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Thread: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    ((First post. LET'S START WITH A TROLL.))

    >be the jerkwad with the over-used food puns.
    and where the FFUCK do you think that insult's going to get you!? that's right, right on the FFUCKING SKILLE-

    >be the angry chef to the stars.

    Your trolltag is hotpotInferno and your manner of speaking reveals a lot of your FFUCKING rage, and you like to serve a SHITton of FFood puns along with your oven burns, even when it's FFUCKING needless.


    (( Sorry about the transparency. I don't have any paint programs that are capable of making transparent backgrounds and I don't plan on wasting computer space I'll hardly ever use; and the internet program I usually use instead was being an ass. Also, Kenfur doesn't actually have fire in his eyes. It's just a metaphorical thing. You're going to have to take it with a


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    Ya'll just been selfish.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Your name is Chiron Flieck.

    You are currently 7 sweeps old, despite often acting like a child.
    You like to spend a lot of time around JELLYFISH. As a mater of fact, you are so nuts about jellyfish, you even learn JELLYFISH ANATOMY. By golly, do you love JELLYFISH or what? You find jellyfish so facinating and interesting, how they live, how they eat, everything. You even had designed a skirt to look like jellyfish frills and tentacles as you found the special design to aid you in swimming. You pretty much spend most of your time around groups of jellyfish in the vast sea, which you end up getting stung a few times, but it doesn't bother you. Currently, you have a nursery of rare jellyfish in your hive.

    You take a big interest in SPOOKS, GHOSTS and HORROR MYSTERIES, often on the prowl for abandoned hives or old ruins in hopes for a PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE. Oh boy, do you love scaring people with GHOST STORIES too or jumping out at them from the darkness to give them a HUGE FRIGHT. You also believe in the AFTERLIFE and often think up theories on how it would be. You mostly imagine an afterlife where there is no fear of culling. Vast clear seas to swim in. A Huge population of colourful and mysterious fish. Not to mention a perfect body figure. A true paradise, in your eyes.

    You also like to prey on smaller fish in the sea, hunting with your trusty POISONED DAGGER equipped, you never leave home without it. You have it styled to look almost like a poisonous barb. Your lusus often accompanies you on hunting trips, but she always seems to steal your prey before you even have a chance to kill it, taunting you in the process. In time, you eventually learned to act fast and outsmart your lusus if you wanted to eat. Your lusus is a great big jellyfish-looking creature with hundreds of poisonous barbs. It can a REAL PAIN when she accidentally sits on you, literally!

    You have a "tough skin" and oblivious to most taunts and teasing. But you are easily offended as soon as someone starts TEASING ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT. Unlike most trolls, you are quite CHUBBY. Mostly due to the fact that you try to gobble up as much fish as possible before your lusus steals the rest of it. You are VERY SENSITIVE about your weight, even up to the point where you refuse to hunt every so often, from fear of being seen.

    You have a stingy atitude towards things and you have a sharp tongue to go with it. You find enjoyment in TAUNTING others, especially if they are HIGHBLOODED. Even though you stick by the blood caste, you interact positively to lowbloods as you do to highbloods, showing the same amount of respect. They're just unfortunate to have such low and vile blood, that's all. You scorn at the ones who act POMPUS and HOITY-TOITY and those who treat the lower bloods like dirt. Even though you taunt about blood colour yourself, but at least you don't rub the lowbloods' noses in it! People often describe you as appearing SWEET and BUBBLY because of your childish nature.

    Your Hive is a LOVELY, GIANT UNDERWATER CAVE, where you tend to a rare species of GLOWING JELLYFISH. Your hive is infested with these glowing fish, but hey, they look so pretty! Your hive has a downfall. As you never got around to fastening on a door, your hive often gets PLUNDERED while you're out hunting. But the jellyfish, at least, make it hard to enter for the looters.

    Your TrollTag is spookyVenom [SV] and you ~Show your j€££yfish €nthusiasm constant£y as you sp€ak~H€€ h€€ h€€ h€€~->>

    More info!! (Dream planet, strife specibis ect ect)
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    > Be the history geek
    Fuck off |)][ckhea|)
    >Be the Blue-blood that looks like he's from the past
    Better, but st][ll


    Summary/other stuff
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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    I WAS gonna post my other two before I made another one, but my life is already a spiraling-out-of-control mess of obsession. So let's just...
    > Be the hyper-traumatized, excuse making, loathsome jerk.
    €- €xcus€€€ m€?! -3
    > Oops. Sorry. Be the "damaged goods".

    €- I will not stand for this kind of insubordination, scumblood! -3
    Your name is SERKIN LYCHIS, you are 7 SWEEPS, and you HATE YOURSELF. You won't go OUT OF YOUR WAY TO DISPLAY IT, but you certainly can't stand all the little things that are WRONG WITH YOU. For one thing, you're hot-tempered, which is probably what lead to THE LOSS OF VISION IN ONE EYE. But we'll get to that later.

    The most noteworthy thing is that you are VERY HEMOLOYAL. In fact, your hemoloyalism has taken a rather ODD AND OBSESSIVE FORM. You have a strange and bizarre FASCINATION WITH AUTHORITY. It's an obsession that BORDERS ON THE FETISHISTIC. And possibly crosses that border. But let's not get too personal, shall we?

    The next thing you would like to point out is that yes, your EYE IS "FUCK€D UP" and yes it is scarred. You were A VERY ROWDY VIOLENT PERSON UNTIL RECENTLY. Even by normal standards, you were A LITTLE BIT OUT OF CONTROL. You liked bar fights. A lot. Until you learned the hard way that YOU DON'T ALWAYS GET TO WIN. An alcohol-saturated bottle-to-the-face taught you that. The alcohol from the drink is probably the reason the eye didn't get infected and die, FOR ALL THE GOOD IT ISN'T DOING YOU. Your left eye is now scarred, embedded with glass particles, and completely non-functional. Somewhere in your SELF-DEPRECIATING MIND, and in the OPINIONS OF MOST OF THE PEOPLE YOU ASSOCIATED WITH, you deserved it. You, however, have taken that to a slight extreme, and KEPT THE EYE.

    On a less bitter note, you would like to point out that you ARE RATHER EASILY CHARMED. AND FLUSTERED. And for that matter, GULLIBLE. Ok, so it's not always a good thing, but ANYTHING NICE DONE FOR YOU will get someone in your good book for quite some time, and you have a SKEWED DEFINITION of what IS AND ISN'T NICE. You put up with A LOT OF SHIT in trade for very SIMPLE THINGS. Some people say you'd make a good THERAPIST. You prefer, however, to SKETCH ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS. It's a silly passion, but it gets you through the night. What you REALLY want to do, though, is be an engineer. Oh, man. So cool.

    Your lusus is one REALLY WEAK MOUSE. You're not sure how you got a mouse lusus, but no one else would take you. Popsqueak took pretty good care of you out in the SUBURBS of town, though, so you won't bitch. He even let you get your symbol tattooed on your face when you were 6 sweeps, but he was always kind of a pushover.

    Your trolltag is depreciatingSpiral and you €- oft€n find yours€lf lacking in fucks to giv€€€. -3
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    I'm on pesterchum! kaviCordi is my personal/self insert, and all my trolls' trolltags (See below) can usually be reached at various times as well.
    I can also be reached as an android from outer space! T3 can be pestered at xenologicalDefect.
    Augh don't look. TvvT I'm fixing this.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    > Be the greedy vixen
    ~ if yOu inSIst ~A_A

    Your name is VULPES ALTAIR. You live in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE with your overbearingly PARANOID lusus. In fact, that old FOX has you constantly on the run for no apparent reason. On the bright side of things, you have learnt to be EXCEEDINGLY STEALTHY because of it. Though you WASTE that talent most of the time in order to play NASTY TRICKS on other trolls. As a result, most trolls tend to AVOID you despite your AFFECTIONATE disposition. Really, aside from the OCCASIONAL VIOLENT STREAK, you are one of the CUDDLIEST trolls out there, probably.

    You think LOWBLOODS tend to be WIMPS, since none of them can take a JOKE without it getting PERSONAL. On the other hand, HIGHBLOODS seem to be either COMPLETE NUTCASES or COMPLETELY DISINTERESTED in excellent merrymaking. It's their loss. Your SENSE OF HUMOUR is just too HARD for others to UNDERSTAND.

    Aside from your love of SNEAKING AROUND and TERRIBLE PUNS, you enjoy collecting SHINY OBJECTS and other kinds of JUNK. That DEN you call a HIVE is just filled to the brim with COMPLETELY USELESS THINGAMAJIGS. You were even FOOLISH enough to use one of them as your STRIFE SPECIBUS. Sure, most would think that a YOYO was probably not the SMARTEST idea you've had, but it AMUSES you to no end. Your TRICK MODUS is equally as USELESS. Most of the time it just BACKFIRES and you end up with something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what you wanted. Whoever thought that putting RANDOM OBJECTS into unlabelled BOXES was a bright idea was clearly an IDIOT.

    You haven't thought about QUADRANTS much because you have BETTER THINGS TO DO than worry about romance. Your GOAL in life is to be a TOP-CLASS THIEF just like the infamous FIRECLAW TRICKLIE. You IDOLIZE this troll so much. She was just so INSPIRATIONAL that even now at 8.31 SWEEPS you still dedicate your life to FOLLOWING IN HER FOOTSTEPS. What this means is that when you have to FIGHT, you use WHATEVER MEANS POSSIBLE to win. That, and NONE of the SHINY THINGS are safe from your greedy paws, NONE OF THEM. If you SEE something you LIKE, you have no problems taking it by FORCE.

    Because of some GAME you heard about, you've ended up in the LAND OF MOSS AND MAYHEM, which makes absolutely NO SENSE to you whatsoever. What's really COOL however, is that you've been given the spiffy title of THIEF OF SPACE. What this title INCLUDES is a MYSTERY to you, but you can't wait to find out.

    Your trolltag is sleekTrickery and you ~tENd to dARt in betWeen woRds beFOre praNCing oFf agAin~A_A

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    (( Sorry, big sprite. Re-sizing takes away the pixellated goodness. ))

    > Be the jealousy prone one.

    That would be me, would it not? About time too. But I am not jealousy prone, no sirree!

    > Yes, precisely, it is you.

    Your name is JULIAS SAEKRE, and you hate how EVERYONE has EVERYTHING better than YOU. Let's face it, you're an OLIVE-BLOOD. Goddamn, you wish you were at least a jade, but oh nooooo, fate has decided otherwise! It just so happened to place you in the most common slot on the Hemospectrum possible. Look at all those pompous blues and purples with their fat asses resting on plush cushions. Urgh. You wanted to be one of them. But you're generally AMIABLE when you are not busy ENVYING SOMEONE ELSE.

    You are 7 SWEEPS OLD, and quite stealthy because of your blood colour. Your LUSUS is a CROW, whom you refer to as RAVEN, and she influenced you by giving you an urge to THIEF all SHINY THINGS. Together, you two are the perfect partners for crime. Sea-dwellers are just dripping with jewellery, they certainly wouldn't mind if one or two went missing. You're quiet as a hootbeast when it comes to robberies. But then again, that's because you LACK the ABILITY TO TALK. You were born with this disability, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Well shit. Congratu-fucking-lations to anyone who can gab their think-pans off, eh?

    Although you won't admit it, you're bit of a CRYBABY. You're really easily HURT, and you can be a SCAREDY-CAT at times. Although if anyone gets in worked up into a JEALOUS FURY, there will be NO MERCY.

    Your HIVE is filled with ALL SORTS OF PRECIOUS STONES AND SHIT. You play the violin, but you're not that good. On the wall just beside your Recuperacoon you have a long piece of paper with PLANS. You update your PLANS daily, and you cross off the ones that you had accomplished. You have a lot of AMBITION. You also have some BOOKS, but then you get mad at how easy the things are for the characters and you THROW THE BOOKS DOWN IN ANGER. Nevertheless, you enjoy the tales to some extent. You also WRITE a whole lot, because of your SPEECH CONDITION. You have some old PLUSHIES that look liked KANGAROOS, you pretend that they're a CIVILIZATION. You used to FLARP, but then you RAGEQUITTED after some asshole beat you ten times in a row. You MURDERED him afterwards, and took his FANCY PENDANT THING as a PRIZE.

    Your troll tag is liltingSilence and you have been told on a # of occasions that your quirk is > than confusing. You can't be bothered to change it, + you like how unique it is. Or @ least, appears to be.

    )) sometimes when youre feeling negative you just troll yourself and drop the quirks and capitals. you like whispering to yourself. ((

    My chumhandle is the exact same thing as my username.

    I lied, I made two fantrolls.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Your name is ZEBARA FELLUS but you normally go by just FELLUS to keep things impersonal and natural. Speaking of natural, you live in the forest towards the north of Alterina alone, in a simple one story hive. You are 7.5 sweeps old and have GREEN BLOOD, but you don't really care that much about your blood color. At least when you are alone like you normally are.
    You have lived alone since an accident cost you your eye and your Lusus, and though you miss your Hawkmom, you feel better now that you have one less mouth to feed. Because of the consent need for food, you are a pretty good HUNTER and you are alright with the BOW and ARROW along with your favored weapons, THROWING KNIFES. You have pretty good SURVIVAL SKILLS, but have to refresh your knowledge with the info you gathered from a book left in a hole near your hive. You also have a secret passion for TRASHY ROMANTIC MOVIES AND BOOKS that you would be MORTIFIED if anyone found.
    Because of all your time alone, you tend to be QUITE but DIRECT with people. You tend not to hold anything back, being PRETTY HARSH but HONEST. When someone criticizes you, it tends not to bother you much, except when they talk about your EYE or THE WAY YOU LIVE. You really do not care much about the HEMOSPECTRUM when you are alone, but when you are amongst people of a HIGHER BLOOD CLASS you are very respectful and quiet, at least to a point. Around lowerbloods you are yourself and helpful at times with those who have less then you... to a point. Above all, you want to SURVIVE and will do much to insure your own survival. You don't believe there is anything wrong with that.

    Your trollhandle is highwayEscapist and you type kinD oF likE thiS anD don'T givE a slumgubbinG goD whO careS.

    Woo! My first fan troll.
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    Starting from Scratch.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    >Be the huntress who’s practically bouncing off the walls.

    Your name is Felida Pretar. You are 8 SWEEPS OLD and like everyone else you’re just TRYING TO SURVIVE. Though the goal is to SIMPLY GET BY you can’t really help but succumb to the urge to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to prove that you can SURVIVE ANYTHING.

    Your favorite HOBBY IS HUNTING, which seems counterproductive for a troll just trying to make it to her next sweep on ALTERNIA. That doesn’t matter to you, though; you really couldn’t imagine life without THE THRILL OF THE HUNT and that rush you get from TRACKING AND KILLING TERRIBLE AND DANGEROUS ALTERNIAN CREATURES alongside your LUSUS, a ferocious BOBCAT, in the SWAMPLANDS THAT SURROUND YOUR HIVE. You could probably try to bullshit some fluffy garbage about how wrestling a creature down and ending their lives with nothing but your bare hands is POETIC OR SOMETHING but in reality you just really like PUNCHING STUFF INTO SUBMISSION.

    On the subject of LUSII, you think your Lusus is pretty rad; she’s definitely really strong and fast! You honestly feel like you lucked out, getting such an awesome guardian. The odds must be a million to one! It’s not as if she’s perfect: no, she’s far from it. Often times she’ll get overprotective or worse, STUCK UP A TREE; it’s like she’s IN LOVE with getting trapped up those dumb things! You really HATE climbing up to save her since you’re so DEATHLY AFRAID OF HEIGHTS.

    Though you hate heights, you’re not so opposed to flying through the air. You LOVE acrobatics! Your lusus is so cool looking when she leaps onto her prey! Her feats in the air have inspired you to try and achieve that level of aerial skill. You often practice your ACROBATICS while on hunts using the natural surroundings as impromptu balance beams and bars.

    You also have a SUPER HANDY AND REALLY NEAT PSYCHIC POWER: the ability to sense ONCOMING DANGER manifesting in the form of an intense UNCOMFORTABLENESS. Paired with your SHARP REFLEXES, you find this particularly handy even though you kind of wish it was a little less of an AWFUL EXPERIENCE. Since your power tends to flare up in CROWDED PLACES (danger is everywhere in troll society, you know) you mostly just OUTRIGHT AVOID CROWDS and stick to your swamps.

    Being so active, you think any activities that require you to SIT STILL for any extended period of time are SUPER LAME. You’re pretty sure only DORKS LIKE MOVIES and READING IS FOR NERDS. VIDEO GAMES are also on your blacklist of ACTIVITIES, unless they’re the MOTION CATCHING KIND. You think those are really kind of NEAT and a LOT OF FUN, You especially love DANCING GAMES!

    Every once in a while you have to REST UP from all that DARING ACTION. You can be found at your husktop trying to regale your few friends with your TALES OF AWESOMENESS.

    Your trolltag is pouncingAerialist and >>>you totally think that everything you say >>>
    >>>should have some forward movement to it!!>>>

    Tl;Dr and Additional info.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    >Be the oblivious troll in the headphones.
    ||:UH… fine,:||
    Your name is ORIELE SEMYON, you are a 6.5 SWEEP OLD LIMEBLOOD, and you’d deny it if it weren’t true. And yes, you’re often caught with your HEADPHONES on. They’re NOISE CANCELING headphones, and you rarely take them off, for a couple reasons.

    You have a minor psychic power (if it can be called that) which gives you SUPER AWESOME HEARING!! And EMPATHY, too... Yeah, it’s actually not as great as it sounds. It lets you hear pretty much every single noise in the vicinity, as well as pick up on a few stray emotions. This would give you an advantage, but most people can read emotions just by... wait for it... tone of voice! Not the most useful power, is it? Most of the time, everything’s just WAY TOO LOUD for you. On top of that, the loudest emotions are the negative ones, especially angst. Ugh, you can't stand hearing the angst. You just have to drown it out before it starts getting to you.

    You have a slight OBSESSION with sounds, stemming naturally from your psychic ability, and are often caught recording COMPLETELY RANDOM NOISES. You then take these and make songs, if they can be called that. You arrange them into "MUSIC" MUSIC ranging from conventional ELECTRONIC to more EXPERIMENTAL stuff, then PLAY them to ANYONE who will listen. Which isn't too many trolls, honestly. But who's stopping you? Well, your lusus, but we'll get to that. Aside from that, your INTERESTS include VIDEO GAMES, HUNTING, and FLARP. You’re quite good at FLARPing and hunting when you can SNEAK UP on people, which is pretty often. You live with your lusus, BATMOM, in a modest hive built into a large CAVE at the bottom of some MOUNTAINS. She’s dead set on making you into a MEDIC, but you’re pretty sure that’s never happening. You just can’t take all the shouts of pain and whatnot.

    You generally are pretty CALM and are doing your best to remain that way. Since you're pretty good at the stuff you do, if you say so yourself, you've got a bit of an EGO. Unfortunately, when you’re not able to actually hear trolls talking, you’re also pretty gullible. You’ve got an unfortunate tendency to drown out problems rather than face them, and often come across as utterly OBLIVIOUS. It’s quite the weakness.

    Your FETCH MODUS is a modified SIMON MODUS, which is much like the popular wriggler's game, except with a lot more buttons. Each one plays a different note or noise, and you have to mimic a certain tune to get your item out. More important or bigger items have more complex tunes, and so on.

    ||:When you're wearing your HeadpHones. you tend to mess up your inflections;:||
    ||:You don’t speak up often, but wHen you do: you can ramble on for quite a while,:||

    Your trolltag is obliviousListener. If you ever played a certain well-known UNIVERSE-CHANGING, REACHAROUND-LADEN, CATASTROPHICALLY REALITY-BENDING VIDEO GAME, you’d be the SYLPH of HEART in the land of GLASS and ECHOES, a mysterious planet inhabited by EAGLE CONSORTS.


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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Your name is Ailere Torsim

    You are 6.5 sweeps old and you are a walking BAD LUCK MAGNET!

    You have a large collection of LUCKY CHARMS just to get rid of this misfortune cloud that seems to envelope you. You've tried everything!! most others seem to AVOID you in fear of getting bad luck, but it doesn't happen to often. Only you just have this misfortunate curse, oh well.
    Despite your luck, you often head out doors to study BIOLOGY. You particually thrive on studying PLANTS AND INSECTS. You enjoy studying the way of insects and find it fascinating how they can survive so many deadly situations. Interesting!

    Your psychic power even aids you in your study's. It allows you to conjoin with a particular plant or a group of plants to mentally become that plant or group of plants. During this time, you can control the plants movements and COMMAND THEM AT YOUR WILL, literally. Though, you must GUARD YOUR BODY during your time with a plant as you loose all controll to your body, leaving you as a SITTING DUCK for dangerous creatures and trolls alike. You can only remain linked with a plant for a short time sadly.

    Socially, you are a VERY NERVOUS sort of person. You just seem to stumble over your words and say the wrong things. You mostly just try to keep your sentinces short but you LOVE GOING INTO DETAIL so that never works out.
    You have a bit of LOW SELF ESTEEM, often saying that you're a failure at most things. You're not as bad as you think you are, but you just over react.
    Amongst close friends, you become MORE CONFIDENT AND CHEERFUL. Perhaps you should try to incorporate that same additude in other situations.

    You don't like the caste system, but you follow it with loyalty. Around higher bloods, you become SO NERVOUS, you litteraly tremble. This is also where you make a lots of mistakes as you try so hard to make a good impression in there eyes. You also follow their order to the T, mostly because you are afraid of being culled.

    When it comes to fighting, you prefer to retreat and assess the situation further, but when backed into a corner, you will FIGHT FEROCIOUSLY. But sadly, you're not very strong or smart when it comes to violence so you've had some VERY CLOSE ENCOUNTERS with death, but luckily nothing too scaring. The ONLY thing that was lucky about you. You fight with a machete and can also use your plants to attack, but that's a last resort.

    Your lusus is a large ladybug that looks after you quite well. You often ride on her back during your explorations. She is a HERBIVORE so you don't have to worry about getting her food, but you do have to worry when she breaks into your GREENHOUSE and starts eating your plants.
    Your hive is a run-down old shack in the middle of a shallow swamp. A five minute walk from your hive takes you to your greenhouse, full rare and favourite plants that you have collected.

    Your trolltag is biologicalMisfortune [BM] and you +... +... +alk wi+h a bit •f hesi+ation

    Info!! (strife specibis, dream planet ect ect)
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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    >Your name is OPARTE MAGINO.

    You are a SEA DWELLER, meaning you are at the top of the Alternian blood caste system, meant to rule over all the lesser castes and you loudly proclaim your superiority to anyone who’ll put up with you long enough.

    Your SEA TURTLE LUSUS raised you in your underwater hive—a rambling affair of spires and gaudy decorations—though he spends much of the waking night away to feed, leaving you to fend for yourself. You still get along fine, and sometimes you even go out hunting together, but as you’ve gotten older, you’ve both spent more and more time doing your own things. You've learned to fend off marine predators with your TRUSTY HARPOON GUN. You are able to hit targets from a great distance, but when you don't hit, the distance is usually large enough that you can swim to some place safe before you are devoured. Sometimes things get interesting.

    You rarely venture to the surface, preferring the familiarity of your underwater habitat. When you do surface, it's often to locate land dwellers who have ventured too close to the sea, whereupon you GIVE THEM A GOOD SCARE. Unless they’re bigger than a wiggler, or they’re particularly WELL-ARMED, or have an especially DANGEROUS-LOOKING LUSUS. You try to leave those trolls alone after a few close calls from your younger sweeps.

    You like to explore old ruins and caves, and to have many daring adventures in the reefs and wrecks of the deep sea. That is, you would if it wasn't such risky business, but you love to read about such adventures, or to play games that put you in the role of a brave adventurer or a great admiral. You BELIEVE IN ANCESTORS even though you don't know a thing about your own, but you're CERTAIN he must have been a great captain or a mighty general or something. Something you need to live up to.

    Okay, truth be told? The thought of all this responsibility IS PRETTY SCARY. Sure, you like bossing other trolls, but if you had to do that face-to-face you think you might crack. That's why you PREFER DEALING WITH OTHERS OVER TROLLIAN. If anyone wants to meet you, you just say you're too busy for things like that, though really you're just too scared and shy.

    Your trolltag is superiorSeafarer and you type LOUD! BECAUSE YOU!RE THE BOSS! but sometimes your true nature shows itself.

    Critical Info:
    Read my, and PrussianMoose's, webcomic: The Adventures of the Great Captain Maggie!

    Quotes from the ancient times:

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Your name is EUELER ARMENE.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Since that's all that could be wrenched out of me at the critique thread, I'll officially submit him here.

    >Be the bare-chested troll

    Your name is SIDERO FEMARS. Today is your wriggling day and you are now officially six sweeps old.

    You are MADE OF IRON. Seriously, it is like super cold outside and you still don't wear a shirt. You don't even have HEATING in your hive as you are almost NEVER THERE. You wander often in the company, if you can call it that, of your lusus. If you knew what a wolf was, you would say it matches that description except for it's unusually large fangs and eight legs. Ever since it picked you, it TESTED you by not caring about your well-being at all. At least, as far as you know. Your lusus actually defended you from MUCH LARGER AND BIGGER THREATS than what you personally encountered but you don't know that. In fact, it made you VERY COLD both physically and emotionally. You just don't get worked up about things. A big disadvantage in troll society.

    You like to play games and are a fan of EXTREME ROLE-PLAYING. You are pretty good at it. Of course, the reason why you are pretty good at it is because you HAVE YET TO DIE and not because you have picked up amazing weaponry. In fact, your weapons kind of suck. They are composed entirely of things you PICK UP. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS isn't even allocated yet. What the fuck are you doing? If only you allocated Fistkind but nope, you refuse that COP-OUT. Trolls who pick Fistkind are BRAINLESS IDIOTS. Still, many a troll that came for your life and FLARP treasures ended up paying THE ULTIMATE PRICE, thinking you were defenseless. You still remember that time you stabbed another troll kid in the chest with his moirail's own horns. Hey, they broke the cardinal rule when it comes to interacting with you : Don't start none, won't be none. And it's not exactly your fault that his horns were pretty stab-friendly.

    That doesn't mean you end up winning all these scraps others start. In fact, you recall being SOUNDLY BEATEN a few times. At one point, you were even tossed off a cliff from the top of your hive by a PURPLEBLOOD - one destined for Subjuggulardom. You SURVIVED but barely. Other trolls would have sought revenge, perhaps even forming a blackrom interaction with them. Other trolls are also STUPID. You were also quite defeated by the lowest of the low on the hemospectrum. She gave you something to remember her by - that SCAR on the right side of your body. Of course, your FETCH MODUS was not very efficient that day. It rarely is. You sometimes curse having picked the TRDA FETCH MODUS which does not let you put anything inside, instead granting you CONTEXT-SENSITIVE inventory that you must use to the BEST OF YOUR ABILITIES but in the end, you remember that if you wish to be as clever as Troll Richard Dean Anderson, you must also follow his path.

    Your trolltag is metallicSurvivor and you speak with a subdued voice... almost 6reathless... with 2ero intonation...


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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    > Be the condescending douchebag.

    Now~ now~ wouldn't it be a better idea to use respect with your betters, mmm?

    > Nope.

    Oh~ you lowbloods. No matter~ I'll get to fixing your opinions right after this, mmm, yes?

    You are CARSUM NARDOL and a few weeks ago it was your wriggling day, turning you into a fresh SEVEN SWEEP old troll. A rich TEAL (#006d5f) color blood runs in you, putting your place juuuuuust next to being a true noble.

    For this reason, you're incredibly ENVIOUS of those highbloods and their sweet, sweet color. You try to emulate and praise them as much as you can, in hopes that they will accept you (they won't.). You treat everyone lower than yourself on the spectrum with utter condescension, for surely, at least in your mind, they are truly suffering. After all, their blood are all horrible colors, almost as bad as your own! You try to give them advice from time to time, but none ever really listen to you. Instead, you get insulted. And yelled at. Really, lowbloods are very unpleasant to be around!

    Your lusus, a somewhat RESPECTABLE but haughty LION, raised you around a grassy savannah like area. He has tried to show you how to properly act noble and strike without mercy, but only a few of his lessons ever manage to take. It may be because you don't actually respect him that much, for having the same blood as you. However, you did pick up on his list of incredibly high standards! You've never been able to meet those expectations, and neither has anyone else as far as you can tell! Damn right you're going to hold everyone to those same standards, it's only fair! Only highbloods ever seem to get close for you.

    You also have hobbies that some would call "refined." Most call them stupid. You regularly practice with the violin, and are quite able to carry a decent tune now. You sometimes dream of being drafted into some form of propaganda music creating orchestra, but then you remember your place on the spectrum. Never will the first chair be open for you, alas. You also practice the art of FINE DANCING, to nearly everyone's amusement. You think it's no laughing matter, of course. Being able to dance correctly is of utmost importance in appearing proper, after all! Lastly, you actually enjoy getting a chance to relax and take SPIRITED WALKS around the area, watching the interesting creatures of the wild roam about you. There have been a few close calls from this, but totally nothing you can't handle. Totally.

    Your FETCH MODUS is set to Paint-in-the-lines. It's a very literal name, you have to pain a picture within the lines. Go out of bounds once and the whole process must be restarted! You have....well, really come to hate painting, actually. How is one supposed to be a master of everything, huh??

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is allocated to fistKind. The noble art of pugilism has not escaped your grasp, even though archery is so much better. However, that's just not for your caste. Not that anyone but you really cares.

    If convinced to play a GAME, you would be the PAGE of LIGHT, in the LAND of TOWERS and WIND

    Your trolltag is subservientArtisan and you type with a Bit of a~ hmmm~ mocking tone in your speech~ yes?

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    -Definitely open for RPs, so message me if you're interested or add his chumhandle!-

    > Be the lying hermit.

    Your name is AYTRIN KEPHAX. You are nearly 8 sweeps old. Your hive is near the top of a VERY TALL MOUNTAIN. It is full of OBJECTS that all seem to be either MUCH TOO BIG or MUCH TOO SMALL, as well several INCOMPLETE PROJECTS and a variety of OBJECTS that apply to your VARIETY OF INTERESTS. Your lusus is a very large beast that is similar to an EARTH GOAT, whatever that is. It should be training you to be the superior troll you were born to be, but it spends most of its time GRAZING on the ROCKS AND MINERALS found near your hive.

    You HATE your BLOOD COLOR, and ALL THOSE BELOW IT with a BURNING PASSION. Really, it’s just that you hate that you had to be stuck in such a LOW CLASS. Luckily, your PSYCHIC ABILITIES allow you to PERMANENTLY MODIFY THE WAY OTHERS PERCEIVE THINGS AROUND THEM. Usually, this ability would probably be put to use for some better purpose, but you mostly just use it to MAKE OTHER TROLLS THINK YOU ARE A HIGHBLOOD.

    You have developed several rather SOLITARY INTERESTS due to the amount of time you spend ALONE in your LARGELY INACCESSIBLE HIVE. You have delved into a variety of genres of TROLL LITERATURE and have learned a lot about the NOBILITY from the CLASSICS, which are your FAVORITES. You also have decided to take an interest in BUILDING THINGS, as you expect it may help to make your hive more ACCESSIBLE so that you wouldn’t have to be ALONE so much. You are currently working on what you expect to be some sort of FLYING MACHINE, though it’s nowhere near FINISHED. You have many other MINOR INTERESTS to OCCUPY YOUR TIME, but you spend most of it TRAINING TO BE LIKE THE NOBILITY. Or, what you expect they’re like, anyways.

    You have a trollian account, but you don’t have many FRIENDS. You’ve been trying to make some MORE, but you AREN’T VERY GOOD AT IT. Your trolltag is infiniteAscension and you speak in a manner that ^Reminds Everyone How Superior You Are To Them^

    Name: Aytrin Kephax
    Gender: Male
    Trolltag: infiniteAscension (IA)
    Bloodcolor: Yellow (#d5da05), but projects seadweller purple (#8604aa) [<- Types with this one]
    Quirk: Capitalize first letter of every word, "^" at the beginning and end of each post
    Lusus: Goat-thing
    Strife Specibus: Axekind
    Sign: Cepheus (the King)
    Ancestor: The Consort

    -If he played Sgrub-

    Title: Heir of Space (Not because its a mash of canon main characters, but because they best suited him)
    Planet: Land of Shrouds and Frogs

    ((Also, new here/first post, so my apologies if I've done something wrong. Message me and I'll try to fix it? Oh, and I've got a lot more info and background on this guy (more specifics on his powers, too) that I'd be happy to expand upon if anyone's interested. Once my tablet's fixed and I can start flooding DA with art of him, I'll have it all up there and link it, too.))
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    Joined to rp my fantroll, so feel free to pester his handle, infiniteAscension or drop me a message. ^^

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    ==> Be the spoiled bitch
    Excussse me, little missssss narrator!?? I am not ssspoiled, okay?

    ==> Fine... be the bitchy Highblood
    That'sss better, I guess...

    Your name is KARIYA VELES, you are 6 SWEEPS OLD and, regardless of what you think, you are EXTREMELY SPOILED.

    tl;dr and Others

    Reference Picture

    I'm available for rp on pesterchum if anyone wants. -is craving rp-
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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    (First time posting whoo)

    ==> ENTER NAME.

    Your name is LYNARA MORINE.

    You are very CALM AND RELAXED, especially for a troll. The reason for this is that you enjoy MEDITATION, as it helps you THINK WITH A CLEAR HEAD. You think that most members of your species need to TAKE A CHILL PILL. You are not afraid to express this opinion to other trolls (though not in that manner), even though they tend to find it and you REALLY QUITE ANNOYING. Most tend to MAKE FUN OF YOU over your UNUSUAL BELIEFS. You are quite unaware of this, as your ZEN NATURE leads you to be VERY OBTUSE ABOUT THE FEELINGS AND INTENTIONS OF OTHERS.

    You believe in THE CONNECTION OF ALL THINGS, and the NEVERENDING FLOW OF THE UNIVERSE. You also believe in FATE AND DESTINY, and as a result just tend to LET THINGS HAPPEN rather then influence events. You do not plan things, as you believe things will WORK OUT FOR THE BEST. You think you are a PROPHETESS, but you are not. Not even a VERY BAD ONE. However, you carry on blissfully unaware of this fact, and your preferred method of prophesy is INTERPRETING DREAMS. Since troll dreams are rather nasty and violent, your FAUX PROPHECIES tend to be filled with DOOM for everyone involved, but you are quick to assure those who are hapless enough to let you prophesy for them that their SUPPOSED MISFORTUNE is for the GOOD OF THE UNIVERSE.

    You try to give your FRIENDS the impression that you are an ELIGHTENED INDIVIDUAL THAT DOES NOT ENGAGE IN SILLY ACTIVITIES, but you are secretly enamored with READING AND WRITING VERY VERY BAD FICTION. You think it is THE BEST but it is actually THE WORST, but no one will ever be able to tell you that because you will NEVER SHOW THEM TO ANYONE. If one could READ THE VERY VERY BAD FICTION, they might notice that MOST OF THE CHARACTERS seem to be KNOCKOFFS OF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS, except that they are gifted with PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is CHAKRAMKIND. They can be THROWN or USED AT CLOSE RANGE. You are fairly proficient with them, which is good since your UNUSUAL BELIEFS occasionally RUB A TROLL THE WRONG WAY and you must FIGHT THEM OFF. You don't mind fighting, though you think there are BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR TIME. Your lusus is a FLYING SERPENT that GOES IN CIRCLES IN THE SKY. It comes down every night to eat and sleep. You HAVE A BETTER RELATION with your lusus then most trolls, though the two of you mostly let each other CARRY OUT YOUR DAILY LIVES without much interaction.

    Your trolltag is continuumSeeker, and you like to let yOur wOrds flOw withOut any sOrt Of ObstructiOn

    (Hero mode:
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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    >Be the FLARPing, irresponsible blackflirt.

    ...That's you! But you don't really look like that anymore.

    That's better.


    Yea, that thing up there about you being a gigantic BLACKFLIRT? It wasn't a joke. Making as many Trolls as possible HATE YOU, mess around with your BLACK QUADRANT has always been strangely amusing to you. You're pretty good at it too, quickly being able to ANALYZE a fellow Troll and find out just what TICKS THEM OFF THE MOST, then you just make sure to do JUST THAT as much as possible. Sure, one might believe that you do this solely for the PAIL FACTOR, but to be honest, that is one of the few things you very rarely do. You're a BUSY GUY after all, and the main reward to you is just the AMUSEMENT of taunting and angering everyone around you. Even if you do get a PROPER KISMESIS at one point or the other, you won't stop or anything. Why should you bother staying LOYAL to those assholes? If it's truly hate, then you should do EVERYTHING to hurt them, right?

    You're kinda stupid in that way.

    Anyway, when you're NOT GETTING YOUR BLACK ON, you enjoying FLARPING. You're a TEAM LEADER actually. This is pretty much your SOLE SOURCE OF INCOME. Whenever your team kills another one, you just loot JUST ABOUT ANY WEAPON, EQUIPMENT OR OTHER TRINKETS the losers may be carrying and later sell it. As a result, you have QUITE THE FORTUNE at your hands. You use most of this for different kinds of LUXURY you don't really need. You just have it to be able to say that you do. You like showing off. Otherwise, you just give your TEAM what they need. Oh yea, your TEAM, THE HUNTERS, doesn't exactly have the BEST REPUTATIONS. Under your leadership, they have gotten famous for various kinds of CHEAP TACTICS and CHEATING. Like in everything else, you consider yourself ABOVE THE RULES in FLARPING. You always look for different LOOPHOLES and useful RULES TO ABUSE. Again, your team ended up rather UNPOPULAR. Not that you care tough, they're your cheaters, and some of the few people you actually care about.

    Let's see...Anything else about you...You enjoy GAMBLING. You can certainly afford a GAME OF CHANCE every now and then, and you'd be damned if you didn't USE that. It's not a big part of your persona, you mainly just use it to come up with MORE THINGS TO CHEAT IN and WAYS TO DO SO.

    When it comes to the HEMOSPECTRUM, you are...A goddamned MORON to be honest. You'll piss off and HATEFLIRT with pretty much anyone, no matter their PLACE ON THE SPECTRUM. You have a tendency to get into LOADS OF TROUBLE FOR THIS, but hey, not that you'll actually LEARN something from it. Quite frankly, you're lucky to still be alive.

    Your SYLLADEX is set to the GAMBLE MODUS. Basically, the moment you CAPTCHALOUGE anything, the card turns into a small GOLDEN COIN. To get the item you want, you have to flip the coin and make a correct HEADS OR TAILS guess. If you guess wrong, you have to wait HALF AN HOUR before you can try again.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to DAGGERKIND, it's simple, easy and fitting for your FLARP CLASS, the ROGUE.

    Your TROLLTAG is caliginousRaider and *** Anything that glitters will eventually be hoarded. ___
    PC is nocturnalStoryteller. Feel free to pester me!

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    > Be the off-his-rocker indigo

    W(OO)uldn't that des(ribe alm(OO)st every indig(OO)? It (ertainly w(OO)uldn't apply t(OO) me!

    > Be the *judgmental, rowboat using* indigo

    At least y(OO)u tried, hehe!

    Your name is ARISME SIIONI. You are an INDIGO BLOOD (#450093) of EIGHT sweeps. Your caste deems you should probably be pretty damn violent and ornery , but that's just not you!

    Well, mostly not you. You're always sure to have a cheery demeanor about you, acting as if nothing at all can really bother you. Truth be told, nothing really seems to! Not in that ludicrous "HONK HONK fuckin miracles" way but more like you've just learned to pull the stick out of your rear, unlike so many of your highblooded compatriots.

    For instance, you love to go rowing about the various rivers around your hive. You think the sights are nice and pretty, and you're always willing to offer a ride to strangers. Strangers who you make tell their stories, and drown depending on the story. Some would deem you a vigilante, or maybe a judge. You don't particularly care, you just think it prudent to remove trolls you deem unsatisfactory! Your cheery demeanor helps with this, never letting slip just how much you may disapprove.

    But you're not always on a mission to wipe the world clean of trolls, you've actually got some decent hobbies of your own! For instance, you like to compose rather imposing sounding PIPE ORGAN music! You happen to be a fan of the instrument, and you sometimes compose songs for particularly memorable things you've seen or heard. You also enjoy looking into things deemed OCCULT or otherwise. The demons of troll myth (what little there is) greatly interest you, particularly ones involving judging and sailing! It might seem strange to worship a few sailing demons, but you think it's good for your luck! And only you ever seem to think that for some reason. Plus you like to read about other mythological creatures, including rainbow drinkers! Not the trashy romantic kind, those are dumb and lame, you prefer the actually creepy and dangerous ones of yore! Sightseeing actually *is* one of your favorite hobbies out of them all, and is the primary reason why you first began rowing across the rivers. You finally like to collect rather OLD coins of odd nature. You think they're very interesting, and sometimes see if you can haggle them out of people you help cross/die. They usually don't have any, but you'll be damned if you miss one for lack of trying!

    You were raised by your LUSUS, a CRANE, who was actually kind of harsh. He didn't tolerate nonsense, and brought you up to his very exacting standards. He's kind of a judgmental, fancy asshole. Normally he just hangs around the watery area of the MARSH, instead of inside your hive. He actively encourages your habit of removing trolls by your own decision, calling it "proper training for your caste." At least, you think that's what he means when he's squawking up a storm in your ear.

    When talking to trolls nowhere near your boat, you act pretty darn cheerful! Always asking questions with a smile, never really faltering. Those shy lowbloods and others interest you the most, if only because holy damn they've probably got all the GOOD stories hidden in their heads! Highbloods can be just as interesting, if a bit rude to you. Seadwellers actually annoy you a fair bit. Drowning someone who can breathe underwater is impossible, plus they've got that whole stuck up attitude thing going on! You don't really know much about subjugglators, but you're not really a fan of them. They make you look rather silly for having their caste level, plus that makeup is kinda dumb in your opinion.

    Your FETCH MODUS is ORGAN TUNE. Every item you collect gets a specific pipe organ sound attached to it, and then the item is hidden from view. You've either got to listen to a lot of pipe organs, or just remember which tune goes with which item. It has actually produced many headaches for you for these very reasons.

    Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is allocated to bowKind. Not one of those silly "Take several minutes to carefully string and aim" kinds of bows! A crossbow suits you just fine. It figures that slinging a large rod of indeterminate material into somebody actually hurts a lot, plus it's actually useful as a moderate club, if lacking in the strangling properties of 1/2 bowKind.

    If someone manage to harass you into playing a GAME, you would be the ROGUE of HOPE in the LAND of CAVERNS and WATER.

    Your trolltag is jocundJustice and you tend to type with a H(OO)ll(OO)w smile t(OO) y(OO)ur (arefree w(OO)rds.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    >Be the lonely anxious girl
    ...what? me? no no no...

    Your name is LANUAR UNDAII an you are 10 sweeps old. You know for being 10 sweeps you should be preparing for an adventure of IMPERIAL CONQUEST but no, here you are still in your HIVE. You spend your time DRAWING, LAYING ABOUT, and playing with various SEA CREATURES. You have yourself pretty ISOLATED in your UNDER WATER hive, but not by choice. Other SEA DWELLING trolls have pretty much SHUNED you. You figuer it’s because of your lack of MOTIVATION, WILL, and your freakish LUSUS.

    You often find yourself wondering what in glubs name allowed you to survive the trials and how your lusus even managed to raise you. After all it’s a small BLUBBERY SEA PIG, but you love her no matter what. Most of all you are BAFFELED at how you have ROYAL BLOOD in you. You don’t feel royal, you feel as though you shouls have been a COMMON BLOOD. You rather LIKE the landdwelling common bloods, they are’t snooty, but what can you do?

    You hate this LONELYNESS that you live in. But it’s hard to SOCIALIZE when others hate you and you have ANXIETY and no SELF WORTH. Most of all you want to meet your MATESPRIT but the way things are going for you you might get CULLED before you can. It’s time to GROW UP, so get off your ass or be culled. It’s YOUR call.

    Your trolltag is apatheticAquarian and you talk though you really dont care about anything...
    Other info
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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    ((Overlard, you mistyped your land acronym.))
    Ask the PvZ Plants here

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Tataudu: Post a bunch of Trolls ==>
    What? Oh, ok.

    Be the Unlikely Artist ==>

    [Did Some|one Order | A Knuckle | Sandwich?]
    Your name is Yldaan Alpgue, and you are really a friendly guy. As a young troll you were a fighter, a brawler. You would go out and you would pick a fight with the first troll you saw - not really a good move for a redblood but you did it anyway. These fights helped you grow into the strong and versatile soldier that you are now, though it did cost you most of one of your horns.
    None of that really bothered you, the fighting, breaking your own horns, spitting up blood for days as you recover from sustained injuries. Since you're a lowblood you ended up with psychic abilities. Though in comparison to the psionics and various other lowbloods-with-powers that you've seen in the Military, it seems to pale in comparison. Your ability is to dull or completely block out any pain, though the more pain there is the harder that is to sustain - There is no way you could just grin and bare it while having your arm hacksawed off, for example. In turn, you're a pretty good footsoldier, and you're excellent in scuffles. As previously mentioned, you fought a lot in your time on Alternia, this helped with that.
    You're also fairly sure you recover from injuries naturally faster than other trolls, but you might just be healthier or imagining it. Based on the condition of your horn, you're not so sure about whether you grow things back or not, but that would be pretty neat.
    Oh yeah, you also used to collect the blood of other trolls you fought, and you used it as inks to adorn your body with artworks. The pain never really bothered you, due to that prior mentioned psychic ability, so you have a whole lot of them all over your body. The ones on your back you had to get done by another troll, though. It was that or set up a rig that allowed you to do it yourself, but you're not the kind for that sort of know how.
    All of the artworks on your skin are of your design. Despite being a tough guy and a brawler you have a soft side for painting. Now that you're in the military you don't get the time for it so much, but occasionally you paint warscenes you've witnessed- They are glorious.
    You did earn a lot of enemies fighting like that in your youth, so when you were inducted to the military you discarded your old symbol and 'hid' your blood colour. Not that it was well and truly hidden, since you didn't actually care that much, and since you habitually bite at your gums all the time, you've always got blood leaking from your mouth. Still, it might help in avoiding your descendant ever finding out who you were, and following in your footsteps.
    Occasionally you get time to use Trollian, your Trolltag is sinAgain and you [Still Like | To Expre|ss Your Fight|ing Spirit]

    Be the Descendant ==>

    >HAHAHA whatever man
    Your name is Konver Hudlss, and you guess you're some kind of subjuggulator. Though you're not particularly enthused about it, it goes with the blood colour and it has its perks. No one bothers you, certainly.
    In truth, you have few interests. You spend a lot of time walking around, wandering. Sometimes you lose your hive for a few days, which is uncomfortable because then you're lost and cold and without your Lusus to protect and feed you, but you'd never admit to those weak moments either. These experiences have made you stronger for them.
    Sometimes you sit around in your hive and look things up on your grubtop, all the while ignoring the caring efforts of your Lusus, which is a large air-breathing aquatic creature with two long teeth, that likes to hobble throughout your hive using its flippers and makes the place smell like fish. It's repulsive.
    In all, you're a member of the subjuggulators, and that suits you just fine, though some nights you climb out of your recuperacoon and you find yourself surprised you haven't been culled for the grotesque mutations on the sides of your face. Those two big half-fin ear things you have going on. You suppose you're just off from being a seadweller, so you grew a little wrong. Can't breathe underwater though, you tried. You also suck at swimming. Good job.
    Sometimes when your Lusus is particularly irritating, you spend time on Trollian. Your Trolltag is solitaryAntagonist and you >HAHAHA try to express your distaste.

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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Name: Yantak Jacile
    Gender: Female
    Blood colour: anon
    Age: 7.5 sweeps old (17 human years)
    Trolltag: peacefulJuggalette
    Abilities: N/A
    Typing Quirk: all I,c,p are all in caps
    Strife Specibus: Jugglingballkind
    Fetch Modus: N/A
    Dream Planet: Derse
    Land: land of carnivals and hatchets
    Consorts: N/A
    Hero Title: N/A
    Quadrents: N/A
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    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    ((Rewrote with some changes and more info.))

    Your name is Leatha Channa and you're a 6 1/2 sweep old purple blood.
    You live with your lusus, a clown fish you call Momma, in the tropics. You like warm weather and dislike cold. You are not a very interesting troll to talk to. Your hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, singing, and watching anime. Yes, you are an anime nerd. You had to wear glasses at one time, but now you just wear contacts. You keep your glasses handy just in case something happens. You like wearing facepaint and have always wanted to be a subjug. You find them interesting and much cooler then seadwellers even though you are one. Momma is okay with your hobbies and encourages you and your wish to be a subjug. You are Bi polar and have asthma.You are against the hemospectrum. Your modus is set to drawkind you have to draw the thing you want out. Your strife specibus ia set to scythekind. Your troll tag is uncontrolledWriting and you speak like this ~H*w did i get dragged int* this?~

  25. #400

    Re: Trollslum 9, Old-school style with Quincunx's Hvalur Lepton

    Your name is AVAREL METIXA. You have a large variety of INTERESTS including a very enthusiastic passion for ACTING. You hope to one day be performing in front of thousands, preferably on TROLL-BROADWAY, although you CAN'T SING to save your life. You have a tendency to sit in front of your mirror for hours, ACTING OUT DRAMATIC MOVIE SCENES before you realize how much time you've wasted. You very much enjoy TROLLING UNSUSPECTING HUMANS, although nobody would be able to tell at first glance. You have a great fondness for ALL ANIMALS, ESPECIALLY FELINES, such as your CAT-LIKE LUSUS. You also sometimes dabble in VIDEO GAMES and like to think that you're THE BEST OF THE BEST. Although, truth be told, you're actually PRETTY AMATEUR. In your free time, you like to MAKE FUN CRAFTS, although you lack the general supplies necessary to make most of them. Your hive is a BIT OF A MESS due to your CONSTANT SCOURING FOR CRAFT SUPPLIES. And, when the mood is just right, you very much enjoy HUGE, CRAZY PARTIES, although you are seldom invited to any. When you're not PRACTICING YOUR ACTING SKILLS, you're READING VAST AMOUNTS OF FANFICTION. On occasion, you even get up the inspiration to write some of your own, although it's PRETTY BAD.

    In addition to the above interests, you are very enthusiastic about COSTUME DESIGN, although you probably like the dressing up more than the actual designing. With light pink blood, you are either unimaginably high up on the HEMOSPECTRUM or just a lowblood mutant, although you couldn't care less either way and you're fairly sure that your CLOSEST FRIENDS wouldn't care either. You come across as LIGHT-HEARTED AND BRIGHT but also PRETTY BADASS, depending on your mood at the time.

    Your trolltag is calamitousMiracles and :3 ==> Y*u keep y*ur speech p*lite and upbeat, ending y*ur sentences in a s**thing t*ne~
    :3 ==> C*rrect syntax is als* very imp*rtant t* y*u, with the excepti*n *f y*ur lack *f pr*per ending punctuati*n~

    More Information Here::
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