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Thread: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

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    Cool Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Looking for resources? It's in the third post. The troll index is right over here.

    The full index (all trolls, even those from more than a year ago) can be found here.

    Welcome to the Trollslum 9. Your life is now FORFEIT

    This is the 9th iteration of the Trollslum, a place dedicated to organizing and showcasing fantroll profiles, as well as a hub for fantroll creation resources. This place should be your first and last stop when creating your OC! All fantrolls posted here, as well as in previous Trollslums (8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1) are indexed and linked for everyone's convenience.

    In other words, this is where you post your troll profile.

    When in the Trollslum, though, please make sure to follow these simple rules (note: they're mostly based off past Trollslum rules as well as the ones set in this thread.)

    Know where to post.
    This thread is for posting fantroll profiles. Nobody's going to arrest you, but please, avoid going into tangential discussions and/or idle conversation. If you have a message to someone, take it to private messages. If you need a critique, we have a thread for that. There is also a nice Gen Chat thread where you can take your thoughts.

    Know what to post.
    Please clearly label your troll's details so I won't miss them! The barest minimum is posting your troll's name, trolltag, and blood color (preferably in hex). I will not add them to the index without any of these information.

    All else is up to you -- sprites are not required! And no pressure to write uber long profiles; short ones are totes fine.

    Be polite.
    You do not have the license to insult or demean anyone's effort. If you think that the design could use more work, please inform the creator politely and constructively, instead of just telling them that their work is "wrong".

    There are no wrong or right ways to RP.
    A character breaks canon rules? Black blood? Two dad lusii??? Don't harass them over it! It's all in the name of RP and fun, and respecting different ways of doing this is paramount to not being dicks.

    Be sensible.
    Forum-wide rules are still applicable to everyone! So yes, no trolling, no porn, no promotion of illegal activities and so on. In addition, always respect the mods. Actually, you know what, just plain respect everyone.

    With all of that said, the most important thing of all is to really just...

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    Hail the Quincunx

    Your name is Hvalur Lepton and at nearly 10 sweeps you are readying yourself to leave the planet and assume your place in the greatest military force in the galaxy. With less than a sweep left, you’ve taken to TRAVELING, using whatever form of transportation is available, seeing as much of your beautiful home planet as you can and at the same time cleansing yourself of any attachment to it. You’ve left your northern hive behind for a tour of Alternia’s cities and wildernesses, as well as its multitude of inhabitants, both peasantry and nobility.

    Your trolltag is hiemalSentinel and your tone may be :cy at t:mes.

    The Troll of the Week distinction is given to the user who has created a pretty cool fantroll —a strong, consistent personality and an interesting background should be grounds enough to make an OC a candidate for Troll of the Week. The winner gets his troll posted here as well as being in the Trollslum title.

    You can only nominate a troll that was posted in the week interval (Mon-Sun) before. Let’s say you want to nominate someone posted on Saturday. You have to wait until Monday before you can nominate it, or else your vote will not be counted. Ditto for any troll posted the Monday before, up to Sunday. You may nominate by sending a private message to Momatoes, or by sending an Ask to this tumblr that I made just for the occasion. You can vote multiple trolls.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    Please use them, especially the sprite sheet.

    Sprite Base Sheet - Head [Image]
    Sprite Base Sheet - Body [Image]
    ^^^ These are the most up to date instance of the sprite sheet!! Please use it!! ^^^


    Adult sprites [Image]
    All Alterniabound Talk Sprites [*.RAR Archive]
    Alterniabound Walkaround Sprites [Archives]: [S] Karkat, ???, [S] Kneel





    Paradoxette's Complete Guide to Fantroll Spriting [Image]
    Metaflare's Quick and Easy Guide to Fantroll Spriting [Image]
    Scintillating Moniker's Complete Guide to Writing Profiles [Image]
    TR's Guide to Making Good AND Canon-friendly Fantrolls [Post]
    Guide to Making a Cohesive Fantroll [Image]


    Sweeps-to-Years Calculator [Site]
    Troll Name generator [Site]
    Canon troll blood colors [Image]


    If you think I've missed a helpful resource, kindly inform me through a PM. Thanks!
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    Last update Jan 16

    The fantrolls posted here are all from Trollslum 8 or newer only. Looking for older profiles? Check the master index [site] hosted on the fyeahfantrolls tumblr.

    Updates will be rolled out weekly. Please be patient. Never hide or omit the trolltag, and the bloodcolor* if you want to be added. If there has been any mistake, please inform me through a PM.

    *Explicitly typing it out is not necessary (though very much preferred) but your trolls needs to have at least a shirt symbol or any other relevant item on their person that bears their bloodcolor.

    Tags arranged alphabetically by initials:



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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]


    Feb 7
    • Hey ho Hvalur

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    > Be the griefer.

    Ha/ha/ha can do boss/man!

    Your name is ULULUS HUZUNI.

    You are an ARROGANT and COCKY troll, believing that ANYTHING YOU DO is automatically better than something that ANOTHER TROLL does. Why? Because YOU are YOU, and SOMEONE ELSE is one of the NON-YOUS. When someone makes something that is BETTER than something YOU make, your reaction is to TRY TO DESTROY IT. Thus, you have a natural affinity for GRIEFING. Online, in FLARP, bashing up things in MUSEUMS - you have NEXT TO NO REMORSE for DESTROYING PEOPLE'S STUFF.

    The exceptions are IMAGES OF YOU (because you're so GREAT) and anything that DEPICTS a SWORDFISH. You have a soft spot for SWORDFISH, and you will not let them be harmed. Your LUSUS was a SWORDFISH, but he was killed by SOME ASSHOLE with a FANCY GUN who "just wwanted to help his moirail." You miss SWORDFISHDAD, so you try not to harm other SWORDFISH.

    Online, you are as CONFIDENT and VAIN as ever, and you will LORD YOURSELF OVER ANYONE. If they are LOWER ON THE HEMOSPECTRUM, you will brag about your BLOOD COLOR, but if they are HIGHER ON THE HEMOSPECTRUM than you, you will be RUDE and INSUBORDINATE. This makes people DISLIKE you! But you try not to care, because they are NON-YOUS. Occasionally, people have HUNTED YOU DOWN and TRIED TO KILL YOU, though. You sort of suck at FIGHTING ACTUAL OPPONENTS, though, so you just THROW DARTS and ABSCOND.

    You also fancy yourself as a bit of a CRITIC, and you like to go online and TEAR INTO work that you deem as LOW-QUALITY. You like to have the MOST CRITIQUES, not to mention the HARSHEST, and if someone else has a LEGITIMATE POINT that you DID NOT INCLUDE, you tell them that "it went with/out say/ing." On A FEW OCCASIONS, people have SEEN THROUGH YOU and given you ACCURATE LECTURES. If that happens, you usually QUIT THE FORUM out of SHAME and INDIGNANCE.

    Your trolltag is xtremeXiphias and you slice your words be/tween syl/la/bles to hon/or Sword/fish/dad.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    >Tlu: Realize you haven't posted an updated Lohqua profile since Trollslum 2

    D'OH! Featuring new sprite and new, correct link.

    >Be the Blacksmith

    [Click image for wiki link.]

    Your name is LOHQUA DIBARE and you are almost nine sweeps old. You are a particularly ISOLATED young lady, having built your hive in a DORMANT VOLCANO on the SOUTHERN COAST. Along with your bully of a CHOLERBEAR lusus, this has served to almost totally isolate you except for your perigeely trip to the TIDEROT OPEN MARKET. It's probably a good thing you have your computer and PDA so you don't go completely off the deep end! While you do have a few neighbors, they tend to disappear for WEEKS ON END. They're also mostly ALTERNIA-ASSIGNED ADULTS, so you have to tread carefully anyways.

    [Continued under spoiler.]

    Your trolltag is adjutorObedientiary and you type iin a manner deemed e%a2peratiing by the f001ii2h uniinformed ma22e2. =XP

    I am a terrible influence.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    Your name is CORBEN IKSAET, you are 8 sweeps old.
    You are not particularly low, but not exactly high either, which puts you in the middle of the spectrum. Not that you care anyway, it’s a load of bologna to you.

    You enjoy BOTANY, especially growing plants that are POISONOUS. You also enjoy FLARPING, though you are prone to doing it by yourself since all of your FRIENDS WON’T PLAY WITH YOU anymore. Something about you being TOO EXTREME upsets them. Whatever, you’re fine playing alone.

    You don’t really think that going out into the wilderness with only a weapon and your FLARP gear is extreme. So what if you spend days at a time out there, having to find shelter when you want to rest. And who cares if you suffer through horrorterror dreams, it’s all in the spirit of adventure!

    You deny that willingly putting yourself through horrorterror dreams may have messed with your brain. Nope, not at all.

    You do actually spend some time out in the sun. You have a WEAK POWER, which requires SUNLIGHT and WATER to work. You like to call it CHLOROPHYLL, since when you have both sun and water you can HEAL YOURSELF. You have yet to try healing someone else, but you’re pretty sure that if you save up that power you can transfer it to someone else.

    Your LUSUS is a BUTTERFLY; you like to call him BUTTERDAD. He helps with your garden, since despite being a lusus, HE IS VERY SMALL. You like to think that you make a kickass pair, even though butterdad probably wishes you’d be less… rambunctious.

    Your fetch modus is like a flower. Each item is stored in a petal, and to use the item you must pluck the petal. The downside is you have to wait for awhile for a new petal to appear, so you try to use it sparingly.

    Your strife specibus is allocated to SHOVELkind. This is both for your garden and also to beat off animals and other trolls. Surprisingly it works rather well, since the actual metal part is deceivingly heavy.

    Your trolltag is poisonPollen and you ✿ tEnd to caPitaLizE Each lEttEr in POLLEN.
    I've just become a lurker, for now.
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    >OPEN bloodswap.exe
    >SWAP vadosa_preael 800000

    You are Vadosa Preael, and something seems different about you today.

    That's silly though, because there's nothing different about you today at all! You've ALWAYS been a massively empowered psychic redblood, and anyone that says otherwise can suck a bulge, okay?

    But back to our introductions. As previously mentioned, you are part of the REDBLOOD caste--in fact, your blood is about as LOW AS IT GETS without being some sort of freakish mutation. Perhaps as some sort of tradeoff for belonging to such a contemptible caste, you find yourself gifted with MASSIVE TELEKINETIC POWERS. Naturally, having such power coursing through your red veins gives you license to use it HOWEVER YOU PLEASE.

    And use it you do! In spite of having such a frail frame--why, a stiff wind could probably knock you out!--you've built up quite a reputation for your ruthlessness and unpredictability. The highbloods can have their games of nobility; you have the run of the whole lowblood criminal underworld.

    Of course, all this wanton crime and trollocide have attracted no small number of enemies. There's hardly a troll out there that doesn't have some beef with you. Even with all your psychic might, keeping yourself hidden from those that want your head is practically a full time job. As such, you're constantly on the move, traveling from place to place, only stirring up trouble when you know you can get away with it. Your SERPENT LUSUS doesn't mind the moving--in fact, he seems to love wandering Alternia with you. You suspect he would have wandered right off without you if you didn't need to move around so much.

    You can access Trollian through a grubphone you 'acquired' on one of your many adventures, though mostly you use it to taunt past or potential victims. Your trolltag is improperDame and you don't really -care- what those -nooksniffers- think of the way you type, girl.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    ==> Be the thick-head fantasist.

    **,WHAT! is a FAN-TA-SIST!!!?

    ==> Just be the boxer.

    Your name is VLASTA KINTAR, a MALE TROLL from ALTERNIA, specifically the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. You are currently SEVEN AND A HALF SOLAR SWEEPS old, and your BLOOD is BLUE, befitting a CHAMPION such as yourself.

    Now, if you didn’t have your MARTIAL ARTS, you don’t know how you’d make it through the cold nights in your FROZEN SPIRE. If a TROLL’s going to make it in this part of the world, they’ve got to be STRONG, and you are certainly STRONG – the TRAINING you undertook to help improve your ENDURANCE has paid off. You spend a large section of your time SPARRING against your LUSUS, a powerful JAGUATAUR, and you have learned many different FIGHTING STYLES from him… and gotten some CRACKED TEETH from him.

    He has also taught you about the art of WAR, but you’re only interested in the part about TANKS because they CRUSH stuff and SHOOT stuff. You’re a bit SIMPLE-MINDED like that. As such, you have a collection of TOY TANKS that you often play with, but you’re ASHAMED of it. You do find MAPS quite interesting for some reason, even if you CAN’T READ THEM because you’re THICK. Another one of your interests is SNOWBOARDING – this is such a passion of yours that you always wear SKI GOGGLES on your head. They don’t do anything, but they look KINDA COOL, in your opinion anyway.

    You tend to talk to people like you’re a CELEBRITY, even though NO ONE has ever heard of you. But hey, you need to get some practice for the day you become a CELEBRITY BOXER, because BOXING is your favorite MARTIAL ART. Anyway, as such you can come across as a bit EGOTISTICAL, and you don’t really care about what OTHERS THINK OF YOU half the time. Regardless, you are generally KIND and COURTEOUS to anyone, provided they aren’t a PISSBLOOD OR BELOW. You’re always SYMPATHETIC and INTERESTED in what anyone has to say, but… those LOWBLOODS. You’re just a TOTAL DICK to them.

    As previously stated, your DREAM is to become a CELEBRATED CHAMPION BOXER. This is because you have a special place in your heart for BOXING, and as such, you wield your GLOVEKIND STRIFE SPECIBUS with true loving care. You actually wear your BOXING GLOVES when you sleep, and they are called KAZ and JIN. You FORGET WHICH ONE’S WHICH, though. Oh, and you use a PUNCH FETCH MODUS.

    Your trolltag is stellarDefender, and you type **,LIKE! you’re a true CHAM-PI-ON!!!


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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    >Be the Bloodswap


    Your name is VIRREX DECAZE, and you are a GOLD BLOOD. If you were a blueblood, you would be INSUFFERABLY ARROGANT. But since you never were told of your non-existent superiority, you just became a REGULAR VIOLENT IDIOT. You couldn't even know about being superior to mutants and rustbloods because your LUSUS and HIVE were lost in a freak fire. You roamed the streets of your URBAN HELLHOLE CITY, screaming obscenities at passerby, assaulting weak-looking trolls, and generally being a MENACE TO PUBLIC HEALTH. It's a miracle you haven't been culled. However, some of your EXTREMELY PROFANE TIRADES were recorded, and you soon found yourself a CAREER.

    You are what some people call a ROCK STAR. However, the general key difference is that rock stars have MUSICAL TALENT. You however, just scream CREATIVE OBSCENITIES AND INSULTS into a microphone while your ROBOTIC BAND plays along. On Alternia, this kind of music is called HARDCORE CRUST POWERNOISE. Most of your live performances are at CRAPPY BARS AND CLUBS, and the VIOLENT NATURE OF YOUR MUSIC leads to VIOLENT PERFORMANCES, with ASSAULT and PROPERTY DAMAGE abound. You live a HEDONISTIC lifestyle, frequently PARTYING.

    And of course, this has affected your personal life. Your ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR has earned you a CULT FOLLOWING, but all you really want is a MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP. Your frequent PARTYING is just a DESPRATE ATTEMPT TO EVADE LONELINESS. Unlike some OTHER ASSHOLE, you have A MASSIVE SELF-LOATHING PROBLEM. And naturally, you take it out on everyone else. You hate yourself and your DESTRUCTIVE NATURE so much, that many of your OBSCENE SONGS are directed at THE KIND OF ASSHOLES WHO WOULD LISTEN TO YOUR CRAP. The other ones are directed at your hatred of how trolls are so stupid and violent, ironically enough. Only SOME OTHER ASSHOLE would think that the violent lifestyle of alternia is cool. Your ultimate goal is to CURSE OUT THE ENTIRE TROLL RACE LIVE AND IN CONCERT, but your UNDERGROUND CRED keeps getting in the way.

    While you still use the same MODUS as the OTHER ASSHOLE, you use the MICROPHONEKIND specibus, just beating others over the head with your mic, or the mic stand. Your trolltag is antisocialOutlaw and YOU-TYPE-LOUD-AND-FAST.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    Bloodswapped Profiles HOOOOOO:

    >Be the unapologetic and delusional Seabitch.

    chchchhch super RUDE!!!!!!!!!! im hoping the aim here is to get schchot because youre totally a step closer to accomplischching that goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    >Be the real life pirate highblood!

    chchchchcch with pleaschchure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your name is ABRENE PHISIA and you are a NOBLE HIGHBLOOD SEADWELLER (#580065) ON A MISSION. Said mission to be the best PIRATE that Alternia, or anywhere else for that matter, has ever laid eyes on! Someday trolls will write stories about your adventures and little wrigglers will be INSPIRED by your tales of ADVENTURE and INTRIGUE on the high seas!

    Now, you're not just ANY KIND OF GOD DAMN PIRATE, You're a REAL GOD DAMN PIRATE! You won't have anybody EVER telling you else wise, those who do get your full wrath. If you weren't a real pirate would you have a REAL SEAWORTHY-VESSEL equipped with two VERY REAL AND DEADLY CANNONS?! If you weren't a real pirate would you have a REALLY COOL AND NOT DUMB AT ALL EYEPATCH?! If you weren't a real pirate would you go on SUPER COOL ADVENTURES TO GET HIDDEN LOOT?! Huh, HUH!?!

    Yeah, that's what you fucking thought.You're about as real as it gets.

    Those FLARPING ASSHOLES think they know how to be pirates too, naturally you get along great with them. Wait. No. That's a lie.
    You UTTERLY DESPISE it when a bunch of PLUCKY FLARPERS get together and procure a ship to PRETEND TO BE A PIRATES. You don't just PRETEND. There's no going home from a day of HARD CORE PIRATING to take off your eyepatch and boots and just relax. You can't shove your night's plunderings into some discrete closet and call it a night. Being a pirate is a LIFE-STYLE CHOICE and is certainly not a HOBBY.

    When you do spot a group of STUPID AND USELESS PRETENDERS having themselves a jolly old time out at sea you tend to COMPLETELY DESTROY THEM. Do you give them warning? No. You just pull your ship right on up and ENGAGE IN NAVAL WARFARE.

    Everything you learned about being a pirate you learned from the wrigglertales you would read to pass the time while you were hiding from your SORRY EXCUSE FOR A LUSUS, the very same SEA SERPENT who snatched your eye from you on your THIRD WRIGGLING DAY. You would spend nights upon nights fantasizing what it would be like to FLEE your MISERABLE EXISTENCE and go topside to hunt treasure, drink low grade alcohol, and woo wenches. You LOVE TREASURE in a way that could hardly be described as PLATONIC. If it were at all possible to procreate with SHINY METAL you would be in a committed matespritship with the stuff. Really you consider ANYTHING THAT SPARKLES to be treasure, god help the TROLL WHO HAS WHAT YOU WANT.

    Eventually you would make your DARING ESCAPE and procure a SHIP (not a BOAT) to call your own.

    You don't really give a scavengerbeast's furry rear about the HEMOSPECTRUM. You do REALLY LIKE the fact it gives you the RIGHT to be a HORRIBLE BITCH to anything lower than you, but that's about it. Normally you look at lowbloods like SMALL CREATURES who simply DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER and you actually kind of ENJOY TALKING TO THEM. Lowbloods are silly and not mean or full of themselves like a lot of your FELLOW HIGHBLOODS are. And they tend to use small words that don't cause your thinkpan to go all FUZZY either. You're not really the brightest troll on the planet.

    You're also INCREDIBLY SUPERSTITIOUS, but you don't want a SOUL to know about it. You believe in EVERY KIND OF LUCK THERE IS, you also FERVENTLY BELIEVE IN GHOSTS. The idea that one might be around you scares you to the point you DON'T EVEN WANT TO PILLAGE ANYTHING. Which, is to say, it scares you quite a lot. When things get TOO HOT TO HANDLE, as they often do, you frequently turn to your SECRET COLLECTION OF LUCK INCREASING ARTIFACTS. You would be SO EMBARRASSED if anyone EVER FOUND OUT ABOUT YOUR STASH.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is PISTOL KIND. You like it because you can just go PEW PEW at anyone who tries to hurt you and they die really fast!

    Your MODUS is set to TREASURE MAP. You're not exactly the best at map reading but your OUTRIGHT REFUSE to have your modus set to anything LESS PIRATEY.

    You're 7 and a half sweeps old.

    On long journeys out at sea you spend a lot of time ON TROLLIAN. Your tag is alluvionScavenger and you tend to work in your RIDICULOUS speechch impediment into your quirk!!!!!!!!!!!! oux

    *Not that it would actually do much considering you're a seadweller and all that.
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    ((I'm not abaddoned the request about character without any powers, I just want to share all my Adventure characters))
    >Be the Phelep.
    >Be the Hadiro.
    Forgot me...
    >Be the double guy.
    OK, that's better!
    OK, that's better!

    You're PHELEP\HADIRO SENAIR, you are 7 Solar Sweeps old, and you have... A little strange mutation. You have two souls in you, and also two blood colours, GREEN and BLUE, which are flowing through different channels, and through two different hearts, so they won't mix. You have no Lusus, because of your mutation they just ignored you.

    Your mutation grants you one interesting thing, Phelep controlls right side of your body, when Hadiro controls left side. If someone thinks, that talking with these abilities very hard - then he isn't right!

    You both can talk with people in very strange way - without using your mouth. You really don't know from where sound is coming, but it also grants you one fun thing - your eyes blink when one of your yours talks. When Phelep talks, the right eye starts blinking. When Hadiro talks - left one. There is nothing more interesting in your physical options, your mutation didn't gave you any super powers.

    Your trolltag is doubleExtremal And you have two accounts with this name, so both of you could talk with their own blood cilour. Your typing quirk Isn't really a quirk, only changing W's to VV's and liking to troll people in memes, so you both could troll someone using both accounts. It looks like that:

    Because of your duality, you can have two weapon kinds and two syllandex decks. Phelep has a PISTOLKIND, and Hadiro have RODKIND. Both of you have Pong Deck.

    Phelep easily found a language with Hadiro, so you don't walk like drunk, you have very good coordination. But if one of you will fall asleep, you couldn't walk without any help. So, you both trained to not sleeping long time. But when you both sleep, nothing and noone can woke you up.

    Maybe it will be very interesting, if you had RED and PURPLE blood, not GREEN and BLUE. But after this, both of you don't bother with their blood color.

    Small ver.

    Other sprites:
    "Nobody's perfect. That's just the proof that you're alive." (C) Kamen Rider Skull
    Who is the twat that killed signature pictures?

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    >Be the trichophilic recluse.
    [COLOR="rgb(62, 105, 214)"]weǁǁ thankz a ǁot for introdu☾ing me, i guezz[/COLOR]

    Your name is VIBORA MEDHAS. You are currently 7 ½ SOLAR SWEEPS old. You hobbies revolve around HAIR, preferably LONG AND BLACK. You have never met anyone with such luscious hair as yours, but that’s probably because you have never met anyone in real life at all.

    When you’re not busy taking care of your beautiful locks, you like to STAY ON THE INTERNET ALL DAY AND SCULPT THINGS OUT OF CLAY. You also love to SING, but the acoustics in your cave are not so great. Your lusus is a MOON SNAKE, and you get along with her pretty well, except for when she tells you to cut your hair. You have ROYAL BLUE BLOOD (#3E69D6) but you don’t really care about hemospectrum shenanigans, for your contact with other trolls is very limited.

    You have a HIVE, but you don’t even remember where it is located, as you have lived in a ridiculously tiny cave since you were 4 sweeps old. That is due to the fact that you STRANGLED YOUR MOIRAIL TO DEATH WITH YOUR OWN HAIR at that time, but you DON’T REALLY ENJOY TALKING ABOUT IT. To avoid any more unfortunate misunderstandings, you and your lusus live merrily in this secluded cave. You don’t think of it all as bad, though, and you find your life to be ADEQUATELY COMFORTABLE AND SOMEWHAT LIVELY. To you, people are really nice on the internet, and you enjoy talking to anyone who comes up without any MURDEROUS INTENT.

    Your trolltag is [COLOR="rgb(62, 105, 214)"]anagenicTelogen[/COLOR] and [COLOR="rgb(62, 105, 214)"]dezpite your zlight lizp[/COLOR], you type in a [COLOR="rgb(62, 105, 214)"]mozt‖y normal and zomewhat non☾halant way, i guezz[/COLOR]

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    > Be the guy who is obviously compensating for something

    [|||||] Okay lOOk, if yOu say that abOut me One mOre time I am gOing tO get in my vehicle and run yOu dOwn until yOur blOOd is One with the pavement. D=

    > .....Be the adventurous smuggler

    [||||||] Geez, was that sO blasted hard yOu asshOle? D=

    Sprites by prussianmoose!

    Your name is MARNIN LENELO and your TRUCK is your PAINTBRUSH. What does that even mean? We'll learn soon. As of now, you are of EIGHT SWEEPS. Your blood is rather LOW, being of the BROWN (#7f3700) CASTE. You don't really care about the blood in you though. The hemospectrum is usually the furthest thing from your think pan.

    Now, about that MASSIVE EIGHTEEN WHEELED MACHINE spoken of earlier. You are actually a SMUGGLER of sorts. You have CONNECTIONS to various UNDERGROUND MARKETS and are usually asked to RUN SUPPLIES to places where they're BANNED. To some HIGH BLOODS, this probably makes you an ANARCHIST or something! But they'd be WRONG. You do it for the MONEY and the FUN, not because of any SILLY CAUSE behind the SUPPLIES. Your TRUCK is the perhaps one the MOST DEADLY THINGS on the ROAD. Or whatever passes for roads on ALTERNIA, anyway. It's basically a giant TANK on EIGHTEEN WHEELS, able to plow THROUGH any ROADBLOCKS set up in your WAY. You frequently change the PAINT JOB on it to keep some of the HEAT off, though whether it actually HELPS remains to be seen. SOMETIMES you refer to it as a giant PAINTBRUSH given how SOMETIMES you run over ANIMALS and their blood gets ALL OVER IT. The occasional TROLL also manages to get in the way as well, and you're starting to WONDER if there might be any repercussions for not having some kind of TRUCK SPECIBUS when you kill things. You incidentally lack any and ALL sorts of POWERS. You're just fine with that though, since you doubt there's actually any kind of power out there that could help with DRIVING.

    You also have a few other INTERESTS besides SMUGGLING. You like to collect TRUCK PARTS to ADMIRE and possibly UPGRADE your truck with. Louder HORNS, tougher TIRES, a faster ENGINE, it's all good! You also enjoy RACING, though it's RARE to find any other TRUCK RACERS in your area, it's always a blast when you do! Of course, you sometimes ACCIDENTALLY KILL the other RACERS by knocking their TRUCKS off the ROAD. Then again, this IS Alternia, where at least it DOESN'T MATTER MUCH. CONVOYS of other TRUCKS, incidentally, are something you LOVE to hear about! It sounds AWESOME to be in a group of LIKE MINDED TRUCKERS. They don't have to be SMUGGLERS like you, though it would totally HELP! FINALLY, you also love to FLIRT.....WITH DANGER. Not actually FLIRT with TROLLS, god NO! You're a DAREDEVIL, always willing to possibly CAREEN your truck off the NEAREST CLIFF just to get that order in ON TIME. Other trolls would call this INSANITY, you prefer the term FUN-LOVING! But if there's ONE THING you want above all others, it's to PROVE YOURSELF the FASTEST, TOUGHEST THING ON EIGHTEEN WHEELS and possibly join the elite corps of DECONTRUCKSTERS, a team of FEROCIOUS HEAVY VEHICLE DRIVING TROLLS in the Alternian MILITARY. Now those guys get the COOLEST GEAR!

    With others you tend to be rather EXCITED and PERSONAL. You're not a weirdo, as some others may claim! You just love to have a good time and tend to extend that with everyone you meet. Though you tend to not offer any smuggling services to high bloods. They have a high tendency of being pissed when they hear about it. But you DO like to mention your truck! A lot. Though this also leads to people making COMPENSATION JOKES. You really, really, really, really, really HATE THOSE JOKES. Whenever you inevitably hear one you promptly launch into a near irreversible GROUCH MODE for a long time.

    Your LUSUS is a RHINO. That's it, PLAIN and SIMPLE. Much like your truck, he can plow through DAMN NEAR ANYTHING. He was always rather FEARSOME and tended to enjoy CHARGING at things. One NIGHT you had noticed that LARGE TRUCKS seemed to follow a SIMILAR STRATEGY. In an EFFORT to be more like what your lusus EXPECTS of you, you quietly stole into a YELLOW BLOOD'S TRUCK DEPOT. Then you promptly HIJACKED the biggest TRUCK you could find and DROVE right through the GATE. The YELLOW BLOOD was PISSED, but you haven't seen him since. Possibly because he only stood there and SHOOK HIS FIST at you while EXCLAIMING SOMETHING ABOUT ROTTEN WIGGLERS. You figure he might have been a little STUPID. Your LUSUS APPROVED of this style of transportation IMMEDIATELY. This was shown by him NOT trying to CHARGE RIGHT AT YOU for once. NOW he sometimes RUNS alongside your TRUCK, helping knock AWAY things trying to STOP you!

    Your HIVE is located in the OUTSKIRTS of a CITY. There aren't many NEIGHBORS around you, but you're FINE with that. You had to slowly SAVE UP from your smuggling runs to build a special GARAGE for your TRUCK. WITHIN it, you can apply FRESH PAINTJOBS or call on a MECHANIC to help UPGRADE your truck. Other than that, it's a fairly NORMAL LOOKING hive, though the HUGE GARAGE is probably a dead giveaway as to what type of TRANSPORTATION you use.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS, instead of being truckKind, is actually pipeKind. It's very BASIC, but it SUITS YOU. After all, some would say a trademark weapon for SMUGGLERS is something like a PIPE. You yourself prefer to use a LEAD PIPE, though you suppose you could also count FANCY SMOKING PIPES as weapons. Not that you'd actually use those things, since they'd be USELESS.

    Your FETCH MODUS is BARRICADE. To remove something from a CARD, you have to BREAK DOWN a small barricade the card puts up in FRONT of you. You've actually USED THIS as a DEFENSIVE TACTIC sometimes. Put something useless in there, then try to TAKE IT OUT. Suddenly whoever is in FRONT of YOU is blocked by a moderately strong BARRICADE. However, at all other times it's a huge PAIN to use.

    If for some STUPID REASON someone got you to play a GAME, you'd be the PAGE of MIND in the LAND of CONCRETE and SIRENS. And no, you would have NO IDEA why you'd have anything to DO with MINDS.

    Sometimes you turn on trollian while driving, so your trolltag is "deviousDriver" and you type like "[||||] YOu're always driving On the rOad. D="

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    Hilariously out of context quotes.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    >Be the extremely paranoid highblood, who is concerned about his unconventional skin condition and is probably about to nurse a sopor addiction.
    I'm sorry were you judging me because you are not allowed to judge me at all you piece of
    >Look, just let me introduce you. No need to spaz everywhere.

    Your name is EINSAM CUADRA, and you are a single bad day from flipping the fuck out.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]


    Name: Sentin Cervek [sehnt-ehn, sur-vehk]
    Trolltag: corruptTessellation
    Lusus: magpie, Speliousk
    Blood: deep red, #910909
    Hive: rundown shack in the middle of a forest
    Strife Specibus: fistKind
    Fetch Modus: Concentration Modus; to retrieve an item, the user must focus on that item only for a range of 1-5 seconds
    Land: Land of Fire and Stone
    Title: Lord of Space
    Quirk: replaces all instances of the letter O with letter C, drops the G from words ending in -ing

    Your name is SIREIA VAUCOM, and you have a literal HEAD FOR COMMUNICATIONS.

    Name: Sireia Vaucom [suh-ray-uh, vow-cahm]
    Trolltag: echoingInterloper
    Lusus: common mouse, Kaelah
    Blood: dulled orange-brown, #D98719
    Hive: lives in the middle of a field, former radio station
    Strife Specibus: antennaeKind
    Fetch Modus: Introduction Modus; to retrieve an item, an announcement must be made to 'hype' the item up before it is released
    Land: Land of Mountains and Mist
    Title: Rogue of Mind
    Quirk: (((enclosed in sound w-waves, w-words- starting w-with 'w' stuttered)))


    Name: Cerric Ventek [sair-ick, vehn-tech]
    Trolltag: neutralizedBiotech
    Lusus: hyena, Stratford
    Blood: light green, #008800
    Hive: high-security mountainside vaulthive
    Strife Specibus: needleKind
    Fetch Modus: Fluid Modus; to retrieve an item, some type of fluid must be smeared on a card
    Land: Land of Steel and Ice
    Title: Knight of Breath
    Quirk: capitalizes all instances of the letter N


    Name: Larouc Jalton [lah-rahk jahl-tuhn]
    Trolltag: innateCompulsion
    Lusus: tabby cat, Socks
    Blood: dark green, #005500
    Hive: penthouse on the Las Trollgas Strip
    Strife Specibus: revolverKind
    Fetch Modus: Dock Modus - can select and rearrange sylladex at will; retrieving items takes time, up to 15 seconds
    Land: Land of Lamps and Fog
    Title: Capo of Time
    Quirk: capitalizes Ds and Ps, also constantly is [recorDing everything that haPPens]


    Name: Cannel Alluvi [cuh-nehl, all-oo-vee]
    Trolltag: coreMiner
    Lusus: M.I.A.
    Blood: light blue/dulled teal, #285DAF
    Hive: lives in a series of tunnel networks
    Strife Specibus: pickaxeKind
    Fetch Modus: Stacked Slot Modus; similar items can be stacked for space, but a whole stack has to be removed to retrieve even one item from within that stack
    Land: Land of Chasms and Towers
    Title: Page of Sound
    Quirk: uses = instead of e, ends sentences with an ASCII pickaxe ---)

    Your name is XEIDIA CHYZAI, and you know EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET YOU.

    Name: Xeidia Chyzai [say-dee-uh, chee-say]
    Trolltag: monomanicSuperiority
    Lusus: water scorpion, Lady Venombite
    Blood: rich purple-pink, #B7007B
    Hive: lives in a castle at the bottom of a massive crevasse, also known as The Big Empty
    Strife Specibus: bladeKind
    Fetch Modus: Charge Modus; every card has a limited power charge, when the card runs out of energy it needs to be plugged into a power source before an item can be retrieved
    Land: Land of Water and Night
    Title: Maid of Void
    Quirk: -you emphasIze your speech to let blood InferIors know your place on the hemospectrum-
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]


    But everyone calls you 'Moo'. You don't mind at all! Moo is a nice nickname. You have a variety of INTERESTS, none of them bordering on an OBSESSION at all nope. You have something of a passion for cooking and baking, having not yet SET ANYTHING ON FIRE you consider yourself very good! You also like to WALK AROUND and EXPLORE THE NEARBY TOWN your hive is near.

    Name: Monnde Ataque
    Trolltag: benignWatcher
    Lusus: A large prowling caninebeast.
    Blood: deeep blue 1D006E
    Hive: Large tower hive built on top of some other not-destroyed abandoned hive. It's quite creepy inside!
    Strife Specibus: Legkind
    Fetch Modus: Observation, you must make an observation about something however minor for anything to come out. Sometimes though it coughs up whatever you didn't want at the time.
    Land: ???
    Title: ???
    Quirk: -u- Despite yoour unassuming emoote, yoou are always watching peoople.
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    > Be the musical one.
    Wellwell, lookslooks likelike aa mysteriousus strangerger withwith obviouslyly tootoo muchmuch timetime getsgets toto introduceduce meme, coolcool.

    Your name is SPATHA HELIOS, and you are 8 sweeps of age, and have a tendency to BE FINE WITH MOST STUFF AND SNARK.

    Your hive is a modest BUNKER under the ground underground. You found it one day when you were wandering. You entered it and guided your lusus, a SERPENTFIEND of HUGE size, carefully through it. Thankfully, despite its size, it does not EAT much. You might have STARVED long ago otherwise.

    You have a singular INTEREST that rises above ALL ELSE. It is a fondness for MUSIC, though you are QUITE GOOD at it. It nonetheless has led you to find your PRESENT CALLING, which came through the discovery of a STRANGE INSTRUMENT that you now play, though you chose to do so for NO REASON.

    Guiding you to this calling were the CALLS OF POTENTIAL AUDIENCES, which you have been able to hear since you were young. The calls have become more numerous as you FIRST TRUE CONCERT approaches. This POTENTIALLY AWESOME IDEA began after a DAYDREAM involving a CERTAIN KIND OF GAME, which was another of your interests once upon a time. It doesn't matter much anymore. It's not like you have the time to PLAY it again.

    This daydream resulted in a series of SHENANIGANS, which resulted in you being DEVOID of your MUSICAL DEVICE and IN POSSESSION of your current one. On the shoulders of your DREAMS, you have WORKED UP A DEGREE OF COURAGE and convinced YOURSELF to play THIS STRANGE THING and a RANDOM BYSTANDER to listen as you played a MAD HURDY-GURDY SOLO. And by convinced, you suppose you mean tricked.

    The local voiced its DISTATEFUL OPINION in a way that was NOT TERRIBLY ELEGANT. You responded in an ELEGANT FASION with a taste of your PAX CALIGULA, which you keep in you GLADIUSKIND SPECIBUS at all times so it is always AVAILABLE. The bystander is currently writing RAVE REVIEWS of your WICKED TUNES due to being UTTERLY CONVINCED by the persuasive power of the PAX CALIGULA. You hope that your MUSIC PROWESS will be able to get those of higher bloods to LOOK PAST your lowblood status. If not, well, you're pretty CHILL with that.

    Your trolltag is gracedStrings and there is generally a persistanttant echoo ofof thethe lastlast syllableble.

    Name: Spatha Helios
    Trolltag: gracedStrings
    Lusus: A hulking, stalking serpentfiend
    Blood: An somewhat lighter orange e05a13
    Hive: A bunker-like hive, being under the ground that the underground hives are on. It's fairly snug
    Strife Specibus: Gladiuskind
    Fetch Modus: Melodic, Each object inserted has a certain melody assigned to it. This melody needs to be played in order to retrieve it.
    Land: Land of Brass and Strings
    Title: Bard of Breath
    Quirk: AA persistanttant echoo ofof thethe lastlast syllableble.

    (And yes, I know her face has spacing issues. Spriting, even with guides and bases = not my strong suit.)
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    >Be the orangeblood with deformed eyes.

    Oh goddamm't rub 't 'n why dont you?

    >Just do it.

    Alright f'ne but 'm not happy about th's.

    Your name is ZNIEKS OUKKOH.

    Your LEFT EYE is MALFORMED, with the bottom part of your eye simply NOT BEING THERE, instead having your eye RECESS INTO ITSELF. Because of this MUTATION, you live in CONSTANT FEAR of being CULLED. Due to this, you spend MOST OF YOUR TIME LOCKED UP in your THREE-TOWERED HIVE.


    You also like to play GAMES SOMETIMES, mainly those of a PLATFORMING VARIETY. Another activity you FREQUENTLY ENGAGE IN is DIGGING AND BUILDING NEW BLOCKS FOR YOUR HIVE. You manage to do this with TOOLS TAKEN FROM THE HIVES OF CULLED TROLLS, which are numerous around you due to the NUMEROUS TROLLS TRYING TO HIDE FROM DRONES in your CLUSTER OF LAWNRINGS. You also TAKE THE MATERIALS THAT MAKE UP THEIR ABANDONED HIVES to ADD ONTO YOUR OWN. You know that you could be found at at ANY MOMENT, which adds to your MASSIVE PARANOIA.

    You enjoy DELIVERY FOOD AND BEVERAGE, especially PIZZA and CHEESEBURGERS and CLUCKBEAST WINGS and POTATOES and PORKLOAF and CARBONATION-BASED FRUIT-FLAVORED BEVERAGES. It has been said that you have a BIT OF AN ADDICTION, but you DON'T GIVE A SHIT. You can't get food from the STORE because of your MUTATION, so you get it STRAIGHT TO YOUR HIVE.


    Your FETCH MODUS is the DELIVERY MODUS, which allows you to retrieve ANY ITEM OR ITS CARD AT ANY TIME. The cards are stored in a LARGE PIZZA DELIVERY BOX with the TETROMINOES LOGO ON IT. Each card has a COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL RECIPE ON IT instead of a USELESS CODE.


    You have also gained VARIOUS PIECES OF TECHNOLOGY from your FAVORITE COMPANY: THE TETROMINOES COMPANY. They are a VAST FOOD AND TECHNOLOGY EMPIRE, and they are the ONLY COMPANY YOU GET DELIVERY FROM. Because of your INCREDIBLE CUSTOMERHOOD, they have given you VARIOUS GIFTS, including your MODUS. They have also given you the PROTOTYPE for the GRISTWIDGET 1024, which is COMPLETELY USELESS because you have NO CLUE WHAT BOONDOLLARS ARE. But you HOLD ONTO IT because IT WAS A GIFT, and THROWING OUT A GIFT would obviously LEAD TO MISFORTUNE. You have ALSO obtained the TTC DELIVERYMASTER 1024 STORAGE SOLUTION, a BOX that can turn into VARIOUS KINDS OF FOOD-STORAGE BOXES, with each one being able to HOLD DIFFERENT ITEMS. It's PRETTY BADASS. They also gave you a PROTOTYPE TETRABOARD COMPUTER BASE, which is basically a BIG GRID with a BUNCH OF SLOTS ON IT. To FILL THOSE SLOTS, you were given THREE SETS OF FIVE TETROMINAPPS, special BLOCKS that can be used on the board to activate APPLICATIONS.

    On TROLLIAN, you go by the trollTag malformedTertiary, And you talk w'th a we'rd accent that 's a s'de effect of your mutant 's. 't really k'nda sucks.

    If you were to ever play a game of SGRUB, you would become the KNIGHT OF TACTICS in the LAND OF TRINARY AND WAR. Your CONSORTS would be TEAL GECKOS THAT ARE CONSTANTLY GETTING INTO FIGHTS. Your DENIZEN would be ATHENA.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    Troll Profile:

    Name and title: Sir Yin, Knight of Mind
    Blood color: Grey. Yeah, grey, maybe a little green.
    Trolltag: TubeTrucker2 and talks strictly in bold underlined, often grammatically incorrect, yet somewhat articulate use of phrasing
    Bio: TubeTrucker and TubeTrucker1 were taken... so yeah, he prefers to just say things out loud.
    A God tier'd troll of passive aggressiveness.
    Knows that being a troll is inherently barbarous, yet is constantly tempted to be a complete dick regardless.
    Is rather desperate for attention, and as such other Trolls often take advantage of his outgoing nature.
    By dicking him over. He feels rather shafted out other cool god tier powers, possibly as a result of him being a smart-ass all the time, and now has to live with a power that is;

    [Power: Understanding how (but not why) things think what they think.]
    [Strife Specibus: Jokerkind]
    [Fetch Modus: Wildcard Timing Modus]

    He enjoys wandering around aimlessly, and talking about things that people don't readily understand. Often to himself.
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    ==> Be the stalker
    Ii preefeer thee teerm...'priivaatee iinveestiigaatoor'~

    Your name is ARGENT MOTIVO and you're a 6 sweep old who runs a 'private investigator' service. In other words, you're a PROFESSIONAL STALKER. You've been good at concealing your presence and general observation since you were a wriggler, so you decided to earn some extra BOONDOLLARS by making use of these skills. Your main clients are female trolls looking for information on their (unrequited) matesprits. This unfortunate fact occasionally prompts you to question WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. You have avoided being CULLED countless times for invading other trolls' private lives, but you enjoy that sort of thrill.

    Most times you're out of your office stalking someone. You stalk ANYONE and EVERYONE. Even HIGHBLOODS, the trolls which are the most likely to kill you. You just love your job that much. You know ALMOST EVERYTHING about your unfortunate victims.

    Your blood color is greenish-yellow. More green than yellow, but not quite green enough to make it into the DEMI-BOURGEOIS class level. Personally, you're INFURIATED at this. Nobody ever knows how to act around you, though most of the time you're either DISCRIMINATED AGAINST for technically being a lowblood or MADE FUN OF for your unfortunate situation. Both of these annoy you, not that you ever show it. On rare occassions, you are actually shown some form of respect. You tend to react in an INCREDIBLY SILLY WAY to these incidents, reduced to stammering and general SHOCK AND AWE.

    You live in a TINY OFFICE with your RATHER DOCILE FIREFLY LUSUS, but you spend most of your day outside, working. Good thing you enjoy your job. It gets stupidly difficult living comfortably sometimes with your RECUPERACOON taking up more than half of the office and your DESK taking up most of the other half.

    Your interests are actually rather mainstream apart from the rather creepy STALKER TENDENCIES...not that you really have the time to indulge in these interests, most of the time. You have a fondness for MUSIC. ALL MUSIC. It helps you relax while waiting for a target to appear. However, creepily enough, you listen to recordings of your victims' voices more than actual music. You own a pair of RATHER BATTERED SILVER HEADPHONES which you sometimes make use of to eavesdrop on conversations by pretending that you're listening to music. Apart from that, you also have a fondness for TROLL LITERATURE, particularly those which involve EPIC ADVENTURES. This is mostly because you have a certain love for DANGER and WEIRD SITUATIONS THAT WILL NEVER OCCUR IN REAL LIFE. You read more files on your victims than actual books, though. And lastly, your diet is 90% composed of CANDY, CONFECTIONS and other SUGARY DELIGHTS. They're the only kinds of food which can satisfy your need for fast energy and alertness, considering how often you're on the move.

    You are known for being INFINITELY EASYGOING and you ALMOST ALWAYS LOOK AND SOUND SLEEPY. Most assume that it's because you stay up late doing your job, but it's really just because you're actively trying to seem as unassuming as possible. It helps in blending in with the background when stalking someone. You have the capacity to ACT SERIOUS, but you rarely do so. And when you do, NOBODY TAKES YOU SERIOUSLY ANYWAY. You have the tendency to tease everyone you talk to RATHER FREQUENTLY, mostly because you want to see how they react. DANGER excites you, and you are QUITE THE THRILL SEEKER. This is partly why you're a PROFESSIONAL STALKER, as it's always risky to stalk trolls.

    Strangely enough, you're not very CONFRONTATIONAL for a troll. You can fight using the pair of SILVER TONFA which are assigned to your TONFAKIND STRIFE SPECIBUS, but you're much better at RUNNING AWAY and DODGING NIGH EVERYTHING THAT TRIES TO HIT YOU. This is mostly because your physical strength KIND OF SUCKS and your ability to take hits SUCKS EVEN MORE. Your FETCH MODUS is the 'Thwack' modus, which requires you to hit the card containing your item IN MID-AIR. Just to look cool. You're not terribly good with this modus because of your merely average ACCURACY RATING.

    Your troll tag is fireflySong and you type in such a way that 'you soound like yoouu'ree preetty sleeeepy~' You also have the tendency to sound like you never take anything seriously because of this quirk. This saddens you when it's pointed out.
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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    >Be the legendary samurai

    Your name is Deviak Themos, and many view you as being cold and detached.

    When it comes to interests, there isn't much you share with the outside world. You are fairly talented with computers, often acting as tech support for the other trolls in your Hivestem. You are also often seen practicing with a katana for hours on end. Rumors state that you are secretly a member of an ancient cult of assassins. You had a brief encounter of the caliginous kind with the seadweller in charge of your Hivestem. Your trolltag is classified information. Needless to say, you are something of a mystery to your neighbors.

    There is a reason for that, of course. One of the conditions of your continued tech support is complete and utter privacy. You know all too well that a troll needs to be strong to survive, and you... aren't. Underneath the quiet and mysterious facade you are probably the derpiest, goofiest, clumsiest person ever to grace the face of Alternia. Your constant swordfighting is nothing more than playing around. In a real fight you would probably be killed in seconds. The mystery is probably the only thing keeping your hivemates from trying to kill you, at this point. You love old cheesy action movies, especially those involving ninjas or samurai. In fact, large portions of your mannerisms are copied wholesale from those movies.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    You use a Katana, attached to your bladeKind Strife Specibus. Your Fetch Modus is the "Network" modus, which assigns each card an address that must be accessed via computer to be retrieved.

    If you ever played Sburb, you would likely be the Knight of Hope in the Land of Bamboo and Wind. Your dreams would shine golden.

    Your trolltag is digitalSamurai and your typ/ng m/m/cs the s|ashes of a b|ade.


    >Be the clockwork crossbowman

    Your name is Raspon Trasic, but please, you just go by Trasic.

    Your goal in life is to become a proud member of the Arbannihilators, a squad of elite crossbow-wielding snipers sent deep into enemy territory to kill key targets. It isn't a very glamorous job, what with most trolls your age being obsessed with BLOOD AND GUTS AND SKULLS combat, but you have always dreamed of joining those special chosen few. To this end you wield the xbowKind strife specibus, equipped with a modified crossbow designed to fire underwater. The various alterations make it very difficult to fire above water, but they are they only way you can practice every night.

    Of course, the military isn't your only interest. You enjoy exploring the oceanic depths surrounding your humble coral reef hive, interacting with the various creatures... and using the more dangerous ones for target practice. All of your exploring (and running away) has lead to you being a very strong swimmer, one of the fastest you know. You have developed a knack for identifying dangerous areas early and finding safe paths around them, a very important ability when any chunk of rock could be home to some monstrous predator.

    Unfortunately, you also tend towards paranoia in situations where it is more trouble than it is worth. You rely on archaic superstition and lucky charms to keep your mind at ease, never leaving your hive without your lucky two-pupil musclebeast eye charm. All the charms in the world can't stop you from being terrified of every dangerous-looking troll in the room, so you do your best to put on a tough act or avoid attention whenever possible. There is a very good reason for this...

    You see, you happen to be a mutant. Not the fun kind of mutant, shooting laser beams or turning invisible or mind controlling people. No, you heal very slowly. Some wounds simply never fully healed, such as your right fin. Others will eventually close, but must be carefully cleaned and bandaged to avoid infection or death from even the smallest of cuts. It sure does suck! Luckily most trolls aren't likely to randomly stab a seadweller, especially one of your nearly royal blood.

    Your Fetch Modus is the "Charm" modus, in which every item you captchalouge becomes a small charm. You keep these charms on a cord around your wrist, and need only snap one in half to retrieve the item inside.

    If you ever played Sburb, you would be the Rogue of Life in the Land of Stone and Depths. Your dreams would be shaded in purples.

    Your trolltag is clockworkArbalist and y{x}u, um, like t{x} sh{x}w {x}ff the rel{x}ading gear {x}n y{x}ur cr{x}ssb{x}w. {x}sp{x}ci{x}lly wh{x}n, {x}h, y{x}u g{x}t fr{x}{x}k{x}d {x}ut!!!

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    I have too many trolls to bother profiling and listing them all sorry.

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    OKAY SO I AM NOT GOING TO DO THE STANDARD PROFILES BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE THEM. (also because i am both lazy and a stubborn butt)
    instead, here.





    ((thanks 4e!))

    Random Sig Crap:

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    Re: Trollslum 9: Oh Hell No [Rules in the first post, Resources in the third!]

    Your name is ARDANA PTITSU and you are a LOWBLOOD.

    You, however, don't like to think of yourself as a lowblood. You would much rather be part of the NOBILITY -- more so than anyone in your CASTE. You seem to regard yourself as a HOLY RELIC -- that's what your FEATHERBEAST-LIKE LUSUS told you. FEATHERDAD seems to say you are a SPECIAL TYPE OF TROLL who, when dead, will just be BORN once more. You don't believe it to be actually true -- you just want to be HOLY and IMPORTANT. If you really were THAT SPECIAL, you would have been born with BETTER BLOOD, right?

    Speaking of your blood caste obsession, you tend to SPEAK DOWN on those that are BELOW YOU, regardless of being low on the caste itself. You also BOSS AROUND those ABOVE you as well -- far less often, however! One too many RUN INS with GREENBLOODS have almost gotten you CULLED four times. You simply don't think you'd make it out one more time, so you stick to the LOWERS nowadays.

    You are KIND OF A PRETENTIOUS DOUCHE. Actually, you are a LOT of a pretentious douche. You act as if you are a SEWDWELLER. You have some RESPECT for those people, however, even if you are A LITTLE ENVIOUS. You sometimes dream of OVERTHROWING THE EMPRESS, but you would actually never do it. You aren't STUPID enough.

    You have SEVERAL INTERESTS. The most prominent seems to be your LOVE FOR BRIGHT LIGHTS and FIRE. The inside of your hive is covered in YELLOW and ORANGE LANTERNS. You have NO WINDOWS, so you cannot be seen from the outside. The lights aren't like the Alternian sun either; you can BATHE IN THEM FULLY and only suffer MINOR EYE INJURIES (due to being in the bright all the time). You are also a PYROMANCER of sorts. It may seem like an overdone title, but you really, really AREN'T THAT SKILLED. You are able to control flames if they are ALREADY LIT, and you don't even have that much power over them anyways. You don't even bother most of that time.

    Instead, you'd rather take up your TRUSTY QUILL and create some FIERCE WORDS. It is no lie that you are a DABBLING AUTHOR of DERANGED AND SICK FANTASIES. You are also fond of TROLL POETRY. The QUILL also doubles as a SWORD. If the pen is mightier than the sword, what does a PEN THAT IS THE SWORD make?

    Your trolltag is jaundicedOligarchy and you tend to talk phorreverr, on and on, without any rresting and with sorrt oph an accent,


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