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Thread: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

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    > be the CRA-

    <--- Now now, pat-ent. -s that any way to speak of your doctor? --->

    > B-be the sensible doctor

    <--- Much better. --->

    Sprites by prussianmoose!

    You are DEVIEX KUULON and you are EIGHT SWEEPS old. Your blood is of the indigo caste, yes, but you are not interested in mirthful religion. Rather, your interests more lie within the very makeup, as it were, of trolls themselves!

    Oh, at first you were more interested in the more mundane parts of science. Basic chemistry, perhaps a little bit of atomics. But then you discovered biology and it was simply fascinating. Oh, the hours you whittled away at looking at what made up the various animals of Alternia! But then as you studied bigger and bigger animals, you began to think "What exactly MAKES them like they are?"

    And so you delved as deep as you could go, grabbing your strongest microscopes and most advanced machines to catch a glimpse of the very building blocks of life. Now, no one can really say WHO discovered DNA, perhaps because no one really cares, but you'd certainly love to claim that title. It took you THREE sweeps of relentless studying, but you did it. You managed to make a semi-reasonable model of the structure of a SMALL ANIMAL'S DNA strand. You felt so accomplished! Then you glanced at your hand and realized that was only the FIRST PIECE of the puzzle. Metaphorically speaking. You began studying the molecular structure of TROLLS instead. Unfortunately, there is only so much research one can do on themselves, so you needed TEST SUBJECTS.

    And so began your downfall, of a sort. Your test practices became a little....well, technically some would call it 'sketchy'. You generally yell out at random times while performing GRUESOME tests on trolls, often questioning WHY trolls look like they do. Or how they get POWERS! "Why is this one so TALL? This one, so SHORT?! This one, so FAT!?" are just some of the questions you have asked yourself. Needless to say, not many of your subjects are very willing. No matter. You just put them under while you work! Sometimes you put them DOWN by accident, but no science is complete without mistakes!

    As a matter of fact, you even sometimes dabble in PLASTIC SURGERY. You can figure out ways to completely CHANGE a troll's looks given enough time. And money, of course. Gotta fund those research projects somehow. Sometimes you FLIP OUT and change the troll in a few ways they DIDN'T WANT. If they get WHINY you just kill them. No need for angry return customers!

    Of course, testing POWERS is a bit different from testing the actual DNA! You need DANGEROUS CHEMICALS to see what affects they have on a troll's affinity for acquiring powers and how much they can be affected by said powers. This usually means whatever you have in your hands is enough to kill a troll with just a whiff. So you hide inside a HAZMAT suit for your own protection. Naturally you can't afford to KILL your patients while testing on them either, powers tend to deactivate if they die. So yes, you are also a bit of a SAFETY NUT when it comes down to it. You swirl and mix up different compounds of varying elements, then carefully administer them to the SUBJECT. Then you scuttle behind something STRONG and watch what happens through various pieces of EQUIPMENT. Generally it isn't PRETTY, but science marches on! You are, after all, a believer in that the ENDS justify the MEANS.

    Ah, but perhaps we shall focus on the more mundane parts of your life for now? Your lusus is a PORCUPINE. His needles are what first started your interest in SCIENCE and MEDICINE, given that they remind you of SYRINGES in a fashion. He prefers to stay INSIDE your HIVE most of the night, given that it is FREEZING outside. This would probably have to do with the fact your HIVE is within one of the more FROZEN places of the planet, sometimes referred to as the tundra or 'arctic.' Now, your lusus is a bit unnerved by your GENETIC MEDDLING, but he sees nothing wrong with it. So far, anyway.

    You also took your STRIFE SPECIBUS from your lusus, choosing syringeKind. Though these are hardly just regular syringes you're lobbing at people! No, you loaded them into a SYRINGE GUN. And then filled them with TRANQUILIZERS. What a fast and easy way to subdue patients!

    Your fetch modus is DNA. The card gives you a random animal sampling and you must properly reconstruct its DNA from the parts it gives you. You're getting quite good at it, making it relatively hassle free.

    If someone managed to sucker you into playing a SILLY GAME, you would be the SEER of FORM in the LAND of ABOMINATIONS and FLAMES.

    You do use the TROLLIAN application from time to time, so your trolltag is "enlightenedResearcher" and you have a habit of "<--- F-tting your words onto a strand. --->"
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    First thing I thought of when I jumped into the thread? Quarian.

    What has Mass Effect done to me?
    "You say there is treasure? And lots of things to're telling me adventure? TALLY HO!"-ironWill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swilly View Post
    First thing I thought of when I jumped into the thread? Quarian.

    What has Mass Effect done to me?
    I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite post on the citadel.
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    -> Be the fashionable archaeologist.

    Your name is Nefeti Amunra, an 8 sweeps old sandblood who lives at the edge of the Alternian desert.

    As it says up there, you take a great interest in fashion, one of the few trolls that does. You not only have a keen sense of fashion, but you also have a good proficiency on the process of making fashion. As in, making clothes. You're very good at it. Belonging to the yellow caste doesn't give you as much money as you'd like, so being able to make finely tailored clothes for highbloods is a good way to have an extra income. And you get around too, you have many contacts, and quite a few aristocrat friends for a yellowblood. It's a surprisingly profitable business, and gives you the exra ammount of caegars you need for your other interests. Well, your other hobbies often get in the way of your whole "being fashionable" thing. You mean, sand and paint blotches aren't very good-looking.

    Another interest of yours is archaeology. The desert close to your hive seems to be full of old ruins just waiting to be explored, sometimes with treasures buried in them, so that's what you do. Early in the night, you'll go out in the desert, in search of ruins to explore. Sometimes you don't find any new ones, but when you do, you'll mark them on your map and eagerly explore their confines. And when you find some kind of long-forgotten treasure, you feel like you just won in the lottery. This interest has led to a great understanding in ancient languages, and a knack for deciphering various codes and finding patterns on things. You're also fairly good at noticing details that most would overlook.

    Finally, you have a liking for painting. On those times you go out in the desert but don't find anything to explore, you just go to a high point and paint the landscape from the prettiest angle you can find. You have quite a few paintings dcorating your hive because of this, and it also makes up for another way of income, albeit a muuch smaller one. But hey, you'll happily take any caegar you can get your hands on! That's one of the reasons why you used to Flarp regularly when you were younger. You just have a soft spot for jewelry. You don't care if it's usually seadwellers that wear those, you'll wear your golden accessories proudly!

    Of course, that means you've been almost robbed more than a few times, so you've learned to fight and defend yourself pretty well. You're not the absolute best, but your skills help. You have a weak telekinesis, which allows you to move around small and light objects. You mostly use it to help you with tailoring clothes or digging up ancient artifacts in a ruined temple of something, but it can still be useful when you're fighting in a place surrounded by sand. You just get a bit of sand from outside, pull it in and throw at your opponent. It's a bit of a cheap tactic, but hey, you gotta use what you can to survive, right? Or, keep your belongings you guess. Whatever, that's beside the point.

    You have a very optimistic demeanor, and somewhat sophisticated as well. Not that you go out of your way to use complicated words or anything, or look down on those lower than you on the spectrum, but you do think of yourself roughly at the same level of, say, a blueblood. You just hate it when higher-up trolls disregard you because of you blood color. You can, and will try your best to prove to them that you can behave just as properly as a blueblood or an indigo. Thoguh, since you're all ~sophisticated~, you'lll rarely turn to violence to drive your point across,. You'll try to coax them into hiring your tailoring services. It's the best way you have for proving your worth.

    One could ask how you travel around so much. It's only thanks to your lusus that you can do that. He is a car-sized scarab named Horus, and he has his own shiny half-golden saddle and reins, that you got through Flarp a long time ago. He's a great lusus, and very helpful, keeping your hive's ground floor free of the sand that's constantly getting blown from the desert. Your weapon of choice is sickleKind, and you use, again, a golden sickle also acquired through Flarp. Yeah, you were very good at Flarping back in the day. Your Fetch Modus is the Symbols Modus, where each captchalogued item get a different hyeroglyph/rune associated to them, and you have to remember which one it was to retrieve said item. And last but not least, your trolltag is boldBeauty, and you Type With The Finest Quirk.

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    Here's my changed profile for my troll Azuria.
    It's rewritten due to me having retconned her heavily since i first posted her.

    >Be the troll-asian assassin.


    Your name is Azuria Serpox. You are roughly 9 sweeps old, and spend most of your time fighting, but we'll get back to that later. Living in The Great Wilds of Alternia, you've had to hunt for your food most of the time. Your white tiger lusii, yes, two, helped you with this. You assume you got two to make up for the fact that they're quite young, some would almost still call them cubs.

    Since your earlier days, you have been learning matrial arts, and with time, it became more of a lifestyle than a hobby, mostly because of what happened to you a sweep ago. But again, we'll get to that part soon.

    You have had a lot of stuff happen to you throughout the later sweeps of your life, one being an attempted culling on your person. Though, your training in matrial arts had paid off, and you barely managed to finish off the assassin. A night later, you got a message telling you that if you did not replace the assassin you had killed, your life would take a rather drastic ending soon enough. Left with no choice, and no real reason to take the risk of declining, you accepted.

    The reason you were a target was because of your special "Power", and the assassin was apprently a so-called "Mutant Hunter" for the empire. Your ability isn't that obvious, unless one were to actually look for abilities in other trolls. It doesn't do anything but sharpen your senses. Though this proves quite useful in combat, it also makes you more sensitive to things such as strong scents, sudden light changes, and loud noises.

    Your hive isn't much out of the usual, despite being suspended from a tree. It seemed cool at the time it was built, but you quickly realised it was just impractical to get to sometimes. But hey, so far it's done a fine job at protecting you from the wilderness below, hasn't it?

    Despite not being so good at it, you often draw on your tablet, which also supports your "Pictionary" modus. Sure you sometimes mess up, and end up getting a completely different item than the one you desire. But hey, practice makes pro.

    Due to your.. Unusual duty, you have a relatively large strife deck, at least compared to most trolls. Your arsenal consists of your trusty "javelinKind", "bowKind", "wristbladeKind", "footKind", and last but not least, "dartKind". You're still only starting to get the hand of the last one, but it's not like you're running out of target dummies any time soon.

    Other people would most likely describe you as cheerful, talkative, a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and a person who can be quite agressive at times. Though the last one is normal for your race in general, so that may not really be too noticable. You also hate when people ask about what happened to your leg.

    Your trolltag is rainbowJavelin and you Impale--Yøur--Wørds--And--Letters--In--A--Way--That--Reflects--Yøur--Weapøn--Øf--Chøice-->

    If you were to play Sgrub, you would be the Priestess of Nature in the Land of Frost and Forests.

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    Everything of importance is in the spoiler below.
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    > Be the control freak

    say("Alr1ght. Let me take 1t fr0m here. Y0u underest1mate h0w g00d 1 am.");

    > Just be the blueblood

    Your name is Semick Perram and you like things done your way.

    You are excellent with ELECTRONICS, whether it's BUILDING, PROGRAMMING, or USING them. Your respiteblock is filled with breadboards and grub-drives. It has been a personal project of yours over the last few sweeps to AUTOMATE your hive. It is filled with computer-operated devices and even has an elevator. You love being able to afford this with your blueblood status, and you feel TOTALLY AWESOME for pulling it off. You admit that you might have installed this stuff because you're a LITTLE BIT lazy, but you're pretty sure the effort to put your system together makes up for it. You also own some server mainframes. Of course, even in your caste, maintaining all of this equipment is expensive. You make money by renting out the use of your servers for website hosting. Some trolls will pay you quite a few caegars to host their files, blogs, or advertisements.

    Your large hive is located just outside of an upper-class lawnring. You can't exactly be in the middle of nowhere if you are a server host, or even if you just want to stay caught up with the latest technology and video games.

    Outside of your life on the computer, you have a superiority complex not uncommon to highbloods. You are CLEARLY smarter than nearly everyone you meet. Okay, so you're probably not the absolute best at everything. Even as far as computer skills go, there's probably 2omeone better than you out there. You still like to think and act like you're the best, though.

    As mentioned earlier, you are quite a bit of a CONTROL FREAK. You like things done your way, and you are not afraid to openly call others wrong. It's not unlike you to just intervene and take over someone else's activity yourself, since that's pretty much the only way you feel like can be done right. You almost never ask for HELP on anything either, and that has almost led to problems on a few occasions. While on the subject of your flaws, you also have an unusually strong fear of small bugs. What if one just decides to jump on you and crawl all over? It creeps you out.

    You can definitely be considered a HEMOLOYALIST, since the spectrum puts you in a high position. You show a little respect to INDIGOS and SEADWELLERS, but anyone lower than you doesn't matter very much. You would have no problem culling a rustblood if he/she attacked or severely insulted you, but you would try to keep your cool if a highblood did the same. It takes something pretty major to actually impress you, like finding the ruins that became your biggest coding project...

    Your lusus is a FOX. He's pretty clever, but he's not around much since he hunts at night. He's also sneaky, which bugs you. He's so unpredictable. Computers, however, can be programmed to be predictable. You are IN CONTROL of them, just the way you like it.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to crowbarkind. You can not only pry stuff open with it, but you can smash others' heads in, TROLL GORDON FREEMAN style! Your FETCH MODUS is BINARY. For instance, to retrieve item 10 in your sylladex you have to say 00001010.

    Your trolltag is unmatchedLightning, and say("y0u talk us1ng b1nary, and never f0rget the pr0per funct10n call. Y0u als0 l1ke t0 be 1N C0NTR0L 0f the c0nversat10n");

    If you end up playing SGRUB, you will be the Heir of Mind, living in the Land of Canyons and Neurons, and dreaming on Prospit.

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    Re: TROLLSLUM 8: H8rs gonna h8!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone
    If you're really cool, and you want to take part in an RP with people who are cool in a quantity that is equal to or greater than your level of cool then please check out Cirquestuck!
    There's one troll slot left.

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    If you want to advertise your rp, do it in the genchat thread. This is a strictly profiles only zone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MostlyHarmless View Post
    If you want to advertise your rp, do it in the genchat thread. This is a strictly profiles only zone.
    My apologies. The OP said something about forming roleplays and how we should make another thread after doing so, so I assumed it was alright to do that here. I'll delete my post as soon as I figure out how to (if you even can delete your own posts)

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    Your name is SONADE FIGARO. You are SIX SOLAR SWEEPS old. You have a vareity of INTERESTS, such as MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE. You could spend hours reading about ANCIENT RELIGIONS and FANTASTIC BEINGS. Besides that, though, you have a few HOBBIES that interest you. You like to perform OUTRAGEOUS STUNTS on your FOUR-WHEELED TRICK SLAB. However, you are OUTSTANDINGLY ATROCIOUS AT IT. You have been prone to causing yourself COUNTLESS INJURIES in your embarassing attempts. You are also quite fond of MUSIC, with your preffered instrument being the KITHARA.

    In your society, you are a PURPLE-BLOOD, which means that you are a ROYAL HIGHBLOODED SEADWELLER. However, you JUST CAN’T STAND THAT STUPID CASTE BULLSHIT, so you usually mask yourself with neutral colors. You are trying to organize a REBELLION, but everyone is either TOO AFRAID or JUST DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK. Sometimes, you will SNEAK OUT OF YOUR HIVE to go hang out with LOWBLOODS. Your LUSUS is VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU.

    Sometimes you like to talk to other people online using TROLLIAN. Your trolltag is carcharodonAdmiral and you speak like ~~/\ sh/\rk, gliding c/\refully bene/\th the w/\ter’s surf/\ce.~~

    What will you do?

    Further information:
    Sonade's rebelliousness is the product of a few factors. It's a parody of both socially elevating and socially condemning a character in order to make them seem special in some way. It's also just a stereotypical young teenager's behavior. In regards to her personality, she's pretty much just an angry teenager who has trouble with expressing her emotions and with making friends.

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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    > Be the three eyed mutant.
    {Be a little more specific.}
    > Fine. Be the self-proclaimed "Terror of Death".

    {I can live with that.}

    Your name is Skehth Cubais. You are 8 sweeps old, and you are a relatively loyal Brownblood. You believe social order is necessary, however, you don't particularly care who's in charge so long as you're still relatively free to go about your business.

    Your interests include video games, occasional random killing sprees, and Hacking, especially "people tracking." If they're on Alternia, and sometimes if they're not, god damnit you will find them! You've made a rather decent career out of this business, and hope to continue this kind of work later, should the military ever be so gracious enough as to allow you to join the ranks despite mutation.

    Speaking of mutation! Your third eye provides you with two minor powers. By triggering the power yourself, you can attempt to force the subject into a state of defenselessness. It doesn't always work, and once they're down, you usually get the fuck out. But sometimes, the second power triggers at random, and you have "nightmares" while awake, usually involving some lost prophecy that has long since been fulfilled. While under this trance, YOU are defenseless, and will generally utter a single, seemingly random word from that prophecy

    Your self-appointed nickname comes from your power. Most of the prophecies you and any of your subjects endure are about death. Usually gruesome death, that you're sometimes known for simply acting out on trolls you don't like.

    Your strife specibus is magcstafKind, and although you used to belive magic was fakey fakey fake, the staff has slowly but surely been proving you wrong. Moving on, your Fetch Modus is Server. In order to retrieve your item, you must break into a protected server and download it to obtain it.

    If you were to ever play a game, you would become the Mage of Death in the Land of Data and Cathedrals. Your consorts would be LIGHT BLUE beetles. Your trolltag is shadowedRock and you {Protect all your words from harm.}
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    > Be the creepy freak

    (###) I_would_hope_you_take_that_back_before_I_need_to_t est_something. (###)

    > Er, be and poison soldier?

    (###) I'll_take_it. (###)

    Sprites by prussianmoose!

    You are PLATAR REVBAQ and are of SEVEN SWEEPS. You are of the ANONYMOUS caste. If that's even a thing. Why did you choose to hide your MYSTERIOUS BLOOD? We'll get to that.

    First of all, let's start with the basics, ok? You've a GREAT PASSION for OLD TIMEY WARFARE. Back when everyone fought with the most basic of melee weapons and barely functional rifles. When machine guns were terrifying and landmines blew the empire's enemies into smithereens. But most of all, POISON GAS weapons were used without a care! God you love that kind of stuff. Gas is just such an effective weapon! Its effects on the troll body is equally fascinating, really. Sometimes it causes the air sacs to shut down, other times it ruptures internal structures, sometimes its horrible rashes on the skin! You devote tons of time to studying what kinds of gasses do what to trolls! Naturally you have a hard time getting anyone to volunteer, but that's fine! You just need to find a few trolls on their own and lob some of the stuff in their direction! Quite simple and easy, though for the trolls on the receiving end it is usually very painful.

    But your love of gas poisons has also had a few drawbacks. For one, you can NEVER take off that gas mask of yours. You've worn it so long you just feel....'afraid' without it. Plus you tend to work around a lot of GAS POISONS, as noted before, so it's a bit of a necessity to make sure you don't drop DEAD. Plus, you tend to have a HARD TIME making friends. Mostly because you like to test your various weapons on them. Jerk move on your part, really, but you can't help it! Another thing is that the sheer toxicity of what you work with has managed to infiltrate through your clothes sometimes, leaving scars across a LOT of your body. Not fun.

    But you DO have other interests aside from nearly getting yourself KILLED with poisons! You also love to COLLECT old diagrams of TRENCH NETWORKS. The old offensive/defensive style of attacking! You love trenches so much you just surround your hive with them, in case for some reason a bunch of trolls decide to attack you at once. In all honesty they wouldn't help a bit, but hey! You're not one to go down without a (fun!) fight! You also enjoy reading about some of the VERY FIRST conquering wars Alternia got into. Usually you get bored with them around the time they discuss how ineffective trenches are. You also kinda hate historians for that reason too. So insistent that your favorite things are wrong!

    Your LUSUS is an ARMADILLO. He always did say that a good offense is a good defense! Thus explaining the whole trench thing quite nicely. He usually meanders around your various TRENCHES around your HIVE during the night and rarely LEAVES them. Your HIVE, for reference, is located in a deep RAVINE. It seemed like a good idea at the time, really! Though anyone attacking you would have the annoying high ground.

    Ah, but as for your anonymous blood....That stems from you learning about how trolls in the trenches grew QUITE CLOSE to each other during those times of stress. However, you also learned that their different blood castes caused HUGE AMOUNTS of friction! You're perfectly fine with being an asshole sometimes, but you'd really like to at least be able to bond with someone without your BLOOD getting in the blasted way! So you drained your symbol of blood, grabbed some special contacts for the future, and became ANONYMOUS in the hopes that you will be able to grow a GREAT BOND no matter what! Even though this is more than likely to get you culled in the future. You are not THAT SMART sometimes.

    One thing you HATE above all others is LIQUID POISON. Yes, LIQUID POISON. God that stuff is STUPID! It's inferior and corrupt and BLUH! You consider it an INSULT to all forms of poison and wish to see it permanently BANISHED from ever existing! You even go to great lengths to TORCH trolls who USE IT or have ever TAKEN IT, believing them to be CORRUPTED. You're alright with the liquid GAS POISON has to start in, as long as it comes out as GAS. Also fuck rhubarb leaves man. That shit is an anomaly.

    This leads into your strife specibus, which is the simple flamethrowerKind. Perfect for burning out foes in the trenches or burning away the foulness that is LIQUID POISON.

    Your fetch modus is Poison Gas. The card will release a puff of smoke that has varying effects on the person it hits. Fortunately, you've learned to never take off your GAS MASK so it rarely does anything more than make you sneeze. Which is a bit disgusting. Fortunately you have several BACKUP MASKS you can instantly switch to at any time when you need to clean one.

    If for some reason someone got you to play a GAME with them, you would be the GUIDE of VOID in the land of GAS and EXPLOSIONS.

    You sometimes manage to get on trollian as "poisonousFumigator" and you have a tendency of "(###) Smoking_out_the_trenches. (###)"
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    >Be the Highblo- Lowblo- you forgot again.

    Your name is Graal Kelrad. You are 6 - you think- solar sweeps old. You have a very bad memory, and - you forgot. Dammit. While your blood color suggests you are of relatively high blood, you can never remember if there was a complication or not.

    Yep, there was definitely a complication. You have some limited teleportation and increased speed and strength when you go into your bloodrage mode. However, rage can damage your body if used too long. No one is quite sure where you sit in the caste system.
    You are for the most part a very nice and respectable troll, if a little forgetful. However, your (very few) close friends know that it's not a good idea to mess around with you, lest the KATANAKIND portfolio open. No one has ever beat you at a swordfight. You believe are simply the best there is, and you are proud.

    Sadly you killed your lusus in a fit of incompetence involving a large collection of swords. Rest in peace, Bear-dad. You're very missed.

    Your interests include playing video games and reading novels, although not ones that are too long. You also enjoy the occasional killing spree - hence your title, Rogue of Shade. That is, you hope that would be your title if you ever got involved with SGRUB, and entered your Land of Shade and Edge.
    You type in a blue color similar - but not identical - to your blood. Your trolltag is realityRemixed and you type in a matter that SOMETIMES JUST FLIES THE FUCK OFF THE HANDLE.
    You can never be bothered to write large amounts at once.
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    >Be the retarded-talking guy

    Wait a minute... That's not nice! DX< 3

    > Oop. Sorry. Be this Odd-talking troll.

    Little better... but chu need to work on chu manners next time. I:< 3

    Your name is AMANDO BLYTHE

    You're younger than most other trolls, considering you just turned 5 SOLAR SWEEPS, which is equal to 10.83 human years... wait. What are humans? Anyways... you’re quite a hyperactive troll and would run all around just to imagine stuff. Why do you run around just to imagine? It’s fun!

    You really like to make FRIENDS. Friends are always fun to play with! However, you can't stand ANNOYING TROLLS and if you are around one, well... you can pretty much say that they pushed the BERSERK BUTTON on you. Speaking of berserk, if you don't get anything that you wanted, or you just don't like the thing period, you can get into a HORRIBLE TANTRUM. The only way to stop it is for someone to show you something that catches your interest, or maybe listen to some calming music.

    Again, speaking of INTERESTS, besides imagining stuff you like play GAMES, especially ROLE PLAYING.

    Your trolltag is tipoAdorable and Chu love to talkie just like this! (:< 3
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    >Be the seadweller with a psychic power.

    i woiludn't really call it a poilwer. moilre oilf a curse. plus, i'm noilt just a seadweller, i'm a variant thereoilf. ) :

    >Be the tardweller with a psychic curse.

    yeah, i guess that'll doil. ) :

    Your name is DEHHET MALKIM.

    You have been CURSED with a "power" that all with your exact blood color have, but yours is TOO POWERFUL TO CONTROL. You see, your EXACT BLOOD COLOR has made you a strange SUB-SUB-SPECIES of SEA DWELLER, known as a TAR DWELLER. You have difficulty breathing underwater, but it's still possible. Your GILLS are much more accustomed to TAR, which means that tar pits would be a NATURAL HABITAT FOR YOU.

    But there is another aspect of Tar Dwellers. When trained properly, they can SPEAK TO THE DEAD. This might seem USEFUL, but for whatever reason, your ability is ABNORMALLY ADVANCED, causing SKELETAL HANDS to RISE FROM THE GROUND you walk on. Because of this, you and your LUSUS had to relocate to a SECLUDED TAR PIT in the middle of a SPOOKY FOREST, so as to keep the LIVING DEAD confined to ONE AREA.

    Due to these circumstances, you suffer from HORRIBLE SELF ESTEEM and DEPRESSION. The fact that stepping out into your YARD could cause DOZENS OF ZOMBIES AND SKELETONS to rise from the ground has made you INCREDIBLY SAD.

    And yet, you still like SOME THINGS. Some of your main INTERESTS are ARCHAEOLOGY, ANATOMY, POETRY, and HORROR VIDEO GAMES such as SILENT HIVE. You practice ARCHAEOLOGY by diving into the tar pits and attempting to avoid the SKELETAL LIMBS that come to life while you SWIM. You study the ANATOMY of all creatures you can FIND. Your DEPRESSING POETRY COLLECTION is held in NUMEROUS JOURNALS and NOTEBOOKS that you will NEVER SHOW ANOTHER TROLL. You play VIDEO GAMES on your GRUBCENTER 7.

    You have an intense DISLIKE of TECHNOLOGY. When you were FIVE SWEEPS OLD, a SKELETON stole your GRUBTOP and it took you an entire SWEEP to find a new one, followed by another TWO SWEEPS to get it into working condition. You also possess a SHITTY CELLARVA that you PRETTY MUCH NEVER USE.

    Your LUSUS is a GIANT TAR-DWELLING SKELETAL DINOSAUR, whom you affectionately refer to as PATERNAL X. Due to the fact that he is UNDEAD, he CAN'T DIE. This has allowed him to TRAIN YOU IN CONBAT without worrying about DYING. He always HOLDS BACK, of course. If he went FULL STRENGTH then you would be DEAD in A SPLIT SECOND. He IS the most powerful dinosaur, after all.

    Your FETCH MODUS is OPERATION, where you must retrieve your items from a DIAGRAM OF THE TROLL BODY using a SPECIAL SCALPEL. You've gotten PRETTY GOOD, and hardly ever TOUCH THE SIDES ANY MORE.

    You have TWO STRIFE SPECIBI. The first is SCEPTERKIND, which holds a ROYAL SCEPTER that you found in the TAR. The second is SCALPELKIND, which holds numerous SCALPELS for DISSECTING THINGS.

    On TROLLIAN, your trollTag is necronomicTar, and yoilu speak in a manner that coiluld be described as well-cleaned. and yet, yoilu are quite sad. ) :

    If you were to ever play SGRUB, you would become the LURK OF WHISPERS and come to reside in the LAND OF TAR AND HORRORS.

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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.


    >Be the Electric Weapon Engineer who is also forever alone.

    H-Hey. They juzt aren’t worthy of me! Thatz all… Really..

    >Okay I can tell that hurt. I take it back, just be the Electric Weapon Engineer.

    II do that on a daily bazIIz.

    Your name is TESELA BUZKIT, and you are an 8.5 SWEEP OLD YELLOWBLOOD. One would think that this yellow blood would give you PSYCHIC POWERS of some sort, but they don’t. Darn. Despite the fact that your name sounds pretty clearly FEMALE, you are indeed a MALE. Despite having a somewhat ANDROGYNOUS body type. Why can’t you just be genderly stable? It’s kind of a problem that’s plagued you for a while. You’re kind of getting over it.

    As previously mentioned you are an ELECTRIC WEAPON ENGINEER, and have started a business rather recently that involves you making specialty weapons for those of high blood castes. Your prices are actually reasonable, which leads you to a lot of business. So much business, you often OVERWORK yourself. All of the time. It’s getting to be really bad for your health, but you won’t stop, not ever. Even if you are an engineer, you are TERRBILE with things like PROGRAMMING. Code is CONFUSING AND HELLISH.

    You also make weapons for YOURSELF. You have a small arsenal of weapons for your GLOVEKIND abstratus, but you like to stick to just two. Your SHOCKER GLOVE 2.12, and your VIBROBLADE GLOVE. The first one basically pumps high volts of electricity directly into your opponent’s body, and the second one is somewhat of a hidden blade of about a foot long that attaches to the top of your hand. It also vibrates, making it easier to cut things. You’re a spry and agile fighter, and prefer to take down your opponents with FINESSE instead of BRUTE FORCE. Because you have no brute force.

    Speaking of brute force, you FLARP. A lot. Not constantly, but it does give you the amount of parts that you need to keep making weaponry. Nothing too major has happened yet in terms of HORRIBLE ACCIDENTS, but something will soon. You’ve got a very nasty feeling. You’re also worried for your FLARPING partner, but that’s something completely different. He’s one of the only friends you’ve got left.

    St one point in your life, you had quite a few friends. You were feeling flushed for one, and you enjoyed hanging around her moirail and another one of your trolls. Plus your moirail and his friends. Previously being a recluse, this was a new experience. You are no longer reclusive, but you are having a lot of difficulty making new friends because of all the shit that happened. You basically only have one good friend left. And a Hatecrush. Man you hate that orangeblood. Your moirail is nowhere to be seen, and your redcrush fell red for her moirail before you could tell her how you felt. Considering, that is something you are still god awful at, TELLING TROLLS HOW YOU FEEL. Or otherwise known as having FEELINGS JAMS. You really don’t like showcasing your feelings, and prefer to remain ambiguous. You’re not an ass by any means, just, distant.

    Your hive is located in the middle of a scrapyard. Nasty Summers, Freezing winters, it’s got it all. Your lusus is a THORNBEAST, or known in human terms as a porcupine. SPIKEDAD is the greatest lusus ever. Okay so maybe you’re a little deluded in that. Or it could be you standing on your high moral pedastool. Speaking of morals, you think that the hemospectrum is really silly, but you have to obey it because otherwise you’ll DIE. And death is not good. You’re completely scared of death. Among other things.

    But you will not elaborate on those because those are very very personal!
    To cover loose important bases, your fetch modus is GEAR, a rather nifty fetch modus that lets you withdraw any item at any time as long as you can remember which prong it was assigned to.

    Despite your no longer reclusive tendencies, your trolltag is still lightningRecluse, and you ZtIIll type wIIth a slight buzzIIng noIIze.

    If you were to play a certain game, you’d be the PAGE OF FLASH in the LAND OF MACHINERY AND CODE.

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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    Your name is DEIMOS TETHYS and you are 8 sweeps old.
    You have chosen to be anonymous, and will not disclose why because really, it’s no one’s business but your own, isn’t it? In fact you don’t really like talking about yourself at all. But for the sake of this profile, you will indulge the masses.

    You enjoy such things as SLEEPING, although you often go days without sleep because you are an INSOMNIAC. You also enjoy TROLLWATCHING, because OBSERVING OTHERS IS INTERESTING. You don’t really realize that makes you a bit of a creeper. You also dabble in ASTROLOGICAL and ASTRONOMICAL LITERATURE on the side.

    You regard every troll with the same amount of respect. However if said troll is rude to you, you are not afraid to back sass them, regardless of hemoposition. This is probably not a very smart thing to do.

    Your LUSUS is a GIANT BAT. Batdad is pretty cool, you think. Sure he’s not as pretty as bird lusii but he still takes you out on flights. When he feels like it. Which is almost never but that’s not the point. You get along relatively well. You just wish he would stop screeching all the time. Your ears are probably damaged because of it.

    Your strife specibus is set to staffKind. Mostly because you think staffs are pretty badass, also because you are capable of knocking a troll out without exposing their blood. They’re also pretty helpful for hiking.

    Your fetch modus resembles a zodiacal wheel, 12 spots in all. You can only items are only available for a certain amount of time per day, so if you want something you had better get it when it’s available. It’s quite the hassle, really.

    Your trolltag is sleepingInsomniac, you tend to speak ◎ in a direct and yet soft spoken manner. →
    I've just become a lurker, for now.
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    ==> Be the troll with the SWEET MONOCLE.

    Your name is KYRILL HERDOT.

    You are EIGHT SWEEPS OLD, on the HIGH END OF THE GREEN BLOOD SPECTRUM and thus also on the THRESHOLD OF POTENTIAL PSYCHIC ABILITY. You have a very weak psychic power: the ability to COMMUNE WITH THE DEAD, but only those relatively RECENTLY-DECEASED trolls that are nearly GENETICALLY IDENTICAL TO YOU (it's got something to do with wavelengths, but SCIENCE isn't one of your INTERESTS). This would not be a PROBLEM and in fact FAIRLY USELESS, except that YOUR ANCESTOR practically STALKS YOU. Apparently those of your BLOOD have taken it upon themselves for GENERATIONS to record ALTERNIA'S HISTORY and so you've heard entirely too much about YOUR FATED DUTY AS THE NEXT CHRONICRIPPLER. You eventually GAVE IN when you decided that was the only way to make Grand Chronicrippler Topquill SHUT THE NUBSUCKING FUCK UP ABOUT IT. It didn't work.

    Thanks to this, you never quite get enough REST and so are PERMANENTLY IRRITABLE. This manifests in PASSIVE-AGGRESSION most of the time and AGGRESSIVE-AGGRESSION when you SIMPLY CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. You are lucky that you know your MOIRAIL, because she is JUST SO SWEET AND SUNNY that she can talk you down from your RAGE every single time. You really DO NOT KNOW what you would do if you ever LOST HER. Given that you have already lost a MATESPRIT thanks to EXTREME FLARPING (something you are very against because of the HISTORICAL INACCURACY), you are FAMILIAR ENOUGH WITH LOSS to know that you DO NOT LIKE IT.

    But you have COME TO EXPECT IT. You have something of a MARTYR COMPLEX. You vainly view yourself as A NOBLE SUFFERING SOUL because of your decision NOT TO FIGHT YOUR FATE. In fact, you freely admit that that there is a FATED ORDER TO THINGS, and believe said order is OUT TO DICK EVERYONE OVER starting with YOU. You can now no longer enjoy READING (which used to be your FAVORITE THING EVER), because you know that your love of HISTORICALLY FICTITIOUS NOVELS is all due to the WHISPERS OF YOUR ANCESTOR in your ear when you were a wee grub. You can no longer enjoy your PASSING INTEREST IN MAGIC because everyone knows MAGIC IS FAKEY-FAKE and you are supposed to be ALL ABOUT FACTS now.

    You have a NASTY HABIT of MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. You are too obsessive about your OTHER PROBLEMS to notice that this is slowly FUCKING OVER YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MOIRAIL. Though really, your QUADRANTS IN GENERAL are FUCKED. You don't really listen to your MOIRAIL, have a DEAD MATESPRIT, have NO AUSPISTICE, and your KISMESIS... well. Let's just say you HATE YOUR ANCESTOR TO THE POINT THAT IT BORDERS ON FETISHISTIC and leave it at that.

    In fact, why don't you talk about your OTHER CLOSE RELATIONSHIP THAT IS NOT QUADRANT-RELATED? That is, YOUR LUSUS. He is a SQUEAKBEAST, more commonly known as a MOUSE, and is small enough to RIDE ON YOUR SHOULDER. This is good, because you have learned from experience that letting him run around on his own is a BAD IDEA. It results in STEPPED-ON TAILS at best and NEAR-INGESTION BY OTHER LUSII at worst. You have to admit you have grown secretly FOND of him. This is likely because HE IS NOT TOPQUILL. He CHOSE to be your LUSUS. TOPQUILL is only with you because YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE.

    Being NEXT IN LINE means that you are always BUSY with HISTORY and DUTY and remembering how much both things make you want to SHOVE SOMETHING UNPLEASANT UP SOMEONE ELSE'S NOOK IN SHEER VINDICTIVE FURY. Your days are often COMPLETELY TAKEN UP by STUDY and LECTURES by your ancestor (did you mention that you NEVER GET ENOUGH REST? EVER?) and most of your nights are spent searching for the NINE GRAND CHRONICRIPPLERS' SCROLLS, which have found their way back to ALTERNIA through the intervention of MOTHERFUCKING FATE. This has resulted in an UNWITTING interest in ARCHEOLOGY which you RESENT because of its connection with your DUTY. You have allocated STAFFKIND to your strife specibus because WALKING ALL THE FUCK OVER ALTERNIA SEARCHING FOR STUPID ANCIENT ARTIFACTS is easier with a little bit of ambulatory aid. And when you RETURN TO YOUR HIVE, covered in DIRT and smelling like HELL, you know that you have MORE OF THE SAME to look forward to TOMORROW.

    Your trolltag is ancientCatalyst and you Type in a sli9htly-lon9winded manner whiCh honors both your destined fate as Grand ChroniCrippler and the nine who Came before you. In a Completely passive-a99ressive way, of course.



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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    Because it appears that the updated BakedCoward profile was overlooked when the index was updated, I will link that. >.>

    Linky link link

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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    >Be the bright one.
    Α {Yeαh, whαtever.} Ω
    ((This picture made a while ago, so it's quality much worse than Ryunui's one. And the second name, i also made this character before i remembered that Trolls have 6 letters names.))

    Your name is SARIAN SCHISKAL
    You are 6 SWEEPS OLD and you have YELLOW BLOOD.
    Your trolltag is destinyPlayer and your typing quirk Α {Lωωks like thαt. Yωu chαnge O's tω Ωmegαs αnd A's tω Αlphαs.} Ω When someone asks who are you, you like to tell them
    Α {I'm Αlphα αnd Ωmegα... The beginning αnd the end... The first αnd the lαst... Etc.} Ω

    You have very dangerous power for trolls: LIGHT CONTROL, so if you use it on it's full power, you can blind every troll on the planet. But you don't like using it anyway, so the only one who got blind is one of your friends, who asked you to show him your power.

    Sometimes trolls can think that you're 8 Sweeps old, cause you like to look adequate. One day you even got an Admin place in Trollum. But you lost it because of one stupid troll. Actually, not main admin of Trollum.

    Your Weapon is DOUBLE SCYTHEKIND. You can use your power to power it up. But you don't like fighting much.

    You like to watch TROLL KAMEN RIDER AGITO, not only because the Main Character is your ANCESTOR.

    "Nobody's perfect. That's just the proof that you're alive." (C) Kamen Rider Skull
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    ==> Be the bitchy seadweller

    im pr3tty shor3 th3r3s mor3 than on3 bitchy s3a|>w3ll3r h3r3 >:>

    ==> Be the bitchy seadweller with the superiority/inferiority complex

    i gu3ss i can |>3al with that

    Your name is CAINEN DREITZ, and this is REALLY, REALLY STUPID. You are 6 SWEEPS OLD, and quite frankly, KIND OF A BITCH. Of course your general bitchiness is normally RESERVED FOR LANDWELLERS, who for some reason seem to be the BANE OF YOUR EXISTENCE. This has probably got something to do with the fact that you're actually KIND OF JEALOUS of them, but you're sure that's COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT.

    Your interests include the VIOLENT MASSACRE OF PEOPLE YOU DON'T LIKE, and not much else. You'd like to think you have a good reason for WASTING YOUR LIFE like this, but you REALLY DON'T. You suppose you do have a SLIGHT FONDNESS for POLITICS, but that's MOSTLY because it seems to improve your skills in LYING. You're PRETTY SURE that's all politicians do ANYWAY.

    You also seem to have a SLIGHT SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, although you also guess that if someone were to PSYCHO-ANALYSE you for some reason they'd find it was really just a HALF-HEARTED ATTEMPT TO HIDE YOUR OWN INSECURITIES, but you're positive that is a COMPLETE LIE, because you are clearly THE BEST THING EVER, being a SEA-DWELLER. Of course there is the fact that your gills DON'T ACTUALLY WORK, but that's just a MINOR HITCH.

    Your hive is on a CLIFFTOP, rather CLOSE TO THE SEA, mostly because your lusus lives in the sea herself, and regardless of what a STUPID CREATURE she is, you kind of have to look after her. Speaking of your lusus, DOGFISHMOM is actually REALLY STUPID, to the extent that whenever you left her to go SLEEP or something SHE'D TRY TO FOLLOW YOU ONTO THE SHORE. You aren't certain why she's so attatched to you or why she's SO STUPID, but it's more ANNOYING than anything else. This is part of the reason you WISH YOU WEREN'T A SEADWELLER.

    Seeing as you have SORT OF AN OBSESSION with the number THREE (you have three TRIANGLES hidden in your SYMBOL, AFTER ALL) you've always wished your lusus was actually a CERBERUS, a HUGE THREE-HEADED DOG. That would have been SO COOL. Perhaps if you had been a LANDWELLER, like you'd WANTED you would've gotten one. You suppose your wanting to be a LANDWELLER is MOSTLY because of the whole GILLS-NOT-WORKING THING though, but you're NOT BITTER.

    You guess this is sort of why you're SO LOYAL to the HEMOSPECTRUM (but you still wish you were a LANDWELLER - just a HIGH-BLOODED ONE) - you KIND OF have a habit of KILLING OFF people you don't like if they have LOWER BLOOD than you. Unless you're in a GOOD MOOD, when you're PERFECTLY HAPPY to engage in conversation with RED-BLOODS and the SUCH-LIKE. But that's SORT OF RARE.

    You STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to glovekind, which you guess would be KIND OF USELESS if you didn't have such awesome HIGH-BLOOD GEAR. Your FETCH MODUS is currently set to MOOD, which is KIND OF FUCKING USELESS, given that to actually WITHDRAW SOMETHING without EJECTING EVERYTHING you have to be COMPLETELY CALM AND EMOTIONLESS. Given that you're PRONE TO FITS OF VIOLENT RAGE this is KIND OF USELESS and you NORMALLY just end up EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED and GIVE UP.

    Your trolltag is superciliousEccedentisiast and you sp3ak in a way that conv3ys your lov3 for thr33s
    but som3tim3s forg3t your3 suppos3|> to b3 using punctuation
    an|> ov3rus3 c3rtain phras3s

    If you ever played S***B you'd be the Thief of Hope in the Land of Platforms and Glass, and would dream on Derse.


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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    > Be the weird girl.

    Your name is JESSIE ALICIA.

    You love spending your time doing SCIENCE or anything pertaining to the ARTS THAT MIGHT BE JUST A WEE BIT GRIMDARK. Your blood is of the highest caste on the HEMOSPECTRUM. Your lusus is one of the few to have no name, and is an EMISSARY TO THE HORRORTERRORS, just like the only other Troll near your blood (teeeeechnically she's ABOVE YOU, but you don't care). His hiss is actively painful for those below your blood caste, and his venom is potent enough that one drop would kill any Troll in seconds.

    You were born with a highly unusual mutation, an EYE IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FOREHEAD. This eye lets you see the blood inside any creature that posesses it, which is HIGHLY IRRITATING WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO SLEEP. It would later come into usefulness when you took your place on the LAND OF ASH AND DEATH as the SEER OF BLOOD, but for now it's just a useless annoyance. In addition, you have THREE SCARS on your cheek and THREE NOTCHES in your fin; you got these in a violent confrontation with your KISMESIS long ago. But you showed him. Yes you did.

    Your MATESPRIT is also your MOIRAIL, which is an unusual relationship to have. If you were left MOIRAILLESS, though, you would likely NOT STAY ALIVE VERY LONG. You see, you are DEPRESSED. You kind of had a bad life, and it's taken its toll on you. You tend to maintain a facade of happiness, though, so most people are none the wiser.

    When you would later enter THE MEDIUM, your first priority would be to make a POWERFUL WEAPON to defend against the UNDERLINGS THAT HAD TAKEN THE FORM OF YOUR UNFORTUNATELY-KILLED LUSUS. Thus, you would wield your bladeKind specibus by alchemizing a KATANA with a VIAL OF MERCURY and a VIAL OF YOUR OWN BLOOD, making what you would call the BLOODY MERCURY KATANA.

    Your fetch modus is TRI-ALPHA. With this, each item has a set name, and to withdraw an item you have to find some way to make its letters add up to a multiple of three. While it would be nigh-impossible to actually get an item stuck, it can be VERY ANNOYING to quickly find a way to withdraw an item; you would later start thinking of ways as soon as you captchalogued an item and writing them down on your handy LIST (L=1,I=1,S=1,T=3). Still, you always liked how this modus has no limit on the number of items to captchalogue, instead generating a new card for each new item.

    Your TrollHandle is apocalypseIllustrator and you hav3 a bit of a thing for thr33s!!! •:3

    Hypothetically, were you ever to have a DREAMSELF, she would be on DERSE'S MOON, and stay asleep most of the time because of your wakeself's CHRONIC INSOMNIA. Were you to ever ascend to GOD TIER, your wings would most likely be small and round, like a bee's.

    > Be the weird girl's matesprit

    Your name is JOANNA TRICIA.

    You alternate your time between SERIOUS PALEONTOLOGY and FRIVOLITY, and as such your hive is littered with such things as FOSSILS and WHIMSICAL HATS. Your blood is penultimate on the HEMOSPECTRUM, and you are thus a sea-dweller; in fact, your hive is joined directly to that of your MATESPRIT, JESSIE. Your lusus, SK'TT'R, is a tiny scorpion (not that you know what a scorpion is) and does not need to breathe. She likes to hang around with JESSIE'S LUSUS.

    You are GREEN-BLUE COLORBLIND, and it always amuses you to know that your outfit has two completely different colors, regardless of how it seems to you. Your horns are TOO LARGE TO BE PRACTICAL, and you often wonder how you'll fare when you grow older and they end up many times their present size.

    You would enter THE MEDIUM in your conjoined hive, the two being split apart for the very first time. Appearing on the LAND OF UNDEAD AND WAR as the PRINCESS OF DEATH, you would cast a highly fitting weapon for your scytheKind specibus, which you would call a WIZARD DINO SCYTHE because it is made from a SCYTHE, a T-REX TOOTH, and a WIZARD HAT. It probably has some sort of magical and/or time-travel powers, but you would never really care, you would just like ACTING LIKE THE GRIM REAPER.

    Your fetch modus is known as COLOR LOCK, which means that whenever you captchalouge an item, it is placed under one of several categories: RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, BROWN, PURPLE, ORANGE, BLACK, WHITE, GREY or 'OTHER'. To withdraw these items, you would simply need to find another item of the same color; the modus produces a new card with the GHOST IMPRINT of the item you found, while the item you are withdrawing is placed in WHATEVER NEARBY PLACE SEEMS MOST APPROPRIATE. You would quickly learn to not withdraw anything too large for you to lift while in the presence of your LARGER FOES.

    Your TrollHandle is lonelyAquarium and you sound really bored all the time, sigh. :|

    If you should come into possession of a DREAMSELF, she would doubtlessly share a moon with JESSIE. Your GOD TIER form would have four wings, much like a dragonfly's.

    Short version
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    > Be the Somber Wriggler.

    Your name is CILUMI MINTLE, you're 5 sweeps old, and your voice is always muffled due to the bandages on your face. If your voice isn't muffled, then WEIRD stuff starts happening due to your powers. You're not really sure what's happening, since it only effects others, but you're pretty sure they're seeing things that aren't really there. You plan on having a collection of cool masks to wear instead of your bandages.

    You're still deciding on what you're strife specibi will be, but you think it might be a SYRINGEKIND. You have a fondness for BOOKS and THEATER and you've always wanted to be up on stage. Unfortunately, having something covering your mouth all the time doesn't help project your voice to whoever you're preforming to.

    You're trolltag is ComedyTragedy and you only...ever capitalize things having to do...with the also...pause mid-sentence a lot.

    If you were to play SGRUB you would be the WITCH of VISION and your land would be the Land of SINKHOLES and LEAVES.


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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.

    >Be the nerd.

    -> please be specific and maybe a little nicer |||

    >Be the lowblooded, annoying geologist.

    -> that's better ||
    -> hey wait a sec |

    Your name is YINGEH LOGOSH, and you are four sweeps old.

    Life is GOOD. The fact you're mostly cheery backs that up heavily. You believe LIFE IS A GIFT, and you don't wish to take that gift from others, or damage it's packaging with injuries. You don't have a lot of FRIENDS, but people are usually friendly toward you, unless they're A JERK.

    Which is to say BARELY ANYBODY is friendly to you. This is Alternia, after all.

    You enjoy ARCHEAOLOGY AND GEOLOGY. Digging up OLD ROCKS AND FOSSILS allow you to study them and learn more about past life forms in the case of fossils. Most of the time, you just find SEMIPRECIOUS STONES, which is good enough for you. A DISCOVERY IS A DISCOVERY, NO MATTER WHAT, as you always say. The hemospectrum in your eyes, is IMPORTANT. You've always been told to respect those of higher caste. You also enjoy WRITING, but you mostly just write little, amateur poems about you and your LUSUS, Antliondad. He built your HIVE inside a SINKHOLE he dug, which gives it a CORK-LIKE SPIRAL SHAPE. Your RESPITEBLOCK is SHARED with you and your lusus, as it's not a very big one-room hive.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is Pickaxekind, and your PICK OF CHOICE is a small, wiggler-sized BASIC PICKAXE. Nothing special. Your FETCH MODUS is GEOLOGY, you have to say the scientific name of a rock or mineral that is assigned to the item you want.

    If you were to play SGRUB, or any other ancient game of the sort, you'd be the PAGE OF VERVE in the LAND OF MINES AND VOLCANOES.

    Your trolltag is cheerySandstone, and you -> mine your sentences bit by bit |||
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    Re: trollslum eight. put your fantroll profiles here.


    Your name isELLIIA HARKAN. You are 7 sweeps old, though you act much older. Most of the time, anyway. You are a Blueblood, higher blood than most but not quite at the top. Your INTRESTS involve READING, one of your favorites being the Trolllight saga, WRITING, PLAYING MUSIC, and SCULPTING. While in your hive your LUSUS, a WOLF-like creature, takes care of you. You believe in finding a diplomatic solution before resolving to violence, but don't mind getting your hands dirty. When fighting, you tend to use BOWkind. You also tend to wear a lightning bolt symbol on your clothing.

    When using TROLLIAN your TROLLTAG is electricHeiress, and you ϟpeak with a certain ϟpark to your wordϟ!!

    If you were to play SGRUB, you'd be the SCULPTER OF LIGHT in the LAND OF DAWN AND CANYONS.

    Note: Sprite is a work in progress
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