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Thread: (IC) WorldMerged: If The Cake Is A Lie, We're All Gonna Die!

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    Kwardos: Get in the game

    As a continuation from earlier...

    She picks up a sword somehow and waves it around.

    You start running like an imperial drone is after you.
    What the hell is this bitch doing?
    You try to talk some sense into her VIA your Troll-pad

    She drops the sword very violently, making it stuck in the ground.

    You go to your first floor and find some impressively large machines.

    She start flinging swords EVERYWHERE. You swear one just went out the window.

    You go outside...
    Your lusus is dead...

    You take the sword out of him and place it near his body.

    You mess around with the machine that has platforms.

    You turn the wheel on the thingy.

    She drops centipedesus on the lid, and it pops off.
    WS: []--]It-seems-to-have-worked>
    WS: []--]And-a-dark-blue-flashing-ball-came-out>
    MM: (@) this korpse is pretty yooseful aftur all!!!
    WS: []--]Hmm>
    The flashing ball goes towards your lusus...

    You spin the wheel and a dark blue dowel comes out.

    You place the dowel... and nothing happens.

    She drops it on your head, being the ornery one she is.
    WS: []--]Okay-then>
    WS: []--]This-looks-like-it-fits-here>
    You place the card in the slot, the machine starts working....

    You place the carved dowel on the pedestal and it makes a typewriter.

    You start typing a short poem by one of your favorite authors, B. Eowulf.

    You recite the poem.
    "And so, as the many sweeps passed, the king grew old, but then, he hears of a fire dragon..."
    MM: (@) and yoo totally fucked up!!!
    You then see an absurdly bright light.

    You go outside and see a bunch of varying trees... and sand. lots of sand.

    Using your ATTUNED HEARING, you hear someone walking around in your house... It does not sound like a troll... or centipedesus...

    You draw your sword, a very nice cal'dmor, and head inside.

    You suppose this is intriguing.
    But you also suppose it is time to be left alone.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    >Screw the humans, be the emperor again.

    You are now once again the emperor, who does NOT appreciate the lack of respect. You should immediately change your form of addressing… yourself? Maybe?

    >Be the exile.

    You are now the WRETCHED KILLJOY. Or you would be, if the emperor wasn’t flipping his shit right now, about… something. Probably a lack of attention. Wow, you hold nothing but contempt for him. As a former leader yourself, you know how to command people, and he just does NOT have what it takes. He’s intelligent and strong enough, but his arrogance drives people away from him.

    Also, you believe that he’s kind of a dick. But it isn’t really your place to judge, so whatever.

    >Be the emperor again. Again.

    You are now the emperor, and these breaches of protocol are really quite disgraceful. You have to say, in your entire life, you—

    >Shut up and keep descending.

    Okay smartass, this is NOT acceptable. You CANNOT work in these conditions. All the disrespect is intolerable. You are OUT. So OUT. This game can just kiss your ass. You are not going to sit around and be insulted by some pansy-ass—

    >Be attacked by lusus.

    OH. SHIT.


    Gl’bgolb is such a pain in the ass to have for a lusus. At least she isn’t screaming. She’s just heading slowly towards you, filled with grim purpose. Even though that might actually be way more fucking terrifying.

    Okay, think. LOGICALLY. About that.

    >Emperor: Think logically.

    You start to think logically but stop when it becomes pretty obvious that by the standards of logical thinking, you are pretty much fucked.

    Anyways, you pull out your… strife… mod…i… which you realized are still up on the rooftop. Motherfucker. This is NOT a good fucking day. At all.

    >Emperor: Ascend very, very quickly.

    You pelt up them steps like there is a goddamn giant fucking monster psychic squid thing on your fins. Which there totally is.

    When you reach the rooftop, you would like to say that you found a dramatic storm brewing, with awesome thunder in lighting strikes, recovering your weapon only in time to face the magnificent monster who rises dramatically from the entrance behind you.

    You would LIKE to say that, but it’s actually pretty much the same thing as before, with the still-dead assassins and the discarded weapon. Plush ,you aren’t entirely sure Gl’bgolb can even go on land. So you decide to take a bit of a breather.

    >Emperor: Have breather interrupted.

    Your breather is quite rudely interrupted by the giant fucking monster who is trying to kill you. It seems to have figured out that throwing things at you works just as well. So you are now dodging. Dodging for your fucking life.

    You have to admit, however, that this is going waaaaaaay better than you thought. I.E, everyone isn’t dead yet. That’s a definite plus.

    >Emperor: Lose crown.

    You would never lose your crown, even at a time like this! You think you would flip your shit if anyone touched your crown. Seriously. It is a badass crown, made out of pure gold and rubies.


    Fuck, that sounded a lot like a reason for you to flip out after someone touches your—

    >Gl’bgolb: Touch crown.

    Of course not, idiot. Tyranr would flip his shit if someone touches that crown. That is a badass crown, you will admit. Not that you care. You hate him. He never plays with you, and tries to drug your food. What a douche.

    You just hope that he doesn’t figure out that because of the deepsea pressure, he has super strength and endurance. That combined with his admittedly genius tactical mind is probably not going to be good for you if he figures it out. Luckily the crazy little fuck gets way too worked up in personal combat, and always ends up screwing up, though his subconscious mind saves him time and time again.

    …Yeah. After that monologue, you’re feeling fairly worn out about all the description shit you just dumped. So maybe you can just hit the fuckers crown and get this over with.

    >Emperor: flip your shit.



    You then proceed to open up a can of sweet whoop-ass on that bitch of a lusus. You could never have accomplished this in a non-rage state. It just couldn’t have happened. You tend to either overthink things or panic. Not this. Just some beatdown applied courtesy of your spiked shield. None of this messing around with four different modi. I mean, what kind of stupid bastard does that? Apart from you, that is.

    Anyways, when you go out of your mindlessly psychotic yet appropriately kickass fury, you find yourself holding a spiked shield covered in blood, TYRIAN blood, and a seriously damaged lusus lying on the floor. You’re lucky she passed out before she could groan.

    Goddammit. Now you have to go and yell at people for forgetting to drug up her food.

    >Emperor: Be someone else.

    Yeah yeah yeah whatever. You have shit to do, including cleaning up a dead assassin, making arrangements for a half-dead giant sea monster, and more fucking paperwork. Plus that SGRUB thing. Oh well. No way that thing is the most important thing that can ever happen to you, right?


    You know, the respect in this relationship has really gone downhill.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    >Go Up

    You head up to the lab, where your lusus sleeps on a pile of scrap fabric, faded by the sun's rays through the open arc of the observation port overhead. Here's where you keep the mainframe nexus for your computer system- the mindhoney matrix is in the very bottom basement level of the tower. You actually let your neighbors use your connection because it's the fastest running one in the area. Although you don't like to admit it, you're a little bit of a tech head.

    >The Console

    Yeah, this is the thing that you were talking about. It came out of the capsule from the RUINS a while ago. You looked it over- it seemed to be some sort of really primitive tech that tracks objects through space and time. You fixed it up and use to to keep tabs on your acquaintances. Right now it's idling. You never really figured out what that symbol meant, though, and there's a function that never worked on it...

    >The Device

    You walk over and hook up the grubs to the mainframe, initiating the installation process. They start getting warm and you run a cable from the mainframe to your computer for direct connection.

    Well, now that you're comfortable-

    >The Journal

    What journal? You mean your dream journal?

    Or... the other journal?

    It's a small one. You keep it in your pocket. There's a sad, sad story within.

    It documents the Duelsage's tale of intrigue and battle in the court of the Autocrat, a self-proclaimed emperor from an age and a half ago. She defended his honor and his name amidst his meterotic rise to power that eventually drew the attention of everyone from the Empress of Alternia, to her loyal servant, who promptly came to the Autocrat's side, gaining the name of the Betrayer, to an anarchist who searched for the destruction of all those in power, the Renegade. Another of the court defended the Autocrat in his stead- the Betrayer, who, once a member of the Autocrat's court, fought on both sides of the war in his way.

    The last entry of the journal is written in green blood. In it, the Renegade betrays the Betrayer in a quest for the Autocrat's assassination. The Duelsage finds her and kills her, but takes her own life as she did. She signs the journal with the last of her breath, and it signaled a dearth of imagination that prevailed throughout the Empire to today.

    All of the Duelsage's writings were banned by the Empire when the Autocrat disappeared and the Empress rose back to power. This, and a few other journals of hers secured by high-stakes campaigns in FLARP, are all that remains of her today.

    You know it all by heart.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Will: Reach the lab

    You are now in the Skaianet building. You've been here once or twice before, but this place always gave you the creeps. Well, time to look for the sendification machine. You don't exactly care about getting permission from your mom. If anything, she should be listening to you, at least as far as the "Get home before I play SBURB and we won't die" part goes.


    Hey look, there's some science equipment on the counter. The two metal things look kind of like windows or screens. They must have had panes once, but it looks like someone has recently taken the trouble to remove them. The two green box things look like they have outlets on them. Maybe they are some kind of power supply...

    > Grab that stuff!

    The world's ending, so you might as well salvage this stuff. You'll figure out what the windows do later, but the HUBS will definitely be useful. Remaining on the counter by the panes are a pair of gloves and... Is that a GLOVEKIND Specibus?


    You can't let a perfectly good specibus card go to waste. You'll put the LABORATORY GLOVES into it as soon as their captcha-egg cracks, which will be momentarily given their lightness. Oh hey, what's over to your right?


    Whoa, is this thing tracking meteors?

    Holy crap, it is! This is a view of your state with like a gazillion imminent impact points! Chicago's going to be toast in a few hours at this rate. Only a few meteors have actually landed so far, with the largest red dot being suspiciously over where Tom lives. Or used to live...

    You look at the controls and find no way to actually affect the meteors, so that probably means that this machine isn't what is launching them. What it does mean is that even though she's probably not directly responsible for these world-ending space rocks, your mom probably had a hand in the whole operation. You're not exactly sure what to think of this.

    You have some business to take care of first anyway. Namely sending a birthday present, possibly investigating a missing egg, and bringing your mom back home before you're crushed by meteors.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    ==> expand upon The Gibberish

    That's a good joke!!! There is literally NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. Your ancestor's journal is just too RANDOM for even you. It's written in CODE, you think, but it's all such nonsense that you have taken to calling it The Gibberish. The Renegade was THAT GOOD. Damn, girl!! Even Raeoch couldn't figure it out, and she's nuts for this stuff.

    You are sure it was an awesome story full of chaos and anarchy. What you do know, is that your ancestor caused such a mess that TO THIS DAY there's a BAN ON GOLD. You, one day, wish to topple a monarchy as thoroughly as your ancestor did.

    ==> mess with Calhad

    You totally intend to.

    > Calhad: Connect

    You are now connected. Apparently. You don't see anything different. Frankly you don't know why anyone would get worked up about this game.


    A suit of amour becomes animated and starts flailing in your direction!


    Everything has suddenly gone dark as the 'poltergeist' engulfs you

    ==> wonder what all that noise is

    Meh. You'll check later.

    > Calhad: View Greathall

    You are now in your great hall, the hall of feasting, the largest room in your hive. You are dismayed to find it filled with junk

    > Assault Totem lathe

    You make a furious charge at the devilish device, slaying it. It stands no chance against your lance, being immobile and unable to fight back. You gain +2 prestige for your valiant efforts.

    > Aeviss: Deconstruct castle

    You delete a part of the hive, regaining 10 BUILD GRIST. This will let you replace the totem lathe Sir Calhad gallantly slew.

    Uh oh, looks like that part of the castle was actually needed.


    A brave companion gets underfoot of the avalanche of masonry

    > Brave Companion: Be not quite dead yet

    You live, just barely.

    You think you're getting better.

    Nope, you're gone. Dead. It's the glue factory for you

    >Aeviss: Bring out your dead

    > And later...

    > Even more later...

    You have gone through the whole alchemy process again and this time instead of PERFECTLY GENERIC OBJECTS you have created a blue door way. It stands straight up in the middle of the room. You've checked both sides of it.

    > CHARGE!!!

    You rush forward at the gateway. One this side, your hive and the realm of mortals.

    On the otherside is also your hive and the realm of motals. Dismayed, you lean against the door while you puzzle out what went wrong in your life

    Then, a bright flash. A meteor smashes into the ground where your hive was moments before. If you hadn't been pre-occupied with ghosts that were haunting your castle you might have noticed it and been concerned. Instead you have been completely ignorant of the actual danger you faced.

    You slay a few imps that have invaded your hive. It feels good to fight something solid instead of invisible ghosts and puppetmasters. But you put clearing out the rest of your hive off for later. First you survey this new realm.

    An icy chill blows through the open window that feels like it goes straight through cloth and skin to grab your very bones. You were born into a hot world and think you have a fiery heart to match. This is different. Very different.

    "Winter is coming"
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    ===>Accost Dinosaur

    You've long since given up on the t-rex. Considering he hasn't already escaped into the wild to eat some unsuspecting passer buyer, he'll show up eventually. Your latest annoyance has been trying to sent Tom the present you made for him. For the oddest reason your sendificator no longer has the coordinates for his house, giving you a 404 error. None of your books on appearification can explain the reason for this to randomly happen. If this keeps up you wont be able to send the gift before it hatches. Then you'll have no idea how to deliver it.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    -- aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] began pestering reanimationAnnihilator [RA] at 20:14 --

    Out of nowhere, a large crashing sound is heard in the distance. Nibbler flips the fuck out!

    And now your laptop is broken. Just lovely. Not only does this mean you wont be sendificating that present, but now you cant finish debunking Tom's hallucinations.

    Suddenly, another Boontop appears! It seems like your future self has decided to show you some mercy to your loss. But you're not even allowed to mess with spacetime so frivolously. Its an extreme breach of contract in your equipment's lease. What could be so important that you would...

    Oh shit.

    -- aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] began pestering reanimationAnnihilator [RA] at 20:41 --[/color]
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    >Annie: TOM IS ONLINE! Pester him!

    You do so.

    RA: Um, whatever.
    RA: Wait what the hell am I saying!
    RA: Don't do it, stop!
    RA: I don't want a zombie cat!
    BN: it wont be i dont think
    BN: from my knowledge
    BN: ghosts are completely different than zombies
    RA: No they are not.
    RA: They are the same thing!
    RA: Don't do it...
    BN: tom
    RA: Throw something that's not dead already...
    RA: Alright like uh...
    RA: This...
    RA: Pencil.
    BN: thats dumb
    BN: pencils arent helpful
    RA: Yeah, but they aren't undead.
    RA: Fine do whatever...
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] prototypes the damn cat. --

    RA: Oh fuck...
    RA: That thing...
    RA: It's Romana but...
    RA: S-she's dead...
    BN: shit i see it
    RA: S-she's not alive....
    RA: She looks like a fuckig ghost.
    RA: She's undead.
    RA: FUCK. BN: try talking to her
    RA: A-alright...
    RA: I-ill talk to her...
    RA: After looking through my house some more.
    RA: S-she can wait...
    BN: just chill mr zombie slayer
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] fires five rounds into romana sprite. --
    RA: I-i have to go!
    BN: NOOO
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] ceased pestering briodeNebuliser [BN] --

    >Annie: Imitate Tom.

    This is getting so fun! You wish you could imitate Tom EVEN more, but instead, you decide to pester Dian.

    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] began pestering aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] --
    BN: dian
    BN: im telling you
    BN: you gotta play
    AB: Yes, I know.
    AB: And I must apologise for my previous transgression.
    BN: youre playing?
    AB: You were right and I was... slightly miscalculated.
    BN: yay
    BN: how did it go with that dinosaur though
    AB: But reguardless, I must be prepared for this game.
    AB: Exactly what does it purtail?
    AB: The dinosaur is currently irrelevant.
    AB: Worst comes to worst, the small moon headed for my house will take care of it.
    AB: So if you have any slander you wish to throw at me for my ignorence, I am prepared to learn what you know about this game.
    BN: hmm
    BN: whos going to be your server player?
    BN: ill brief them on it
    AB: Tom, unfortunately.
    BN: unfortunately?
    AB: Yes. Unfortunately.
    AB: Lets say he isn't my top pick for teams and leave it at that.
    BN: hmpppp
    BN: okay
    BN: next time i talk to him
    BN: ill be sure to tell him about it
    AB: He's been made aware.
    BN: okay
    AB: Spoke to him just earlier.
    BN: he kinda knows the basics because well
    BN: hes already been through the process
    BN: welp
    BN: ill be off then
    BN: seeya later dian
    AB: Right.
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] ceased pestering aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] --
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!


    >Tom: Look at Romana cat sprite


    >Tom: Open fire!

    You open fire on this undead freak of nature, however your bullets faze through it. You are unable to harm this thing.

    >Tom: Flip the fuck out

    Oh god, Annie was right, Ghosts are different than Zombies. You can't shoot down a freaking ghost! Romana floats towards you, meowing horrifically. This is it, you are so totally dead.

    >Tom: Talk to Romanasprite


    >Tom: Have a coversation with Dian.
    We have already seen this conversation.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Will: Continue

    You head farther to the right. Looks like this is the machine you've been looking for. Looks like it takes latitude/longitude coordinates. Perfect!

    > Fire it up!

    You already know Tom's address since you were about to mail him a package. Now you just plug that into your phone's map application and get the coordinates. You enter the current time.

    Oh yeah. There's nothing but fiery death where Tom's house used to be. Maybe you can send it to the past.

    > Rewind

    You turn the time dial back a few minutes and his house shows up again. Perfect. Now where to put it?

    > To the mailbox!

    You zoom in on his mailbox. Looks like Tom left it partly open in his rush to get his SBURB disks. This will make it a bit easier to see what you're doing.

    You uncaptchalogue the GREEN BOX, which hatched while you were looking at the meteor screen.

    Here goes nothing!


    Total Success.


    You shut off the machine and continue to the right. There was one more thing you were meaning to do. It's a long shot, but you might be able to figure out where Dian's dino egg went during her absence, if these things are as trans-temporal as they seem.

    Wait, what the hell is that thing? Some kind of bunny cloning machine?


    Looks like the bunny-cloner is set up alongside this APPEARIFIER here. You have no idea why, or what that slimy stuff is for that matter. It's probably not important.

    > Investigate

    It looks like the appearifier was already given some coordinates. It was focused on this unusually large rabbit, a bit in the past. Wait, maybe that's Dian's house. Your mom does do business with the Martins after all. It sort of makes sense.

    You mess with the targeting a little and explore the site. No sign of anyone. Jeez this house is big. That's a lot of stuff. Hey wait, is that another appearifier in one of the rooms? Maybe the egg was stored near it at some point.

    > Look down

    Sure enough it was right there a few minutes ago. Since you are at an appearifier, you can bring it here for safekeeping and sendificate it to her present self so it can't actually get lost during this time period. This is not in any way a stupid idea.


    Total Succ- Hey wait a minute! If you brought the egg here to keep it from getting nabbed, then that means...



    This was in every way a stupid idea.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    >Annie: Do exactly what you've been doing for the past three updates.

    You do exactly that, sitting at your computer and freakign out over a crazy fucking game and your friends possible demise, as well as the demise of possibly the whole earth. Oh yeah! You ponder why the HELL Tom would shoot that thing after you told him not to hurt it! He has possibly just killed his cat TWICE over! TWICE! How can you be sad about a fucking dead cat that you shot and then reanimate it, only for you to KILL IT AGAIN? You're getting overworked. Everything's fine... You're sure that the ghost thing is definitely not part of the physical plane.

    Oh look, Tom is pestering you!

    -- reanimationAnnhilator [RA] began pestering briodeNebuliser [BN] --
    RA: Hey
    RA: I'm back.
    BN: tom
    RA: And not freaking out.
    BN: what the fuck was that back there
    BN: im almost 67 percent sure that i told you not to fucking freak out
    BN: thats not a lot but i mean im more than halfway sure
    RA: Well sorry!
    RA: I'm over it now.
    RA: So it doesn't really matter.
    BN: okay
    RA: And I just talked to Dian and shit.
    BN: oh
    RA: She's playing the game too.
    BN: yeah she told me
    RA: For some reason.
    BN: yeah yeah
    BN: hey
    RA: What is it?
    BN: most videogame levels have an end to the level right? a portal a gate castle? something like that
    RA: Yeah, Romana cat told me about that.
    RA: Apparently there is a gate above my house.
    RA: And we have to build up to it.
    RA: Oh fuck almsot forgot.
    RA: Did you know.
    RA: That earth is fucked?
    RA: We can't save it.
    RA: Ever.
    BN: oh
    BN: thats
    BN: wow
    BN: hmm
    BN: not sure how to respond to that
    RA: Yeah...
    RA: Just think it over for a bit I guess...
    RA: Try to get into where ever it is I am.
    RA: But first...
    RA: You have to build up and stuff...
    RA: What that means I have NO idea.
    RA: Romana was weird about that.
    BN: hmm
    BN: i think i got this yo
    BN: i can build you up
    BN: but i need grist and shit
    RA: Grist?
    RA: What's that?
    RA: Like.
    RA: Building material or something?
    RA: Maybe.
    RA: I dunno'.
    BN: i think its a currency or something
    BN: idk
    RA: Alright...
    RA: Could you try building something righ tnow?
    BN: no not yet
    RA: Alright.
    RA: Just don't fuck anything up.
    BN: okay
    BN: could you go downstairs
    RA: Yeah sure, Annie.
    RA: Why not.
    BN: okay cool
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] checked downstairs. --
    RA: Yeah, totally, not gonig to be distracted by any more supernatural creatures.
    RA: Nope, not at all!
    RA: Any way, did you deploy anything yet?
    BN: nope i still cant gather up any grist or shale

    BN: living room
    BN: go there
    RA: Alright, let's do this shit then....
    RA: Wait...
    RA: Fuck.
    RA: I swear I heard something...
    BN: probably not an undead creature
    RA: What?
    RA: What's in the living room?
    BN: nothing i dont see anything go check out the living room
    BN: go
    BN: just slowly make your way down there and dont shoot anything
    RA: Annie, I'm starting to freak out over here...

    RA: again...
    RA: Alright.
    RA: Checknig it out...
    RA: I don't see anything either.
    BN: good
    -- reanimationAnnhilator [RA] slowly walks into the living room and sees nothing. --
    RA: Oh man...
    BN: oh man what?
    RA: I wsa worried that there was ACTUALLY something there.
    BN: pfft
    BN: pfffffffft
    BN: do you think i would lie to you
    BN: oh dear god tom
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] ceased pestering reanimationAnnhilator [RA] --


    What the hell? AGAIN? Hopefully he tries to actually REASON with this thing instead of SHOOTING it this time! But you don't know... that thing looks a little bit more evil than an adorable hipster catghost.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    ====>Dian: Pester Will

    ====>Enter temple

    Wrong Temple Dunkass

    ====>Enter anyways

    Meanwhile, in another frog temple...

    A tyrant plans his conquest.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Will: Deal with your predicament

    Man that was close. You almost slipped up and told Dian about you taking the egg. Maybe there's still time to fix this. If you sendificate it back to her in the present, it'll be in her room when she's done exploring. And it will be like nothing happened. This is not in any way a stupid plan. You captchalogue the egg. You are loading up on an awful lot of stuff, but at least your sylladex can hold a dozen eggs... Egg cards? Card Eggs? Whatever. Hey wait, was it a good idea to captchalogue that? Besides the word EGGCEPTION that is now bouncing around inside your head, that means you'll have to wait a few minutes to retrieve it. Well, you've got time. It's not like you're under attack by space rocks. Oh wait... Shit...

    > Will: Examine rightward

    You take a brief moment to check out the last odd device in the room. It's some platform with another kind of those triangley designs. No controls on this one, just a label of TPTL_02. It seems like all the devices in here are labeled. Your mom sure is organized. What does the 02 mean anyway? Does this represent Skaianet's secondary laboratory or something? Where's site 01? You don't have time to keep pondering this. Time to head to the sendificator.


    As soon as you get this returned, you plan on heading straight home with your mom, grabbing your SBURB disks from the kitchen table, and starting the game with Annie. She can fill you in on the workings of the game later.


    Alright. Time to get this thi-


    Oh shit it's your MOM. You both know you're not supposed to be in here without her permission.

    Well, it looks like it's time for!!!

    You to be someone else...

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    >Be Kwardos
    You are now Kwardos.
    These things are pretty easy to kill, but then again, they're against your swords.

    It looks like Rae's pestering you, so you answer VIA troll-pad.

    You throw the journal containing profiles of your characters.

    Well, that was eventful.
    It looks like centipedesus can kill imps with ease, now...
    You got some cleaning to do. With swords.
    Maybe you should be someone else?
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Will: Now where were you?

    Right then time for...

    > STRIFE!



    > Meanwhile...

    An unusually large rabbit transportalizes from its home mansion into a mysterious lab.

    > Will: ABJURE

    Your mom proceeds to scold you about lab safety and being where you are not allowed.


    You proceed to tell her that you were doing something important and not dangerous. Also that there are world-ending meteors outside and that you both need to return home as soon as possible.


    It doesn't even seem like she's listening. What could possibly be more important than-


    Oh god something bit you!




    No clue about the bunny sorry for messing around get home soon watch for meteors bye!

    Screw the dinosaur egg. You're done with this crazy bullshit.


    You make your way home. You hope your mom is going to follow. If not she'll be toast.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Tom: Get attacked from behind!

    As you are talking about important shit with annie, you are suddenly struck from behind! You are pushed into a wall, loosening the "sting" sword on the wall.

    >Tom: Inspect creature.

    You decide to see exactly what attacked you. You find an evil monster wearing a star Trek uniform? That's pretty... Odd...

    >Tom: No thinking shoot!

    That is right, you're stupid thoughts are getting in your way of what's important, shooting the fuck out of this thing. You unload two bullets into it, killing it instantly.

    >Tom: Celebrate

    Oh yeah, you just killed your first evil monster. This is so sweet. You have tell Annie and Will about this one, they'll FREAK! You pull out your phone to-


    Sting can't support itself anymore. It falls off of the wall, and the hilt hits your head. You pass out.

    >Tom: Climb echeladder

    You climb to the rung of "Sharpshoot starter", and earn 130 boondollars.

    >Sting: Level up.

    Sting has reached the highest rung "Slayer slayer" and it has earned all of the boondollars and grist.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Will: Return

    You manage to make it home in one piece. It's not like any meteors were coming RIGHT at you or something. At least not yet...


    Immediately after entering your house, you head to the KITCHEN. As expected, your SBURB DISKS are on the counter. Its a good thing you didn't have to go on any sort of crazy runaround to retrieve them.


    As you captchalogue the disks, you take a moment to examine the status of your sylladex. The first slot, which used to contain the GREEN PACKAGE, now contains the DINOSAUR EGG. You're not quite sure if that's the egg itself or just a really slow captcha egg containing it. The next two slots contain your HAT and your SMARTPHONE, as expected. Your SHOVEL, in the fourth slot, is being particularly stubborn, but it will have to become available in a minute or so. Then you can finally put it in your STRIFE SPECIBUS where it belongs. The WEIRD WINDOW THINGS are still in a captcha egg too. They must be pretty heavy. The HUBS and the GLOVES, hovever, have become available, but you're in no hurry to use them yet. Finally, the eighth slot contains your newly-captchalogued SBURB disks.

    > Head upstairs. No time to lose!

    You make your way back to your room. You consider ejecting your sylladex now that you're back, but quickly dismiss that thought since you're carrying some precious cargo at the moment. Besides, the tiny SBURB disks are already retrievable by now.


    Time to find Annie and get this show on the road.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    ==> find your client disk, you scatter brained hobo!

    You VERY RELUCTANTLY stop playing Touhou. You just love how insane this game is, how totally unbeatable and how awesome the screen looks filled with a gazillion bombs and missles. It's what we all really want from life. Little girls trying to kill each other in the most random ways possible.

    You also have to get off 4chan. That's not actually as hard.

    ==> look in the bathroom

    It's not really a bathroom anymore. It's your SHROOM CHAMBERS. One of these babies, and you'll be tripping so hard you WISHED you were dead.
    You haven't tried the one with the skulll on it because you're pretty sure you'll die. It looks ominous.

    You look around a bit, but then get bored. You only wanted to come in here to show off your hot tub. It doesn't work, but it sure makes you look swanky. None of your neighbors have one, and you are sure they are absolutely livid with jealousy.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    A mysterious man dressed in ancient garb stands in the middle of an ancient temple. This character has had a name for quite a while and you will not attempt to give him one. You will neither attempt to command this figure, as he has his own agenda to follow.

    An agenda he has been following for several years. Planning, plotting, scheming. From the dawn of the universe this person has influenced the development of the planet as its first guardian.

    It was his influence that shook up the hierarchy of the troll race to put a male tyrian blood on the throne. To him he has instilled his own ambitious nature, wanting power, wanting conquest.

    All in preparation for this day, when his home would be destroyed. With the planet destroyed, his obligation to it will be finished. Then he will be truly free to go about his master plan.

    The pieces are falling into place. Now the game truly begins.
    Dian Martin, Nurse of Blood. aphoristicBloodbanker [AB]

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!


    Great. There's suddenly a hundred and twenty nine more reasons to worry about choosing this lot to play. Affecting the real world- now what? You've got some time to burn before anyone gets around to helping you start... Might as well reply to a few of those comments on your story-



    That's authorized by the Emperor- why would Tyranr-


    >Raeoch: Your Blade

    They're here. You draw your saber.

    EmptY your SpecibuS and laY down on the grounD with your handS on your heaD, filtH, and we will not be forceD to firE!
    I wσuldn'τ be tσσ sure αbσuτ τhιs, τhresh- you're mαking α mιstαke-

    >Raeoch: Negotiate


    Fιne then, α duel ιt ιs. With my rιght αs Duelsαge's descendαnτ, I chσσse my weαpσn.
    Hah! The CodE is defuncT, you fooL. It dieD with the elder'S generatioN!
    Yσu wσuld deny me my chαllenge?
    ...choosE your weapoN, scuM.
    Excellenτ. I think yσu cσuld have predιcτed τhιs σne, τrσll. I chσσse-


    >Raeoch: Abscond

    Yeah, you've got to move now, before-

    -you forgot about his gun.

    >Raeoch: Awaken

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    >Annie: Be ready!
    Oh god, are you ready! All that's left is to get Will to be your server player and then blam! You can play! However you're not too fond of the planet being destroyed. But oh-well. It will happen anyways. Hmm. It appears Will has just logged into pesterchum. You jump on pestering him immidiately!

    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] began pestering rusticRaptor [RR] --

    >Annie: Aww.

    Wow that's two people or otherwise important living beings dead already. You're hoping this won't happen more often, of course. That would be terrible. Man, that was some bad news, you think. You'd never met Will's mom or anything but from what you could tell she was pretty cool.

    WoAh MoThErFuCkEr

    RR: I see a room on my screen.
    BN: is it my room
    BN: am i in it
    RR: Whoa I think it is!
    RR: Holy shit how is that possible without a webcam?
    BN: subwave signal or something
    RR: I can even scroll arouns and stuff.
    BN: idk
    BN: yep
    BN: you can also edit things
    BN: like irl
    RR: Okay I gotta try this.
    BN: dont break any-
    BN: ok you can break a little
    RR: :B
    RR: Which side of the house is your room on again?
    BN: uhh
    BN: upstairs left
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] expands Annie's room leftward, partially out over the yard. --

    RR: whoa
    BN: dont tip the house
    BN: :P
    RR: that's sweet
    BN: yep it is
    RR: I'm sure it'll be fine if I add supports and stuff.
    BN: okay
    BN: theres a thing called the phernalia registry
    BN: and it lets you place machines that are kinda important
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] moves the bookshelf behind the bed. The glove falls to the ground. --

    >Annie: WOW RUDE.

    He knocked you out of your chair with the bookshelf. Oh well, it didn't really hurt at all. You get back up and walk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to your computer chair.

    RR: Okay now we have some room. What do I place first?
    BN: hmm
    BN: i recall the cruxtruder being the most important for now
    RR: Oh wait. Almost forgot those supports. Machines are heavy.
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] makes columns under the expanded section. --
    BN: awesome
    RR: Ok then. One cruxtruder coming up.
    BN: cool cool cool
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] places the cruxtruder in a corner of the new section. --

    RR: Should I deploy the totem thingy too? It'll probably fit.
    BN: thatd be awesome
    BN: we can place the alchemiwhatever later
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] places the Totem Lathe in the other corner. --

    BN: we need something heavy to drop on the cruxtruder right now though
    BN: idk what though
    RR: hmm
    RR: Oh hey I also have a punched captchalogue card thing. Should I give that to you?
    BN: yeah
    BN: im gonna need that soon
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] places the card on Annie's desk. --
    RR: What's it for anyway?
    BN: you insert it into the totem lathe and it carves a totem
    BN: one sec
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] cranks the valve on the cruxtruder a few times and grabs one of the cruxite dowels. --
    RR: Okay, I'm dropping something on the Crux thingy now.
    BN: aight
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] picks up the bookshelf and drops it on the cruxtruder's lid. The Cruxtruder glows pink. --


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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    ==> look through your sylladex

    That's the worst idea you've had all day! Let's do it!

    What a piece of shit!!!!!

    ==> think of something else

    You could eat a mushroom for inspiration but WHO KNOWS what would happen. Something totally crazy, duh! WHATEVER. Raeoch doesn't have to know. You already tried a bunch of other stuff. Bluhhh, what a nag!

    ==> find your inspiration, Aeviss!!!!

    Huh? Were you doing something???

    ==> you are now one with the universe

    Nothing makes sense now. The universe is beautiful chaos. Your brain is flipping out.

    ==> remember where you put the gamegrub


    Your thinkpan conjures up the image of a CD disk. You don't even know what the fuck that is. You are sure it's alien technology. In fact, you think you can see the 4th wall from here. The artist screwed up. You know now. You know where your client grub is. You left it at the bottom of your recuperoon. Not even as high as you are, can you recall exactly why. Oh well.

    ==> calm down and go troll Tyranr

    Oh yeah, you were playing Sgrub. You forgot how crazy this game was. There's no way you're NOT going to play more of this game.
    You dig your client grub out of your recuperoon and wipe the sopor off your hands before getting on the keyboard.

    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] began pestering chargingCrusader [CC]--

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    >Be Kwardos.
    You are now KWARDOS and are REALLY EXHAUSTED.
    Those imps or whatever just kept coming at you... but they're all gone.
    It wouldn't have taken so long if you didn't have to fight them all one-on-one...

    >Wait what?
    You remember that your supposed ancestor, THE SAMURAI, mentioned a technique in his journal that can take many foes out at once.
    Maybe you should try to find it.

    You suppose you should check your bookshelf in your room, so you start heading in that direction.


    This... might take a bit.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    >Tom: awaken


    You are now Tom Leonard, and you have woken up in this strange golden room. It's kind of like your room but it is not. You look around a bit, pondering exactly how you got here. You were fighting this gutless asshole, when you passed out... In the manliest way possible. Honestly, you sort of CHOSE to pass out, yeah, that's it. Totally didn't black out like a sissy, no-siree. Anyway, you probably should figure out where you are, and why you are wearing these kicking pajamas.

    > Tom: Peer through window

    You take a look out of the window, amazed by what you see. You aren't in castle land, you aren't in castle land at all! Instead you are in this amazing golden city. You can't get that good a look from your window, perhaps you should explore a bit? Except, there is no door in this room you are stuck in... Oh well, jumping through the window always works.


    You jump out of the window with reckless abandon. Luckily you can fly now, which is kind of a good thing or else tom guts would be splattered all over the city streets. You would not want to be that Sanitation Worker. Speaking of that, you notice a ton of little white people walking around the city. Huh, pretty strange folk. You look up to see another section of the city. Apparently it's bigger than the one that you are on, so you decide to check it out.


    Huh, what is that?


    You see a strange grey girl floating in front of you. She is obviously not one of those little white guys... You wonder who she could be?

    >Tom: Talk to spunky Alien girl

    You try to talk to her, when suddenly something wakes you up.



    Oh fuck no.
    This thread has just been derpified.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    ==> Tyranr: look around

    CC: <[Stop^sidetracking^me,^STUPIDHEAD.]>
    CC: <[Well,^you're^done,^MORON.]>
    CC: <[Is,^MORON.]>
    CC: <[Is^this^your^hive?]>
    MM: (@) duhhhh
    CC: <[Hmm,^IDIOT.]>
    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] scoots back from her seat to grin nastily --
    CC: <[You^look^different^than^I^expected,^STUPIDHEAD.]>
    MM: (@) liek i kud make heads rolls?!?
    CC: <[No,^less^like^a^peasant^covered^in^dirt,^and^more^ like^a^skank.]>
    MM: (@) we're aul skanks en the lowblud guttars, bitch!
    MM: (@) we'll kill yew for yore lunch money!! skared yet???
    CC: <[Hold^on.]>

    -- chargingCrusader [CC] uses cursor to rip out wall --
    CC: <[Hey,^IDIOT.]>
    CC: <[This^is^fun.]>
    MM: (@) i didunt need that ennyways!!
    CC: <[Alright,^MOTHERFUCKER.]>

    -- chargingCrusader [CC] tosses wall far, far away --
    MM: (@) wat a pussy throw!
    CC: <[Hmmmm.^What^are^all^these^machines^for?]>
    MM: (@) well i kud tell yew wat they did
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] selects and places a machine. --
    CC: <[Wait,^hold^on^a^second.]>
    MM: (@) but only if i wuz inclined!!
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] begins ripping down walls for the grist. --
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] begins to build --
    MM: (@) hey, yew whore!!
    CC: <[Calm^your^tits,^MORON.^I'm^just^trying^to^spell^my ^name.]>
    CC: <[Because^that^would^be^pretty^awesome.]>
    CC: <[Having^my^name,^just,^THERE,^MORON.]>
    CC: <[Fit^for^an^emperor,^MORON.]>
    MM: (@) wow, yore moar egotistical then i dreeeemed!!
    CC: <[At^least^I^have^a^reason^for^being^egotistical,^OH ^STUPID^ONE.^]>
    CC: <[I'm^the^highest^blood^color^of^all,^OH^STUPID^ONE.]>
    MM: (@) choke on a bulge, emperor!! >:(
    MM: (@) i'll get yew fore this, i hope you know
    CC: <[Whatever,^MOTHERFUCKER.^I'm^not^worried.]>
    MM: (@) i don't let down on a grudge, fukker!!!
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] has spelled his name, destroying the hive in the process --

    CC: <[There.]>
    CC: <[Now^lets^place^these^machines.]>
    CC: <[That^"crux"^one^is^already^down,^OH^STUPID^ONE.]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] places one machine as far away as possible --
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] places the other on the roof --
    CC: <[There,^WORM.]>
    MM: (@) wat, r u prowd uf youreself??? hahaha!!!!
    MM: (@) u trashed mai whole hiyve!
    CC: <[Yup.]>
    CC: <[And^spelled^my^name.]>
    MM: (@) yew suck at this!!
    CC: <[Which^is^pretty^sweet,^MOTHERFUCKER.]>
    CC: <[Oh,^hold^on,^there's^a^card^thing^too,^STUPIDHEAD.]>

    -- chargingCrusader [CC] places card thing on the head of MM. --
    CC: <[Hahaha.^Look,^the^lowblood^has^a^hat.]>
    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] snatches it and then bares her teeth --
    MM: (@) yew haven't seen my hat yet!
    MM: (@) it'z waaaay moar fashionabul, let me tell you
    CC: <[Say,^this^is^fun,^FUCKTARD.^I^could^get^used^to^th is.]>
    CC: <[Now,^is^this^it?^Is^it^done?]>
    MM: (@) having aul the control is only fitting four a coward
    CC: <[Well,^see,^normally^I^would^agree^with^you,^but^OH ^WAIT,^I^HAVE^ALL^THE^CONTROL,^FUCKTARD.]>
    CC: <[Oooooh,^look,^I^can^fuck^with^stuff^besides^walls.]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] starts trashing shit, more than that shit is already trashed. --
    MM: (@) i know!! et was pretty awesome fucking weth Rongur!!
    MM: (@) but now et's lame
    MM: (@) be moar creative!!!
    CC: <[Hey,^what's^this?]>
    CC: <[It^was^outside^the^window,^FUCKTARD.]>

    -- chargingCrusader [CC] holds up sanity --
    MM: (@) meh, thatz juzt my sanity
    MM: (@) u can throw it owt
    CC: <[Alright.]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] throws sanity far, far away again. --

    CC: <[Hmm.]>
    MM: (@) trash the place, fish paste!! >:D
    CC: <[What^happens^if^I^start^dumping^shit^on^the^machin es?]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] picks up recuperacoon --
    MM: (@) make it so kaotic yew don't recognize it
    MM: (@) then yew'll understand that ordur is a waaaaste of tyme
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] dumps recuperacoon on cruxtruder --
    CC: <[Nah,^this^isn't^chaos.]>
    CC: <[It's^just^fucking^with^a^lowblood,^IDIOT.]>
    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] watching the cruxtruder begin to smoke dangerously --
    MM: (@) i'll fuck yore shit up laytar, too!! keep an eye out fore me, becuz you're alreddy screwed big time
    CC: <[Yeah,^yeah,^yeah,^whatever,^IDIOT.]>
    CC: <[You're^not^the^one^eating^the^butter.]>
    CC: <[Oh,^hey,^what^the^fuck?]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] watches as a shiny thing comes out of Cruxtruder --
    CC: <[What^is^that?]>
    MM: (@) boooring
    MM: (@) i alreddy did this weth rongar! the gayme didunt even try to kum up with ennything new!
    MM: (@) it's the kernulspriyt
    MM: (@) but watch this!

    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] spins the cruxtruder wheel wildly and a million dowels come shooting out --
    CC: <[Whoa.]>
    CC: <[That^is^a^lot^of,^STUPIDHEAD..,^WORM.^things,^MOTH ERFUCKER.]>
    CC: <[Argh,^cursed^quirk,^FUCKTARD.]>
    CC: <[It^always^screws^up^these^ellipses,^WORM.]>
    MM: (@) why aur yew kumplay-ning abowt your OWN quirk????
    MM: (@) u chose it, dumbfuck!!!
    MM: (@) hahahahaha, thats hilarius!
    CC: <[Well,^its^a^random--^oh,^nevermind,^too^complex^for^one^of^your^intell ect.]>
    CC: <[Anyways,^I'm^going^to^throw^shit^at^that^ball^now.]>
    MM: (@) wait!! >:o
    CC: <[What?^Does^that^do^anything?]>
    MM: (@) normully i wud say throwing RANDUM shit at it was a gud thing!!!
    CC: <[No,^I^was^probably^going^to^try^and^pick^the^thing ^that^would^piss^you^off^most,^IDIOT.]>
    MM: (@) but i aktually want yew to put my anzestor's book en it!!! >:D
    CC: <[Hmph,^IDIOT.^Fuck^that.]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] picks up a fallen poster --
    MM: (@) i want two see wat happens, ok?????
    CC: <[I'll^do^THIS,^FUCKTARD.]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] chucks poster into kernelsprite --
    MM: (@) ohohoho, yew are such aye giant beeeeetch!
    MM: (@) katamari king, noooo! >:(

    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] watches the kernel sprite float in the air with the King of All Cosmos' face --
    MM: (@) ughhhhhh
    CC: <[What.]>
    CC: <[The^fuck,^MOTHERFUCKER.]>
    CC: <[Is^that,^FUCKTARD.]>
    MM: (@) i gess thats kind of KAOTIC, but nawt compared 2 mai anses-tore
    CC: <[Hmmm.]>
    CC: <[So^this^journal^is^pretty^valuable,^huh?]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] picks up journal --
    MM: (@) well if you kud decipher it!! but phat chance!!
    CC: <[Alright.]>
    -- chargingCrusader [CC] sticks it on roof --
    CC: <[There.]>
    CC: <[Fetch,^STUPIDHEAD.]>
    MM: (@) i knew yew were going two dew that!! wowww, that wasnt prediktuble at aul!!
    MM: (@) guess wat i'm going to do instedd??? >:D
    CC: <[Probably^start^using^those^totem^things,^STUPIDHEA D.]>
    MM: (@) oh
    MM: (@) i gess that was prediktabul
    MM: (@) now i have to do sumthing thats nawt that....
    MM: (@) watevar!!! i kan be KAOTIC afterwards!!!
    CC: <[Agreed,^MOTHERFUCKER.^Once^again,^order^overcomes^ you.]>
    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] takes the dowel and brings it to the totem lathe --
    MM: (@) well i kan't be randum aaalll the tyme >:/
    MM: (@) unfortunately!!
    CC: <[Yeah,^yeah,^yeah.]>
    CC: <[Lets^get^on^with^it,^MOTHERFUCKER.]>
    MM: (@) yahh!! so we kan get two the good part
    MM: (@) like whare i find yew and tear out yore spine, yew big bucket sack!
    CC: <[Oh,^wow,^I^am^so^scared.]>
    CC: <[I^am^just^shaking^in^my^fortress,^which^can^be^so^ easily^pentrated^by^a^little^skanky^troll.]>
    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] carves her totem by inserting her punch card, and then stands on a trash bin to scale her hive, attempting to get some leverage by the roof gutter --
    MM: (@) yew shud
    MM: (@) umpph
    MM: (@) be!
    CC: <[Here,^let^me^help^you^with^that.]>

    -- chargingCrusader [CC] pours trash on MM. --
    CC: <[Hahahahaha,^MOTHERFUCKER.]>
    CC: <[You^have^a^hat^of^shit^now.]>
    MM: (@) i smell liek flowers!! hahaha fukk you! >:D
    MM: (@) i bet yew've nevar been dumpster diving, highblud
    MM: (@) we have to do that, yew know!!
    CC: <[Of^course^not,^WORM.]>
    CC: <[I'm^much^smarter^than^that,^STUPIDHEAD.]>
    MM: (@) pffft, yah rite
    MM: (@) to live here, en the gutters
    MM: (@) yew do anything u kan 2 survive!!!
    CC: <[Yeah.^That^way^all^the^weaks^ones^can^go^and^die,^ so^the^strong^can^serve^their^Emperor.]>
    CC: <[Do^you^know^how^much^money^culling^costs?]>
    CC: <[A^lot.]>
    MM: (@) wow, i reely don't like yew
    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] pats off her sweatpants and then reaches her alchemiter.... --
    CC: <[I^don't^want^to^be^liked,^WORM.^I^want^to^be^FEARE D,^STUPIDHEAD.]>
    CC: <[Fear^is^what^drives^a^might^empire^forwards.]>
    MM: (@) we all do!! we want to be feered and nasty and big bluh bluh trolls! duhhhh
    MM: (@) that wuz a kompliment!

    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] freezes when she hears a tiger roaring, not in the distance, but very very close nearby --
    CC: <[Then^perhaps^you^are^gaining^more^respect,^MORON.]>
    CC: <[Good^for^you,^IDIOT.]>
    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] stops when her lusus roars back and rears up on it's hind legs --
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Annie: Prototype!

    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] folds the The Doctor page, The TORCHWOOD page, the cybermen page, the daleks page, and the page for gallifrey into a paper airplane and throws them at the kernelsprite. --

    A glowing, pink ball floats above your head and you recognize it to be the Gallifreyan symbol for "Timelord." Wow, that's awesome! You wonder what it will look like after entry. You then decide to continue talking to Will.

    BN: doctorsprite?
    RR: wow
    BN: its still a kernelsprite though
    BN: wait till you see it after i enter the medium
    RR: It's still pretty cool what that thing does.
    RR: So it'll talk once you're there too?
    BN: yeah
    RR: sweet
    BN: right now if i try i think it will just give me useless gibberish
    RR: Right
    RR: So waht's next?
    RR: Don't I need to place that last machine>
    RR: ?
    BN: yeah the alchemiter
    BN: you can place it in my moms study
    BN: theres really nothing in there since she doesnt live here
    RR: It's huge. You sure it'll fit in there?
    BN: im pretty sure
    BN: we can expand it if its not big enough though
    RR: It's pretty tall too. I might have to expand the ceiling.
    BN: maybe
    BN: we can do it
    BN: we are a team bro
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] expands the ceiling. --
    RR: Hey wait.
    BN: hmm?
    RR: Is there a room above that study?

    >Annie: Fondly regard lavatory.

    Hmm. IS there a room above the study? Oh yeah, the smallest bathroom. You remember so many good times, sitting in there, playing with action figures. You're too old for that now, however. You are becoming a young lady! It is improper for a young lady to play with toys--
    Yes, you are speaking sarcastically. Completely and totally sarcastically.
    Not in the slightest bit are you even almost pondering saying that sentence seriously.

    RR: Because whatever room that is just got a bit smaller.
    BN: just a bathroom
    BN: it was already kinda tiny
    RR: ...
    RR: Whoops
    RR: Don't go into that room.
    BN: got it
    BN: is the alchemiter placed yet?
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] places it in the study. --
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] *thud* --

    You hear a loud noise. You sincerely hope that Will didn't damage your house at all! Jeez, would your nanny be mad... wherever she may be.

    RR: Now it is!
    BN: that was loud
    BN: okay
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] cranks the valve on the cruxtruder and grabs a few cruxite dowels. --
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] inserts the pre-punched captchalogue card into the totem lathe as well as the cruxite dowel. --
    RR: So the card programs the lathe or something?
    BN: yep
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] carves the totem. --
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] captchalogues the totem. --
    RR: So what does the totem do now?
    BN: i believe i take it to the alchemiter and make a cruxite artifact
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] does so. --
    BN: wow
    BN: thats an oven
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] hits the oven, but there is no result. --

    An oven? Wow you have actually no idea how to work one of these. Somebody has always made you your food instead of you doing it yourself! Shit, you're actually starting to realize that you're pretty codependent. That's... bad.

    RR: Neat, but how does that help you enter?
    BN: im not sure
    RR: Is there anything inside it?
    BN: yeah, theres a cruxite cake inside it
    BN: i just cant open it
    BN: ill wait for the timer i guess
    BN: which is conveniently right before the countdown ends
    RR: Coincidence or not?
    BN: doubt it
    RR: So I guess we just gotta wait.
    RR: Hmm
    BN: is there anything else in the registry?
    RR: What can we do in the meantime...
    RR: Nothing free
    RR: but...
    BN: do we have any grist
    RR: We have enough for this extra disk thing.
    BN: extra disc thing
    BN: im interested
    RR: Or something called a punch card shunt, but I think that goes with something called the jumper block extension that we can't afford.
    BN: oh :(
    RR: The disk costs 100 Build grist. We have only a few hundred atm.
    RR: Should I deploy it?
    BN: totally
    RR: Sweet
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] sets the mystery disk in front of Annie. --
    BN: i guess i should install this on my computer
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] installs Gristtorrent. --
    BN: what? this shit is a torrent for grist
    BN: and it costed grist
    BN: gristception
    -- rusticRaptor [RR] zooms in on Annie's computer. --

    >Annie: Continue conversation.

    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] ceased pestering rusticRaptor [RR] at 19:05 --

    > Annie: Be the Sharpshoot starter.


    >Annie: NOW be Tom.
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