BONE BULGE. You have BETTER THINGS TO DO.

    Like MAKING MONEY, for example. As your old lusus used to say, TIME IS CAEGARS, and you like caegars. It's taken a lot of WORK, but you now run a MODEST BUSINESS in insurance. And by MODEST BUSINESS IN INSURANCE you mean you threaten to do horrible things to weak-willed trolls unless they pay your exhorbitant fees. You are not RICH, by any means, but certainly you will be able to purchase a comfortable position by the time the FLEET comes to take you aboard.

    Of course, as ruthlessly efficient as you are, you must admit that you do have a certain soft spot for GAMES OF LUCK AND CHANCE. Cards, dice, and darts all strike you as ENJOYABLE DIVERSIONS during your down time from POLITELY OFFERING YOUR SERVICES TO TROLLS IN NEED. Your POKER FACE could use some work, however--you know you always lose when it comes to bluffs, but ADDICTION IS A POWERFUL THING.

    What's that? Say a bit about your lusus? Unfortunately your lusus isn't around all that much these days, but that's just fine with you. You can barely even remember what species it was, though that's hardly here nor there. You're doing JUST FINE without right now--better, even, not needing to worry about such silly and time-wasting things as the CARE AND UPKEEP of your custodian.

    Your strife specibus is DARTKIND, and you keep a handy supply on hand for use in fun or profit. You also possess the useless THERMOMETERKIND specibus, which you accidentally assigned in an accident that is much too embarrassing to relate here. Your trolltag is caegarRoulette and your ^quirk^ is ^far^ and ^above^ ^^superior^^ ^to^ those ^of^ these VcommonersV.
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)


    Name: Altair Gardua (Altair is brightest star in Aquila, Garuda is Hindu version of Aquila)
    Age: about the same as Kalhai
    Trolltag: loftyAviator
    Color: Red (hue 5)
    Typing quirk: Types < > around everything.
    Personality: Proud, brave, empathetic
    Symbol: Aquila constellation symbol
    Strife specibi: Rakekind
    Lusus: Eagle with arms (garuda)
    Psychic ability: Telepathy
    Hobbies: Flying around Alternia, engineering, video games
    Hive: ?
    Sylladex fetch modus: ?

    Matesprit: Kalhai, from age 7 to 9 sweeps before he is killed by a highblood
    Moirail: None
    Kismesis: None
    Auspistice: None

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    ((Here comes a wiggler, do do do doooo.))

    ==> Be the freak.

    Thatzzz not very *Buzz* nice of you *Buzz*.

    ==> Be the BUG freak


    ==> Be the troll who likes bugs.

    Took you long *Buzz* enough.

    Your name is BUGHAR CUTHAL and you have a LARGE INTEREST in the many STRANGE BUGS. Bugs are your PASSION and you love to CAPTURE, DOCUMENT, and even KEEP them as PETS. SADLY most of the KEPT BUGS DIED because you weren't able to get them the RIGHT FOOD. RECENT STUDIES have made you MUCH BETTER for caretaking. You are roughly 6.46 SOLAR SWEEPS OLD. (14 in Earth Years.) You are rather SHY but you can be very FRIENDLY, despite the fact you tend to avoid other TROLLS. You don't really CARE about the hemospectrum, but FOLLOW it so you are not culled. You are also GRATEFUL for being a TEALBLOOD because you know there are MANY OTHERS who are not as lucky as YOU.

    You live in a WELL-SIZED HIVE that is on the foothills of a MOUNTAIN. Your lusus is a GIANT BEETLE the size of a LARGE COW. You have several BLOOD STAINS and HOLES on your clothing because as a WIGGLER you used to WRESTLE your lusus playfully. You use NETKIND but it isn't really EFFECTIVE on other TROLLS, so you also use DICTIONARY as a temporary weapon until you get a BETTER ONE. Its a very HEAVY weapon, but it GETS THE JOB DONE. You use a YAHTZEE FETCH MODUS where you must roll something DEPENDING ON HOW RARE the item is. Say you WANT an ITEM that is very COMMON. You will have to ROLL something VERY EASY to get it.
    Your Trolltag is bugCollector and you Talk with rather *Buzz* good grammar and *Buzz* punctuation, buzzing every *Buzz* three wordzzz and *Buzz* replace your s' *Buzz* with three z's *Buzz*.
    You also make a noise depending on your mood, Buzzing when neutral, some sort of a hiss when angry, Chirping (kind of like a grasshopper or locust) when happy, and making a more slower and sadder buzz when, well, sad.

    Welp, there's my first real fantroll, hope you like it :P.

    And is it fine to post in the Cafe without an AB sprite if it's temporary? (I have yet to make one.)
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    Here's a remake of Lorvas Gintaw, my third fantroll.


    >Be the asshole cyclops.

    hey! please døn't insult me...

    >Be the low-blooded cyclops.

    thank yøu! ,D

    Your name is Lorvas Gintaw you have shitty red blood. You are 7 and a third sweeps old. You are a manipulative individual, with only one functioning eye. You'll get into the details of how you lost one of your eyes later. You are low on the hemo-spectrum, a mere red blood. Due to this, and your weak bloods, you try to respect everybody higher than you. Or at least, pretend to.

    You have a HANDFUL of interests. You enjoy stealing things from those with higher blood than you, to spite them. You're quiet good at the art of thievery. You enjoy talking to your friends, and running around. You're quite fast, but not quite fast enough to make up for your weakness.

    You are not very strong. You are fast and good with your DAGGERKIND specibus, but you are still not very strong compared to other trolls. Luckily, your low blood gives you a very strong ability. You are able to draw out emotions in your enemies, whether it's hate, happiness, joy, who cares? You mostly use it to draw your enemies into a blind rage, if you are forced into combat, which allows you to get the upper hand. However, you were also able to use it to severe the relationship between your matesprit and her previous lover, by causing immense hatred between them.

    You also try to manipulate people normally. Although you are a manipulative, dark individual, you try to act like an energetic, happy troll who lost his eye in a horrible accident. Of course, the losing your eye part is true, but you never tell people how it really happened.

    One solar sweep ago, you had tried to shake up a troll for some money. In order to get him to comply, you tried to cause fear in him, but you accidentally unleashed a wave of hatred to everyone near you, causing everyone to attack you. You were able to escape with just cuts and bruises by unleashing a powerful psychic shitstorm via using several emotions at once, causing massive confusion. However, this drained your power considerably. It was only half a sweep ago that your psychic power was working at it's maximum again.

    You live in a cave with your lusus, who is a deceitful little bastard. Although that was a good thing, as you learned from him how to detect the deceit of others and make sure others don't detect yours.

    You use the BULLSHIT modus. You actually have no idea how it works, as you prefer to just take the item instead of fucking around with it's bullshit puzzles.

    Your trolltag is renegadeCyclops and you type in a faked, cheerful manner! yøu try tø make sure everyøne gets a goød loøk at yøur løst eye! ,D


    Criticism? Original is here:
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    I hope this is okay. I followed the guide pretty well I think
    Be the happy go lucky sea dude

    Your Name is MAERIS AEQUOR and you are exactly 9.23 SOLAR SWEEPS old. You are relaxed and liken yourself to the WAVES which you are extremely fond of and also seem to go through turbulent MOOD SWINGS when pushed to far.

    Your have a variety of INTEREST most which include COLLECTING round objects such as MARBLES. You have a distinct purple blood color but you don't let that stop you from hanging with your best land dudes. Your Lusus is a FRIENDLY CORAL DRAGON, and your strife specibus is an ANCHORKIND and you use the TREASURE CHEST MODUS.

    You don't regard yourself as anything better than just an average troll and tend to make FRIENDS quite easily.

    Your Trolltag is MercurialMariner
    and you speak in sort of a
    ‿‿ωatery ωay‿‿ and sometimes happen to let out a‿‿ b-loo-p‿‿ every now and then.‿‿
    You Chat in Blue text because it is you're favorite color
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)


    Your name is Cacao Azure.

    Thank you Maya!

    You really hate pants. No, seriously, you refuse to wear pants. That lead to some problems when you were just a wiggler, and as you grew older some of your other friends found out it was fun to dress you up. Eventually, that and your rather feminine features lead you to start CROSSDRESSING. Some trolls seem to get the impression you either are or want to be a girl. Nope, you just happen to like, well, looking pretty. Naturally, your enjoyment of looking nice lends itself to an interest in FASHION. That gets you shit sometimes, but that's usually around the time it's time to get out the fryingpan and crack some skulls.

    You also rather enjoy COOKING, a skill you picked up from a friend when you were younger. It was an accident with a fryingpan that lead to your choice of specibus - more on that down below. You particularly enjoy cooking breakfast foods and making candy. Mmm, fudge.

    You're generally an all-around NICE GUY TO KNOW with a fairly even temper... Possibly because you have a pretty awesome moirail! Or it might be due to your love of EXPLORING and TREASURE HUNTING, which frequently lead you to disappear for perigees at a time in search of lost tombs and hives. You're actually pretty damn talented at that, too, which leads to you having more money than you have any right to. You're not very open about that though, since you wouldn't want to IRRITATE any highbloods.

    Finally, you have to admit you like to SHIP trolls you know. Your shipping tends to be somewhat POLITICALLY MINDED, based on what would have the greatest power increase, rather than what might be a better overall match. Though you do have some private ships that cater to your personal preference. Those would ''never'' go on your SHIPPING WALL, though!

    Your trolltag is necroscopeAborning and you type with an emphasis on ceRtain special letteRs.

    --- Reserved for >Cacao: Grow Up ---
    I am a terrible influence.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    > Be the good-for-nothing drunk loafer

    I beg your pardon?

    > Fine. Be the proper, elegant lady

    Your name is MORPIA SOMNOL.

    As much as you like to believe otherwise, you are incredibly lazy and in a near-constant state of inebriation. The only thing you're capable of doing efficiently is getting ridiculously smashed. Most seadwellers take advantage of their heightened resistance to shrug off psychic effects. You? You use it to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol without passing out. Although you do pass out eventually. In fact, you pass out a lot.

    With your constant drunkeness comes a state of perpetual tiredness. At any given moment, you're either asleep or feeling ready to fall asleep. As such, you go through sopor slime faster than pretty much everyone else, and that includes the trolls that eat it. On the rare occasions you aren't asleep, you're loafing around watching TV or doing something similarly nonproductive. While drinking. You don't even bother to clean your hive, despite, being a seadweller, it's large, elaborate, and palatial. Or at least it would be if there wasn't trash floating around everywhere. If you weren't underwater all the time, you'd reek because you never bathe. You are basically an enormous slob, the exact opposite of what would be expected from your place on the haemospectrum.

    And despite that, you act as if you're the best seadweller ever. You assert your authority over lowbloods, you insist that you deserve their respect, you take pains to correct any foolish peasant who dares slight your elegant demeanor, and you get, ahem, royally pissed off if anyone questions your lifestyle. As such, you often go into lengthy tirades about how you're obviously so superior and noble when it's clear to everyone around you that you're full of shit. The only person you're fooling is yourself. You certainly have the money to buy fancy clothes and all that, but that's too much work. Everything is "too much work" for you. You don't even wear shoes because you can't be bothered to tie them. You're a highblood, after all, why would you do the dirty work? You should have servants to do that, but they tend to all run away screaming when they see the state of your hive. Really, you think the dried vomit on the ceiling looks fine, why change it?

    Your trolltag is perfectlySophisticated and youu traillll yourrr wordsss *HIC* anddd donttt likeee tooo *HIC* talkkk whileee soberrrr *HIC*
    Ach! Hans, run! It's the lhurgoyf!
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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    => Be the brat.
    i am not a bwat!
    (only now do I realize the dresses are differently colored... must fix. )

    Your name is BEYLIA TUROKA and you are a SEADWELLER WIGGLER. 4 SWEEPS AGO you managed to survive the TRIALS and you were taken in by an ANGLERFISH SIREN LUSUS. You look so HARMLESS AND CUTE. How could you have survived the harsh trials?

    You were ENDEARING enough to FOOL OTHERS into their DEMISE.

    Even now you still use this. Your ANGLERSIREN LUSUS is very capable of hunting on her own, and often you both dine on STUPID SEADWELLERS that were lured in by her shiny angler and false beauty. However, you do not like to feel USELESS so you assist her in hunting by using your WIGGLER CHARM to fool other trolls to follow you.

    Aside from being a misleading little creature, you have other hobbies. You enjoy DOODLING and SINGING HORRIBLY OFF KEY (but you believe you have the sweetest singing voice ever, you silly wiggler.) You hope to be a PRINCESS when you are a full grown troll. Your AnglerSiren Lusus does your hair, and dresses you and dotes on you. You are okay with this, but you might feel smothered by this LATER ON.

    You stole a HUSKTOP from an unsuspecting victim once, so you use TROLLIAN to chat with others. Your trolltag is innocentApate and you you have some diffi....ficuwty pwonouncin the wettews L and R, and you awso misspeww a wot of wowds. especiawwy big wowds. you awso showten names a wot.

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    Re: TROLLSONA 8: Shin Megami Trollsei (or: the fantroll index)

    >Be that one. You know, the one that kindof looks like Doug.

    I assure y-u I have n- idea what that even w-uld begin t- mean.

    >You know, green sweatervest, kindof dopey looking...

    D- y-u mean t- imply that sweatervests are n-t the s-rt -f thing that the c--lest -f tr-lls wear? Actually, I d-n't even kn-w what a sweatervest is, n-w that I think -f it. Are y-u talking -ut y-ur ass? It seems like y-u are talking -ut y-ur ass. Y-ur w-rds are distinctly ass-flav-ured is what I am trying t- say here.

    >Fuck it, enough Funnie business, just be that guy already.

    Your name is PORTAX LASMUS and you have HAD ENOUGH OF THESE SHITNANIGANS. Only HALF your HEAD works but somehow you MAKE DO. You're not quite sure what your LUSUS is because it is apparently quite small and lives on THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR ROOM WHICH YOU CANNOT SEE and you definitely can not be BALLSED to turn your head to look because FUCK THAT turning is for WIGGLERS. Actually I suppose WIGGLING is for WIGGLERS but what is WIGGLING except TURNING done in the most PERVERSE and RIDICULOUS way possible?

    You are fairly positive you live UNDERGROUND somewhere, but, again, the BALLS and the THEM YOU CANNOT BOTHER TO BE BEING. You wear what some that you might call assholes might call a SWEATERVEST and you might call AWESOME. You are mostly pretty BORING and tend to keep to yourself in your PALATIAL UNDERGROUND MANSIONPALACE that you are MOST DEFINITELY SURE YOU LIVE IN MOST DEFINITELY, but you have been known to JUST STRAIGHT UP BLOW UP ON A MOTHERFUCKER and DROP SOME COLD SCIENCE from time to time.

    Your trolltag is suberraneanSummers [SS] and y-u talk like this because why n-t.
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